Kamloops-Thompson School District Celebrates Pink Shirt Day - February 28, 2024

Posted On Wednesday February 28, 2024

In the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, our Cultural Identity Priority reinforces the need to ensure that every student feels safe, welcomed, included, connected, and has a sense of belonging in their schools.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024 marks the 17th Pink Shirt Day provincially, and it is an opportunity to celebrate diversity and inclusivity.

“Our Board is committed to making sure that all students are proud of who they are in the fullness of their identities (cultural, family, ethnic, religious, age, sexual orientations and gender identities, and disabilities or diverse abilities) to feel safe, accepted and respected in our schools and district facilities,” stated Board Chair Heather Grieve.

“We have many opportunities for students to have a voice (District Student Equity Council, District Student Advisory Council, Aboriginal Student Leadership Council, Indigenous Student Summit, to name some examples). In these groups, students feel safe to express themselves about barriers to feeling included (racism, discrimination, bullying),” shared Superintendent Dr. Rhonda Nixon. “I am proud of the work of all staff who lead these groups to help us to change procedures and practices that prevent students from feeling safe, included, and having a sense of belonging in schools.”

“The District Accessibility Committee is a group of individuals 50% of whom have visible and invisible disabilities. They have developed an accessibility plan and have recently collected feedback on this plan,” shared Assistant Superintendent Mochikas. “I believe that this group is already making a positive impact on our district because they have identified actions such as having the Rick Hansen Foundation review our facilities to assess a school’s overall accessibility. This process would provide valuable information to assist in making schools and District facilities more accessible.”

“Pink Shirt Day signifies the importance of the Cultural and Identity Priority in the District Strategic Plan and all that we are doing to embrace every person for who they are and who they become in environments that enable them to flourish,” shared Board Chair Heather Grieve.

We encourage you to spread positive messages of inspiration and share words of kindness this Pink Shirt Day, using the social media hashtags: #PinkShirtDay, #LiftEachOtherUp and #erasebullying.”

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