SD73 Students Unplugged and Played More in January

Posted On Friday February 23, 2024

Story provided by Andrea Wallin, District Library Learning Commons Coordinator

Over 8,613 SD73 students accepted the challenge to reduce screen time and play more during Unplug and Play Week!

In the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, our mission is to provide learning opportunities that inspire students to thrive. An important part of thriving in today’s world is to know when and how to “unplug” from our technologies and play outside, inside, and with others or by ourselves.

Aligned with the District strategic plan’s value of wellbeing, the annual Unplug and Play event fosters connection with family, promotes an awareness of finding a healthy balance, and encourages students to reduce screen time.

We believe it is important to promote the message of finding a healthy balance between active family time and recreational screen time. One way to motivate school-aged children to unplug is to offer them the Student Challenge. Students pledge to reduce recreational screen time for the week of January 20 - 28th and then reflect on the experience. Community partners offered free activities to participate in throughout the week.

Schools are sending their completed Student Challenges throughout the month of February. Student reflections at the back of the submitted student challenges will be read by the Unplug and Play team and used for future planning purposes.

Grade 1 -7 students reflected on their Unplug and Play experiences throughout the week -

Because I unplugged, I spent more time

“Outside in the fresh air!”

“With my family and doing crafts”

“Building with Lego, drawing and painting”

“Helping my mom”

My favourite activity was

“Going to the library”

“Bowling with my brother and cousin”

“Playing outside in the snow. Making a snowman with my sisters”

“Doing a science experiment with my mom”

Reducing my screen time made me feel

“I had more energy”

“Good! I liked playing with my family more.”

“Good! I had fun and laughed so much”

“Sad because I like TV but also happy because I played more with my family.”

“Bored at first but then I found fun things to do…I feel proud”

“Good…because it made my eyes feel good and I was active and got tired.”

“Less cranky!”

From a parent “the week was awesome…this is an important message to share - thank you!!!”

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