Re-start 2020 sees 94 per cent of SD73 students return to in-classroom instruction

Posted On Tuesday September 15, 2020

After weeks of planning and implementing new health and safety guidelines, Kamloops-Thompson School District estimates almost all students returned to class Sept. 10 and 11.  

In his report to the Board of Education on Monday, Sept. 14, Superintendent Terry Sullivan noted that an estimated 94 per cent of both high school students and elementary students had returned.   

While the majority of students have returned to class, the preliminary enrolment snapshot from Sept. 11 indicates that the elementary and secondary enrolment has decreased by 899.50 FTE compared to budget projections, from 14,717.50 students to 13,818.00

When comparing the Sept. 11 enrolment snapshot from Sept. 2019, the District enrolment is currently showing a reduction of 827.25 FTE, from 14,645.25 students to 13,818.00“These numbers also need to be considered in the context of the increase of students enrolled in Distributed Learning at @KOOL,” said Sullivan.

As of Sept. 11, 623 students were enrolled at @KOOL (Kamloops Open Line Learning), a significant increase over the stable 186 FTE during the last two years.

The District enrolment will continue to be monitored in preparation for the Ministry of Education snapshot on September 30.

 “We expect some changes. There may be parents we have not heard from, and there may be some who are looking at the start-up and what it’s going to be like before they make a decision,” Sullivan said, noting that he suspects more students will be back in class in the coming months as students will move from DL and Home Schooling back to their neighborhood school.  

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