Norman Foote at McGowan Park Elementary - February 8, 2024

Posted On Friday February 23, 2024

Story provided by, Jayne Latta, Principal, McGowan Park Elementary

In the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, the Board is committed to developing students’ multi-modal (print, visual, digital, musical, drama) literacies through curricular and extracurricular activities.

McGowan Park Elementary had been busy getting ready for Canadian Children’s Artist Norman Foote. Each week for the last month, around 50 students have committed their after-school time to rehearse with school administrators Jeanine Wourms and Jayne Latta to learn Norman’s music in preparation for a choral concert.

Norman is a professional singer/songwriter and Juno award winner from Vancouver, BC and on February 8th he arrived at McGowan Park Elementary School. This was a day when the school was a buzz with music and guitar. Our school district tech team lead by Adrien Fillion, was also at our school setting up the stage and sound most of the day and they were amazing working and training our two grade 7 student stagehands.

Norman spent the day singing with students and together with our grade 5/6 class, they wrote a school song. This song was then taught to the younger primary student singers. Thursday evening we finished with a family/community concert with Norman and the children on stage sharing it with our guests. 


“Welcome to McGowan Park where magic always happens.

Where friends and families come together.

We open the door and begin to explore,

Where learning is one big adventure”

What a wonderful way to bring the whole school community together. It was a very positive event and one example of supporting our school’s goal of creating a welcoming place where students feel that they are connected and belong.

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