2022 Young Artists' Conference Makes a Splash

Posted On Thursday May 05, 2022

The 2022 Young Artists’ Conference (YAC) is making an in-person comeback after two years of virtual festivities.

Since 1987, the annual event for aspiring artists in elementary school has offered students an opportunity to showcase their artwork and take part in a series of workshops, but when COVID began in the spring of 2020, the Conference was forced to go virtual.

“Students look forward to this event, not only to work with professional artists, but also to make new friends with common interests from other schools,” said Jayne Latta, Young Artists Committee Chair. “I think they have really missed this annual event.”

As in previous non-COVID years, the 2022 YAC was held this week at Thompson Rivers University with many workshops hosted in the university’s art studios. Students chose from a variety of sessions ranging from acrylic painting to graffiti art and needle work with instruction from community professional artists and art educators.

“The importance of working collaboratively together for the students and the opportunity to work with professional artists in person adds to, not only their artistic experience, but their overall learning experiences too,” said Janet McCloy, District Coordinator of Arts Education.

This year, over 120 students from grades 4 to 7 were selected to represent their schools in the YAC. A selection committee reviewed a variety of 2-dimensional artwork submitted and chose the following students’ artwork to be framed and hung in the School Board Office next year. These students will also be presenting their pieces to the Board of Education on June 13:

Dallas Ellisay, Grade 4, South Sa-Hali
Louise Placente, Grade 4, Beattie
Mehar Ganghas, Grade 4, McGowan Park
Sanjana Poovaneswaran, Grade 4, Aberdeen

Brooklyn Fantuz, Grade 5, Rayleigh Elementary
Tysyn Ewalt, Grade 5, Westwold
Nya McLellan, Grade 5, Pacific Way
Ben Fan, Grade 5, Pacific Way

Mila Roberts, Grade 6, Sun Peaks
Karlie Sandhoff, Grade 6, RLC
Luca Petersen, Grade 6, Dallas
Avery Bahnsen, Grade 6, Lloyd George

Ryan Trudeau, Grade 7, Dufferin
Jenna Kansky, Grade 7, Juniper Ridge
Navaeh Tuft, Grade 7, Kamloops School of the Arts
Kiera McGrath, Grade 7, Juniper Ridge

Honourable Mentions:
Anaya Fuoco, Grade 4, McGowan Park
Julia Long, Grade 5, Beattie Elementary
Elanie Ruberg, Grade 6, McGowan Park
Abby Shu, Grade 7, McGowan Park

“The experiences that connect our students to their passions and interests really help to make learning meaningful and these are the experiences that students will remember,” said Latta. “I think with COVID, this was an example of one thing we have all really missed. The tone at these events was happy and positive. Everyone was just so happy to be back together.”

A gallery opening was also held earlier this week at the Old Courthouse and was attended by Superintendent Rhonda Nixon and other SD73 dignitaries, along with the young artists and their families. All artwork remains on display to the public at the Old Courthouse until May 8.

View the winners/honourable mentions gallery here.

Special thanks to the entire Committee for their efforts:

  • Arts Education Coordinator, Janet McCloy
  • Chair: Vice Principal, Jayne Latta
  • Principal, Katrina Sewell
  • Principal Tiffany Hawkins
  • Vice Principal, Jeanine Wourms
  • Vice Principal, Leah Clare
  • Teacher, Sharon Richards
  • Teacher, Karim Sadik
  • Teacher, Melissa Pavluk

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