Exploring Math and Art in Nature at McQueen Lake Education Centre

Posted On Friday May 19, 2023

In the 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, solving numeracy problems in a variety of contexts is a foundational skill in the Intellectual Development Priority.

On Friday, May 5th, District Coordinator of Numeracy, Monica Bergeron and District Coordinator of Arts Education, Janet McCloy, joined two classes from David Thompson Elementary in the day use area of McQueen Lake.

Mrs. Morrison’s grade 2/3 class and Mrs. Webster’s grade 2 class spent the day exploring nature and what it offers learners. With the coordinators, the students created mandalas out of the natural resources they found in the area, and they united the art with math by creating patterns in their art piece.

“Math and art go hand-in-hand,” explained Ms. Bergeron. “These activities can increase a student’s spatial reasoning which builds the foundation for later problem-solving abilities. Also, spatial reasoning provides multiple entry points and equitable access to mathematics for all learners.”

The day also consisted of a scavenger hunt, pond study, making beaded key chains and playing games. It was a wonderful day of collaboration, creativity, and fun!

Thank you to District Numeracy Coordinator Monica Bergeron and District Arts Coordinator, Janet McCloy and staff at McQueen Lake and David Thompson for supporting the outdoor learning focused on numeracy and arts integration and cross-curricular learning.

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