The Art of Making a Statement

Posted On Tuesday June 18, 2019

As the school year draws to a close, art teachers across the District took some time to pick exceptional artwork by young artists, and present it to the Board of Education. This year, Katrina Sewell, coordinator of Young Artists, said there was an artwork to consider from every elementary school. 

Each piece of artwork is framed and includes an artists’ statement. The pieces presented to the Board will be displayed in the Kamloops School Board Office for the next 12 months. See a photo gallery of their works here. 

“The goal of the year-end exhibit is to remind the Board about the significance of this kind of learning for students,” said Sewell, who is also Principal of Haldane Elementary. 

An important part of the curriculum in British Columbia, participation in fine arts encourage creativity, self-expression and engaged learning. Creativity is one of the core competencies outlined in the new curriculum, along with communication and critical thinking. 

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