Writers and Scientists and Dancers, Oh My! Spring Events in SD73

Posted On Thursday March 14, 2019

It’s Spring Festival season, and thousands of students across School District No. 73 are preparing to engage in events throughout April and May celebrating the performing arts, art, science, literature and Canadian history. Make a note of these dates, and for more information and links, keep scrolling. 

Arts in the High Country April 8 – 9

Cariboo Mainline Regional Science Fair April 10 – 12

Battle of the Books April 10 & 17

Young Authors’ Conference May 3

Young Artists’ Show and Conference May 4 – 7

Heritage Fair May 9 – 10 


Arts in the High Country April 8 – 9

Over 800 students from 9 schools under the instruction of 12 teachers from across School District  No. 73 will perform in the 2019 Arts in the High Country Festival April 8 and 9. Performances will include band, drama, dance and classroom music. 

“This is a celebration, and an opportunity for students to see what their peers are doing, and to get feedback from recognized adjudicators,” said Christy Gauley, SD73 District Fine Arts Coordinator. “We are grateful to our hosts, who are accommodating our change of venue this year.” 

There has been a change of venue this year, due to the closure of the Sagebrush Theatre, which is under repair. 

Rayleigh Elementary School will host the Band Festival on Monday, April 8; and the Kamloops School of the Arts will host the Drama, Dance and Classroom Musical Festivals on Tuesday, April 9. 


Cariboo Mainline Regional Science Fair April 10 – 12

225 students from four school districts will be participating in the 2019 Cariboo Mainline Regional Science Fair April 10 – 12. Top science projects from SD27 Williams Lake; SD58 Merritt; SD73 Kamloops-Thompson; and SD74 Ashcroft will be on display in the Thompson Rivers University gymnasium. 

“The top five projects will be advancing to the Canada Wide Science Fair at the University of New Brunswick May 15 – 17,” said Don Poelzer, SD73 District Principal – International Student Program. 


Battle of the Books April 10 & 17

Battle of the Books is a SD73 fun yet challenging reading program for students from grade 3 to grade 9. The challenge is to read 12 books chosen for your grade throughout the school year and remember enough about each one to represent your school and to answer questions in competition with other schools. The Zones competition will be held April 10, from 12:30 – 2:30 pm. Zone winners will compete in the District competition April 17, from 12:30 – 2:30 pm at the Henry Grube Education Centre. 


Young Authors’ Conference May 3

Approximately 250 SD73 students from grade 4 to grade 12 will participate in creative writing workshops at Thompson Rivers University with published authors during the 2019 Young Authors' Conference May 3. Each student is required to submit a manuscript for the anthology competition. Winners for each grade will be published online as part of the 2019 conference anthology. 

Authors for this year’s conference are:

Tom Van Walleghem

Mike Carson

Kenthen Thomas

Crystal Stranaghan

Pete McCormack

Kevin Miller

Jeremy Tankard

James McCann

Tamara Vukusic

Brooke Kerrigan


Young Artists’ Show and Conference April 30 - May 5

The Young Artists’ Show and Conference is an annual event for aspiring artists in elementary school to showcase their artwork and take part in a series of workshops. More than 120 students from grades 4 to 7 have been selected to represent their schools.

The workshops will be held at Thompson Rivers University on May 1st, and there will be an art show to showcase their work at the Old Courthouse Upstairs Gallery, open to the public from April 30th to May 5th. The exhibition launches with an opening reception for the young artists and their parents on April 30th.


Heritage Fair May 9 – 10 

The winner of this year’s Heritage Fair Stamp contest is Dawson Doern, a grade 6 student from Pacific Way Elementary. The design will be included on SD73’s 2019 Heritage Fair t-shirts. 

This year’s Heritage Fair will be held at the Henry Grube Education Centre. 

The entries will be judged on Thursday evening, May 9, and during the day on Friday, May 10, there will be a walking scavenger hunt through some heritage buildings in Kamloops. 

The Heritage Fair encourages students to research and learn Canadian history, and for some students the experience opens up amazing stories. When Keilin Gorman was in grade 5 his Heritage Fair presentation was Banished and Beyond Tears– a look at the history of Japanese internment during the Second World War. 

“His second effort, in grade 6 is the one that gets talked about most, though,” said his mother, Catherine Gorman, who is also Principal of Parkcrest Elementary.  “He called it Do You Dare? It is the story of the Sourtoe Shooter.”

Gorman said the presentation is about a tradition in a Dawson City, Yukon bar during the Klondike Gold Rush.  A human toe was served in an alcoholic drink. Keilin learned that during the time the shooter was served, a total of eight human toes were used. They needed periodic replacing apparently because sometimes, people accidentally swallowed them. History and the Heritage Fair are still a big part of Keilin’s life, said Gorman. Now 19, Keilin is a member of the Provincial Heritage Fair Committee. 

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