Parenting in a Digital World: Free SD73 Event

Posted On Wednesday September 04, 2019

Helping children and youth navigate a digital world without mishap, cope with the massive pressure of constant connectivity, and create the cornerstones they need to become happy, well-adjusted, successful adults has become an essential parenting skill.

Children develop their digital skills at home, mostly by observing and mirroring parents and older siblings. They learn quickly and are often more skilled than their parents at a young age. Many have their first contact with digital technologies and screens before they are 2 years old.

That’s why Safer Schools Together, an organization focused on promoting a climate and culture of safety in schools through comprehensive education, is presenting a free session for parents across the district on Wednesday, September 25, at the Henry Grube Education Centre.

This two-hour session will also be livestreamed to Barriere Secondary, Chase Secondary, Clearwater Secondary and Logan Lake Secondary schools

Issues covered will include awareness of safety issues and measures, building critical thinking and resilience in the digital context.    

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