Superintendent's Update

Posted On Tuesday September 06, 2022

Dear Parents and Caregivers:

As we savour the last days of summer, thank you to staff, students, and parents who have been working hard to prepare for back-to-school.

District Strategic Plan

As we begin living our new 2022-2027 District Strategic Planour mission is– Supporting learning opportunities and environments which inspire students to thrive.  Students thrive when we create environments that foster our four core valuesconnections/relationships, wellbeing, equity, and sustainability, and 7 Grandfather Teachings.  In weekly updates, I will share stories that highlight one core value and one Grandfather teaching.

September Stories

Throughout September, stories will highlight: 

Connections/Relationships: Building meaningful relationships that support and strengthen learning and growth. 

Humility: Kelsey Jules, a Secwepemc artist, designed pictures to show the  Grandfather Teachings. She created Coyote sk?lep, which represents Humility tkwekweltkstsút-kt and is known to be the trickster and teacher in the Legend of how Coyote and Bear made day and night. Coyote had to compromise with bear who wanted night all the time while coyote wanted day. Their ability to compromise depended on having humility or being humble and valuing each other’s ideas, values, and needs.

Summer School

The District hosted its annual Summer Learning Program from July 4 to July 22 with 401 elementary and 87 secondary students.  Enrolment was the second highest it's ever been at summer school

Principal Hembling stated, “The success of the summer learning program was enhanced by the positive relationships that developed between staff and students.  Summer school requires that both staff and students give up some of their summer vacation for the sake of learning, which is a significant commitment. Teachers see the positive results for students, and students experience their own success as a result; it is truly community-building for everyone involved.”

Kamloops Pride Parade

Board Chair Heather Grieve, Vice Chair Meghan Wade, and Trustee John O’Fee joined staff, students, and parents in the Kamloops Pride Parade on Sunday, August 28, 2022. The city streets were filled with the joy of waving, clapping, singing, and dancing. Accepting each other for who we are depends on humility– seeking to understand our similarities and differences as opportunities to learn and grow, and to celebrate diversity.

Assistant Superintendent Mochikas, who encouraged and supported district participation in this event, shared, “The pride parade is an important event in our community and for our district. It's a great way to visibly celebrate and support students and staff identifying as LGBTQ2S+ and for them to know they are free to be their authentic selves.” Read more.

Ralph Bell Elementary School Reopening

On September 2, 2022, Board Chair Heather Grieve, Vice Chair Meghan Wade, and I visited Ralph Bell to celebrate the efforts of staff who have worked so hard to prepare for a wonderful start-up. Principal Hawkins has been touring more than 40 families this week, and she commented:

 “I am so thankful for our District staff who have been painting, re-flooring, building, and moving brand new educational resources into our school. A school reopening is about coming together to create a place of welcoming, caring, and belonging. I can already feel this positive energy, and I am so excited for the first day of school.” Read more.

Communicable Disease Prevention Guidelines 

On August 25, 2022, we received the updated Provincial Communicable Disease Guidelines for K to 12 Settings and revised our SD73 Communicable Disease Prevention Plan. Some reminders for back to school are: 

  • Stay home when sick
  • Practice the daily health check and follow health advice
  • Wearing a mask is a personal choice
  • Practice good hand hygiene (wash hands, use hand sanitizer) and good respiratory etiquette (cover mouth when coughing; wash hands after coughing or sneezing)

Enjoy the long weekend! We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday, September 6, 2022.

Rhonda Nixon, PhD

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