Board Notes December 3, 2018

Posted On Tuesday December 11, 2018
Brar, Mangell and Stade
Cecilia Brar, Andrea Mangell and Sherry Stade present to the Board of Education


Diversity and Inclusion- Strengthening Learning Teams

An Innovation through Inquiry project, led by Sherry Stade, District Coordinator for Health Promoting Schools and Carly Herman, (former)District Coordinator for Diversity Education, set out to enhance the culture of schools by embracing diversity through teacher professional learning.  Throughout the month of February, these teachers built on the metaphor of team to demonstrate that diverse teams are strong teams. District-wide activities included a film festival, keynote speakers, workshops and engagement activities with partners throughout the community.

In addition, Dallas Elementary teachers Cecilia Brar and Andrea Mangell engaged their Grade 6/7 classes in problem-solving projects that celebrated diversity. The students shared their thinking in an exhibition of learning that demonstrated how to achieve inclusive environments in their school. 



Out-of-Province Field Trip Approvals (as per Policy 518.1)

Twenty-five students in NorKam Senior Secondary’s choir and band will be going Louisiana from March 17 – 22, 2019 to experience the culture, history, food, architecture and geography of New Orleans.

Two students in grades 11 and 12 from Sa-Hali Secondary will be in Ottawa March 18-21 to make a presentation to Senate on their work as part of the UNESCO Group on Ocean Plastic. The students are looking to inform and persuade policymakers for sustainable change.

Twenty-five students in Westsyde Secondary’s choir and band will be going New Orleans from March 17-23, 2019 to participate in a Mississippi plantation tour and see a variety of performances including the Jazz Band at Preservation Hall.


Foundational Skills Assessment Results 2017-2018

Director Lisa Carson reported that Grades 4 and 7 students in SD73 continue to perform above the provincial average on the annual Foundation Skills Assessment. The percentage of students meeting or exceeding expectations in the Kamloops-Thompson school district has been relatively consistent over the last five years in the areas of writing, reading and numeracy. Writing performance remains a solid strength and reading results, while good, have plateaued in recent years. Aboriginal student results require improvement in order to reach our district goal of achieving equity and excellence for all students. Therefore, the District Learning Plan will continue to focus on foundational skills in all three areas for Aboriginal students and reading and numeracy for all students in order to improve student achievement.

More information on the Foundation Skills Assessment can be found on the Ministry of Education Web Site


Kamloops-Thompson Results Compared to All BC Public / Independent School Results – All Students (Percentage of Students On-Track or Extending)


Grade 4








Province Public Schools





+ 10

+ 21

+ 7





Grade 7








Province Public Schools





+ 17

+ 20

+ 6



 A Commanding Recognition

The Kamloops RCMP recognized District Principal Sheryl Lindquist with a Detachment Commander Award. Her dedication and contribution to the youth of the community through the development of the RCMP Youth Academy and the RCMP Youth Advisory met the Forces’ highest levels of tradition and expectation.  Read more


 Policy Change

Policy 906.1, Alcohol Beverages and Narcotics has now been replaced by Policy 906.1, Substance Use – Employee which is intended to support the health and safety of students, employees, volunteers, and the public from the inappropriate use of alcohol and drugs in the workplace. Read the full policy here.

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