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Posted On Friday November 19, 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

We welcome families and friends who are coming into Kamloops from Merritt and other areas in BC that have been devastated by floods. Your kindness and efforts to assist those in need is most appreciated.

Welcome, Merritt Families!

We have been working with Mr. Steve McNiven, Superintendent of School District 58 (Nicola-Similkameen), and his team. As their families and friends arrive in Kamloops, thank you for offering spaces for students and staff to connect, and for items (food, clothes, toiletries, blankets). Our district coordinator of this effort is Vessy Mochikas. Please direct families who need food, clothing, and other supports to contact Vessy at: or 250-374-0679.

Twin Rivers Education Centre (TREC)

Mr. Cory Carmichael, Principal of Twin Rivers Education Centre (TREC) reflected on the range of programs at TREC, “Some students require an alternative pathway to traditional routes because they need to accommodate caregiving responsibilities, work schedules, and their own needs for blended programming.” Ms. Dyan Gunnlaugson added, “We are a relatively new admin. team, so we ask questions, learn, and see the beauty in our diverse programming.” As we toured their school, they introduced me to Emily, an inspiring artist who shared, “I am here because I can paint a window and get credit and work on passion projects like crocheting dragons.” She shared her crocheted “dragon-in-progress” and stated, “It inspires me to make them and give them away.” Emily exemplifies how alternative pathways to traditional schools are critical to the success of our school system.

Communicable Disease Prevention Plan- Updated FAQs

We continue to focus on our daily health checks, staying home when sick, and implementing all of the health and safety measures in our District’s Communicable Disease Prevention Plan. Potential school exposures are published by Interior Health. To help respond to parent inquiries, please visit the District’s updated FAQs. The Ministry of Education just released a COVID-19 planning resource for mask exemptions to provide clarity for students and staff who are exempt from wearing masks. In addition, Dr. Bonnie Henry announced that Health Canada has now approved a vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 that is expected to be available soon. Parents and caregivers can register here.

Vaccination Policy Committee

Our Vaccination Policy Committee shared views on results of an employee survey and contributed to a report to the Board that will be shared at the In Camera Board Meeting on November 22, 2021. The Board will deliberate about the report and suggestions of the committee and decide about whether or not to proceed to step two of the K-12 Sector Guidelines for Vaccination Policies.

Thank you for your generous spirit, your time to gather supplies and food, and your positive energy to warmly welcome our Merritt friends and families.

Rhonda Nixon, PhD

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