Robotics Collaboration

Posted On Friday November 24, 2023

Elizabeth deVries, SD73 District Technology Coordinator

In the District Strategic Plan, students are to develop a lifelong appreciation of learning, a curiosity about the world around them, and a capacity for creative thought and expression (Intellectual Development Priority). To support students to develop intellectually in a time of fast-paced emerging technologies, teachers need to be willing to take on new learning themselves.

Two teachers, Christine McCauley and Melody Steffenson at David Thompson Elementary, took on such new learning and in doing so demonstrated what it means to be brave. They had the courage to be learners alongside their students by exploring the boundaries of new technologies.

They started out the school year with some new-to-them technology; LEGO Mindstorms EV3! They connected with the Technology Coordinator and tapped into a treasure trove of resources generated through past collaborations. On October 26th, the David Thompson students hosted Amanda Brennan's class from Kay Bingham to share their newfound knowledge and showcase their final challenges.  

Throughout this month of learning, they encountered challenges that required troubleshooting, fostering collaboration, and honing their programming skills. Students learned to work together, support one another and code their LEGO robot to perform various tasks. The final celebration day, to share their learning with the new group of students, was a great success.  

Mrs McCauley said "having an audience of students they didn't know really provided accountability for my students and their learning and presentation preparation" Ms Brennan reported that she and her students were very excited and inspired by what they had seen other students share, and they couldn't wait to get started!

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