The Howling Coyote Golf Tournament - A 15 Year Tradition in SD73

Posted On Friday September 22, 2023

In the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, we are committed to connections and relationships through partnerships and events. Fifteen years ago, the Aboriginal Education Council and Kamloops-Thompson staff members collaborated on a committee to raise funds for Aboriginal scholarships and bursaries.

District Principal Mike Bowden explained, “Not only is this a great legacy supporting and celebrating the success of SD73 Aboriginal graduates, but the annual event is an opportunity to connect communities and build positive relationships all for a good cause.”

This Scholarship/Bursary is awarded to Aboriginal students of School District No. 73 that have been involved in school and/or community activities either as a participant or volunteer and is planning on pursuing further post-secondary education. They also identified role models that have inspired them to finish high school and go on to post-secondary.

Board Chair Heather Grieve highlighted, “The board of education is extremely proud of this long standing commitment to raising money to support Aboriginal students who gain financial support to enter post-secondary while also acknowledging their community service in our local communities.”

The primary fundraiser was and continues to be “The Howling Coyote Golf Tournament”. 

The golf tournament is organized by the Howling Coyote Golf Committee with supports from the Aboriginal Education Council and School District. The tournament has traditionally been held at Mount Paul Golf Course in mid-September. The 2022 tournament was held on September 24, 2022. This year the tournament was held on September 17, 2023 at Mt. Paul Golf Course.

Funds raised from this tournament go into a trust at BC Interior Foundation. Currently, this trust generates $8,334 in interest, all of which is available as awards annually. The number and size of the scholarships depend on the number of applicants ranging from $500 to $750. In 2023, we had three applicants and all three received $750. In 2021 we gave away six scholarships of $500. Any unspent or unclaimed scholarships get cycled back into the endowment for the next year.

As the endowment increases based on the fundraising, the number and size of scholarships will also increase to match the interest. The selection, number, and size of the scholarships is determined by the Howling Coyote Committee when they review the applications in May.

Superintendent Nixon emphasized, “I am appreciative of District Principal Mike Bowden’s leadership to organize this fundraiser. In the Cultural and Identity Priority, we aim to ensure that students thrive culturally and personally, and in the Career Development Priority, we support successful transitions to post-secondary opportunities. This fundraiser contributes to both priorities for Aboriginal students in SD73.”

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