Superintendent’s Update

Posted On Friday June 10, 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

Thank you to the staff, students, parents, and community members for your efforts to acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments while supporting each other to stay engaged in learning.

Juniper Ridge Elementary School

Principal Colleen Wood, Vice Chair Meghan Wade, and I started in the library where we met grade one students who were learning about the lifecycle of a bean plant and possible career pathways. Mrs. Bouchard involved her students in championing their favourite character by rating them and defending their choices. Ms. Gresley-Jones and her students identified nutritious foods and studied healthy food choices. Ms. Thompson’s students were sharing their favourite animal art creations. Mrs. Lempriere was practicing with intermediate students to perform their musical. As we witnessed students reading favourite books, writing stories, and studying characters, Principal Wood said, “We are focused on literacy and celebrating reading by dressing as a favourite character day as one way to have fun and learn.”

RL Clemitson Elementary School

Principal Blake Buemann, Vice Chair Wade, and I started in a room with mountain bikes, purchased with a grant to support physical fitness. Mrs. Froese’s music class played Orff instruments while she played guitar and sang. We then saw the beautiful backdrops handpainted for their school musical, Matilda. The school community also enjoyed learning braille by solving messages on their entry bulletin board. Principal Buemann shared recent renovations to their library which is now a common area for presentations, reading, and learning through a makerspace. Principal Buemann said, “We are looking forward to welcoming students from Dallas in this space where we can congregate for small gatherings.” He also shared the welcome packages that they had developed with many surprises for incoming Dallas students and their families–Be part of the R.L. Clemitson Panthers!

Barriere Secondary School

Devyn and Larisa were two grade nine students who were ambassadors who met me when I arrived at the school. We walked around with Principal John Tyler to meet staff and students. Vice Principal Mark McVittie and Ms. Kris Luison, Secretary, shared a warm welcome as we started our tour. We began in an English class studying onomatopoeia (words that are sounds - BOOM!), Mr. Connor shared how to solve inequalities in math, and Mr. Lowe shared a video in science class. We walked down the grad student “stars in the hallway” (each student who is graduating has a star with their name on the floor). We learned about a wide variety of options that students can take (Foods, Woodwork, Metal work, Textiles/Sewing, to name a few). “You will be amazed at the students who designed a car from a snowmobile engine and parts,” stated Principal Tyler. We appreciated the refreshed basketball hoops, tarmac, and gym outside. We also met Ms. Laura Mairs, the wonderful cafeteria cook and mentor, who feeds the school with such tasty, nutritious food that students line up for breakfast and lunch and wait as long as it takes.

SD73 Graduation

Thank you to the Aboriginal Education Council, District Principal Mike Bowden and his committee of all the secondary school Aboriginal Education Workers from across our district, Carolyn Anderson, Brenda Celesta, Trudy Nielsen, Charmayne Wilson, Sheila Collins, Jackie Jules, Amanda Big Sorrel Horse, and Bernice Jensen. Thank you to Board Chair Heather Grieve and Trustee Diane Jules who spoke to graduates about the value of listening and learning together and believing in themselves. Congratulations to the 201 Aboriginal 2022 graduates!

Graduations continue throughout the District for the next two weeks. In total, 15 ceremonies will be held for 1,100 students. We appreciate and celebrate each unique group of graduates. Send a greeting to the Class of 2022

Communicable Disease Prevention Plan

We continue to emphasize the practice of daily health awareness strategies – staying home when sick, practicing good hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette, and making choices about wearing masks – see our District’s Communicable Disease Prevention Plan for more information.

Stay safe and enjoy your weekend!

Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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