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Posted On Friday January 12, 2024

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

In January, our focus is on stories that show how we develop connections/relationships and the Grandfather Teaching of Respect in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan. Respect is represented by Salmon sqlélten who provides us with food and offers wisdom to those who approach respectfully xyemstem. He swims against the flow to complete his job; this shows how he endures hardship to achieve higher goals.

Dallas Elementary School

Principal Sullivan and I started our learning walk in Ms. Inkster’s Kindergarten classroom, where she was working with students in one-on-one writing conferences about their entries describing what they did after a large snowfall. Many students were writing about playing in the snow with their siblings, friends, and pets. Ms. Pearson’s Gr. 1-2 class was engaging in the “Grapevine Dance”. All Gr. 3-7 students take part in physical activity each morning at Dallas Elementary School in a program developed by HealthySchools BC called BOKS program. “This program is important to get everyone moving and feeling ready to focus after starting their day with physical activity,” explained Ms. Sullivan.

Ms. Reed’s Kindergarten class was engaged in shared reading, and Ms. O’Neill was engaged in a phonics lesson with her K-1 class. Ms. Chapman’s class has a pet lizard and one student shared with me how to hold him and pet his head. The students were also playing a math game where they had to problem solve a missing number in a series of numbers. Mr. Ruddick’s Gr. 4-5 class was studying arrays in math. We visited a large group of Gr. 6-7 students in their BOKS time playing a game in the gym. We ended our learning walk in Ms. Watson’s Kindergarten class engaged in their morning routine of calendar (guessing the number of the date using the number series) and counting by 10s using the patterning of colors and shapes. They also shared how they had collected money for the SPCA to help animals with their food, shelter and other needs (leash for walking).

Who Am I Events - Brocklehurst Middle School

In the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, student and staff wellbeing is a core value commitment of the district. The Career Development Team works with teachers to provide students with learning opportunities that inspire them to thrive. District Career Education Coordinator Allisson Badger wrote a story about engaging career programming events held at Brocklehurst Middle School called Who Am I? It was led by two grade 7 teachers, Taylor Rae and Taylor Carmichael. Who Am I? is an event where students guess the job of three guest speakers and learn about their careers. Read more.

Accessibility Survey

School District No. 73 is committed to removing barriers and creating environments that provide accessible and empowering opportunities for all students and staff to thrive. As part of this commitment, SD73 has formed an Accessibility Committee and we would appreciate your feedback based on your experiences within the school district. Staff, students and families are encouraged to complete the SD73 Accessibility Survey to help shape the District's Accessibility Plan. The survey will be open from January 11th to January 26th. Please see the current Accessibility Plan here. If preferred, you can also share your thoughts by:

  • Emailing HERE
  • Calling (250) 374-0679, and the receptionist will connect you to a committee member,
  • Mailing written feedback to the School Board Office at 1383 9th Avenue, Kamloops, BC, V2C 3X7, or
  • Completing a paper copy of the accessibility survey and deliver/mail it to the School Board Office.

Invitation to Join Us in Naming the New School in Pineview Valley

After eight (8) years of working with the Ministry of Education and Child Care, the Kamloops-Thompson Board of Education received funding for a new school in Pineview Valley on February 22, 2023. This new K-7 elementary school will have a capacity of 453 students and is expected to be complete prior to September 2026.

The Board of Education would like to invite members of the Kamloops-Thompson School District community to submit a name for the new school. Please provide suggestions based on the following criteria:

  • name of the street on which it is located (Copperhead Drive)
  • name of the geographic area (Pineview Valley)
  • name with historical significance to Indigenous rights holders
  • name that is reflective of local, provincial, and national diversities
  • name that reflects a positive image of the board
  • name of a person, if there is written support of a family representative, and if the name is used posthumously, and after five years of their passing

Naming of the New School in Pineview Valley form can be filled out HERE.

An invitation was sent out to all staff and parents. Read more.

Deadline to receive submissions will be March 1, 2024.

Kindergarten Round-Up Information Night

If you would like to learn more about how to register for Kindergarten in our district, please join us on Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 6:30 PM -7:30 PM (virtual session). Register here to listen and ask questions of community partners and School District 73 staff about Kindergarten 2024. For more information, read the Welcome to Kindergarten Handbook and visit our webpage. Read more

District Parent Advisory Council - Parent Education Night

The SD73 District Parent Advisory Council is hosting a session to learn more about Interior Health’s mental health and substance use supports available in the soon to be open Foundry in Kamloops: Featuring - Interior Health’s Jen Howes: Team Lead Substance Use Team MHSU Kamloops and The Foundry’s Lisa Johannesen: Manager – Foundry Kamloops. Read more

Please join: Wednesday January 24th from 7:00 - 8:00 PM, Register: HERE

Black Excellence Day - January 15, 2024

We look forward to Black Excellence Day (January 15, 2024), which was created by the Ninandotoo Society to celebrate annually the civil rights activist, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who was born on January 15, 1929. On Black Excellence Day, SD73 students in Gr. 4-12 are taking part in the Black Excellence Virtual Event 2024 hosted by the Ninandotoo Society and the Burnaby School District. Students will engage in discussions and explore resources centered around Black Excellence and Black History. School stories of their experiences will be shared in next week’s update.

I hope that you stay active, warm, and safe this chilly weekend.

Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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