Superintendent’s Update

Posted On Friday January 13, 2023

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

We continue to bring alive stories that showcase the importance of positive relationships/connections and respect as well as our five priorities in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan:

  • Intellectual Development: Every learner will develop competencies and skills to succeed academically.
  • Human and Social Development: Every learner will feel welcome, safe, and connected to their environments (district-school-classroom).
  • Cultural and Identity Development: Every learner will feel safe and thrive personally and culturally.
  • Career Development: Every learner will graduate, know who they are, and have plans for who they aim to become through their career pathway.
  • Systems Development: Students will improve continuously within a system that allocates resources responsibly, fairly, and sustainably.

Bert Edwards Science & Technology School (BEST)

This week, Principal Edstrom and I visited classrooms. She described how staff are working together to design inquiry-based learning opportunities across all curriculum content areas. We first met with Mr. Deptuck, the McQueen Lake Resource Teacher, who was designing field trips for students across the district. Next, Maggie and Elizabeth in Mr. Hummel’s Gr. 4-5 class presented their “stop motion” videos using their coding skills to create animations using their own characters. Ms. Ernst’s Gr. 3s were listening to a read aloud of a novel, “Friendship According to Humphrey” about a beloved hamster. Mr. Woods’ Gr. 5-6 class had developed wheels and bearings using the 3D printer to make their own “finger boards”, what looked like “tiny skateboards”. Eoghan and Lucas explained how they also made the boards out of layers of paper fused together. When we visited Teacher Librarian, Ms. Kipp, she had assisted Mr. Wood’s class with the 3D printer and other collaborative projects. Ms. Adams’ Gr.1s had just come from skating. We ended our tour in Ms. Farber’s and Ms. Bowden’s Kindergarten classes studying and writing numbers.

Kay Bingham Elementary School

Principal Caputo and I first visited Ms. Aaltonen’s Gr. 1 class who was playing a game of making 10 from different combinations of numbers. They had fun matching their card with the one needed to make 10. Ms. Allan was teaching mindfulness through music in two different classes.

Mr. Johnson’s Gr. 4-5 were studying the life cycle of the salmon by watching it unfold in their fish tank, and they were preparing to go ice fishing later in the week. Ms. Young, the Learning Resource Teacher, was preparing to support students in class. Ms. Gardner’s Gr. 3-4 class was reading “The Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing”. Ms. Petty’s and Ms. Ellis’s K-1 class was playing ball in the gym.

Black Excellence Day

Over 750 students from 26 schools joined the Ninandotoo Society and the Burnaby School District in celebrating Black Excellence Day today.  Black Excellence Day is a day to stand in solidarity with Black Canadians and honour the rich history, contributions, achievements and joy of Black people. Our students shared their experiences of how valuable this day has been. Read more.

A Kamloops student, Annecia Thomas was one of two student speakers for this year’s event. Annecia is a grade 12 student at SKSS and was part of the Minister's Youth Dialogue Series on Social Justice last year. She is a member of the District Student Empowerment Committee and is part of the Motion of Colour group.  I'm proud of the leadership that Annecia Thomas has demonstrated in the district, community, and province.

2023-2024 District Career Programs Parent Information Session

During an evening Zoom session yesterday evening District Vice-Principal of Career Programs, Kerry Gairdner, provided information to parents/guardians/caregivers about School District No. 73 (Kamloops-Thompson) Career Programs. This information supports the district's commitment to provide opportunities for parents and caregivers to develop their capabilities to support students’ choices related to course planning, education and career planning, as articulated in the 2022-2023 District Learning Plan.

The session was attended by 153 participants who learned about university level dual-credit opportunities (Youth Train in Trades, TRU Start Programs, Youth Explore Trades Sampler) being offered in partnership with Skilled Trades BC (formerly the ITA) and Thompson Rivers University, and other district programs such as the Digital Arts Technology Academy (DATA) at Valleyview Secondary and the International Baccalaureate Program at Norkam Senior Secondary School.

To view the presentation slides and to access further information about District Career Program opportunities, please go to

Preparing for Schools of Choice Registration and Kindergarten Open House

Just a reminder for parents who have children entering Kindergarten, you are invited to join us in January and February to learn more about schools of choice and registration in Kindergarten. Read more here. Thank you to the District Early Learning Team for supporting learners to transition into Kindergarten, an important part of the Intellectual Development Priority in the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan.

Interior Health

As we continue to work and learn in environments with the new variant of COVID, respiratory illnesses, and flu, the preventative advice from Interior Health is as follows:

  • Vaccination remains the best defence against both influenza and COVID-19. Book both influenza and COVID-19 vaccinations with your text or email invite through the GetVaccinated system or call 1-833-838-2323, or call your local health centre.  All clinics offering COVID-19 appointments will accept walk-ins for families with children for their influenza vaccine.
  • Key preventative measures include:  
  • Stay at home if unwell. 
  • Practice respiratory etiquette.
  • Consider wearing a mask in crowded public spaces, and cough and sneeze into the elbow.  
  • Clean hands regularly.  
  • Avoid touching the face, especially eyes, mouth and nose. 

For more information, visit BC Centre for Disease Control. Asymptomatic testing is not recommended for respiratory infections.  

Enjoy your weekend!


Rhonda Nixon, PhD


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