Superintendent’s Update

Posted On Friday November 05, 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

As we enter the week before Remembrance Day, it is timely to reflect on all of the people who served and sacrificed for our country. Our schools are engaging in creative, virtual and some face-to-face Remembrance Day Celebrations. To see what our schools are doing, check our website.

Take Our Kids to Work Day

The 27th annual Take Our Kids to Work Day took place on November 3rd and involved 250,000 Grade 9 students in Canada. Grade 9 student, Ashton Forsey, spent his day with his mom, Dawn Forsey, Executive Assistant to the Secretary-Treasurer. To read more about Ashton’s day and how others experienced it, go to this link.

South Sa-Hali Elementary School

Ms. Susie Mabee, principal of South Sa-Hali Elementary School, highlighted the work of Mrs. Leah Clare, Vice Principal. Ms. Mabee said, “This is Mrs. Clare’s idea to engage students in real world Math problems of the week.” Students choose to solve low- to high-level problems and put their solutions in an envelope. Mrs. Clare stated, “I always check their responses for their thinking, not just whether it is right or wrong.” Students who have correct responses have their names entered into a draw for prizes and a chance to have their pictures displayed.

Dufferin Elementary School

Mr. Gord Cumming, Principal of Dufferin Elementary, honored his students and his guests by drumming and singing the Welcome Song.” His drum was a gift from Mr. Felix Delorme, an Aboriginal Education Worker who recently retired from Marion Schilling Elementary School. Mr. Cumming shared, “I have learned so much from Elders and Knowledge Keepers about how to integrate First Peoples Principles of Learning into everyday life." He emphasized how he seeks to model being a learner who is not afraid to make mistakes. He explained, “I seek to bring something positive to the lives of others every day.”

Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

We continue to focus on our daily health checks, staying home when sick, and implementing all of the health and safety measures in our District’s Communicable Disease Prevention Plan.  Potential school exposures are published by Interior Health

K-12 Sector Guidelines for Vaccination Policies

On Monday, October 25, 2021, the Board of Education passed a motion to direct the Superintendent to establish a committee to gather data and evidence in alignment with privacy laws (step one) as a starting point. Our committee prepared a survey to learn about staff perspectives of a Vaccination Policy.  The survey is administered from Nov.5-12. The Board will receive the report with survey results after that date.

Thank you for taking time to remember those who served and sacrificed in our country on Remembrance Day. Enjoy learning together virtually and in person about those who include our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents. We thank those who have served Canada, and those who have made significant contributions to commemoration.

Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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