SD73 Recognized Employees who Completed the Leadership Development Program

Posted On Thursday September 14, 2023

School District No. 73 (SD73) is proud to announce that five employees have completed a two-year education program designed with both local and post-secondary preparations to prepare for such roles as Vice Principal at the school level and Coordinator positions at the District level.

“I have collaboratively co-led this program for over a decade, and it has grown and changed to meet the needs of participants and the District,” explained Assistant Superintendent Bill Hamblett.

“We have taken participant feedback on what most contributed to their growth,” stated Assistant Superintendent Grant Reilly. “It was important to have practical local presentations about building capacity of staff, finance, and Human Resources, as examples.”

“I am proud of what senior leadership has done to listen to what these leaders most needed to make this program meaningful to them,” explained Superintendent Dr. Rhonda Nixon.

“I appreciated how these future leaders reflected on their core values and understanding how living these values fosters inclusive learning environments where every learner could thrive,” shared Assistant Superintendent Vessy Mochikas. “We developed learning opportunities that deepened our core values in the District Strategic Plan—relationships/connections, well-being, equity, and sustainability.”

Board Chair Heather Grieve confirmed, “It was important to have a special celebration to honour these candidates who had successfully completed the two-year program. As a District, we are seeking to ensure that our staff feel valued. Acknowledging the milestones and recognizing staff accomplishments is an important part of ensuring that our employees are honoured in a meaningful way.”

During the September 11, 2023, Public Board meeting, Board Chair Grieve had the pleasure of presenting certificates to the following SD73 employees, recognizing their outstanding achievements in completing the Leadership Development Program (LDP):

I-Wen Bluhm completed her LDP experience with Principal Zryd at McGowan Park Elementary. She has now accepted a leadership position, joining Pacific Way Elementary as the Vice Principal this fall. I-Wen said, “The LDP experience helped me to gain insight and perspective in how a school is run and the different elements that impact the operation of a school.”

Melanie Gregg completed her LDP experience at Kamloops School of the Arts under the guidance of Principal Blair Lloyd. During her second year, Melanie was appointed as the Term Certain Vice Principal at Westsyde Secondary. This fall, she has taken on the role of Vice Principal at Valleyview Secondary. “The LDP experience helped me to develop a greater understanding of the District processes and procedures,” said Melanie.

Stacey Kaczur completed her LDP journey at Aberdeen Elementary, learning from Principal Rogers and Principal Defehr. Recently, Stacey assumed a significant District leadership role as one of the Numeracy Resource teachers within the curriculum department. Stacy shared, “My LDP experience provided me with the impetus to move out of the classroom into becoming a curriculum system leader.”

Cammy Plummer worked alongside Principal Devries at Summit Elementary during her LDP experience. In her second year, she was appointed as the Term Certain Vice Principal at A.E. Perry Elementary, a role she continues to excel in this fall. “I am proud of how my experience in LDP forced me to lead from the front which has enabled me to develop a strong presence in my current leadership role,” said Cammy.

Justin Roszman gained valuable experience in two schools, Parkcrest Elementary and Arthur Stevenson Elementary, under the mentorship of Principal Gorman and Principal Farquhar. Justin shared, “I really enjoyed the closeness of the LDP cohort and the lasting relationship developed through the program.”

Chair Grieve acknowledged the recipients by saying, “I would like to extend my gratitude for your dedication and exceptional contributions to our District. Your hard work and commitment are truly invaluable.”

The Leadership Development Program, with over 40 years of successful history, continues to inspire and prepare future education leaders within SD73. It has consistently encouraged candidates to take on new challenges, fostering the growth of talented individuals who aspire to become vice principals and district coordinators.

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