Phased Return to School

Posted On Thursday December 30, 2021

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

On December 29, 2021, Dr. Bonnie Henry announced a new health order to have students return to school on January 10, 2022. 

The following students are invited to attend school as of January 4:

  • If your child has exceptional needs (social, emotional, academic, medical), you may choose to bring your child to their school and if your child takes a school bus, buses will run as usual. If your child participates in a meal program, meal programs will also be available.
  • If you are a parent or legal guardian who works in the healthcare system, you may choose to bring your child to their school or have your child take the school bus as buses will run as usual.

Please reach out to your child’s school principal if you have questions. We understand that change causes confusion, so we welcome your questions. 

The reason for the phased start is to provide time for district and school staff to increase safety measures that will support students and staff upon return as of January 10. More information about those measures will be made available in my weekly Superintendent’s Update that will be published next week.  

The following safety measures will continue:

  • Using the daily health check;
  • Staying home when sick;
  • Wearing masks that fit well (non-medical masks are permitted);
  • Limiting time in crowded locations;
  • Maintaining personally respectful spaces between people.

Enhanced measures have been published and the key changes are as follows: 

  • Reinforcing the measures as outlined above;
  • Arranging classrooms for maximum space between students and staff;
  • Limiting visitors to the school to those that are supporting activities that are of benefit to student learning and well-being (e.g., teacher candidates, meal program volunteers, etc);
  • Reducing crowding at transition times such as staggered start/stop times, breaks, lunches;
  • Holding student and staff gatherings virtually rather than in person;
  • In keeping with the guidelines, athletic practices and individual games are permitted;
  • No spectators or audiences permitted at this time;
  • Pausing school tournaments.

We thank you in advance for working as partners with us and for preparing for a safe return to school.

Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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