Pineview Valley Elementary School: Video Presentation of the Draft Plans

Posted On Tuesday October 17, 2023

The Board of Education has advocated for a new elementary school in the Pineview Valley for the past three years due to notable space pressures in the southwest sector, notably McGowan Park Elementary School that continues to be at 157% capacity utilization.

Since the announcement of funding support on February 22, 2023, we have established the Pineview Valley Community Engagement Committee, a group of representatives from various community partners, parents, employee groups, associations, senior staff, trustees, and the Ministry of Education and Child Care.

We have worked through this committee approach to encourage collaboration (refer to Figure 1.0: International Spectrum of Public Participation, on the left).

Draft plans for the new Pineview Valley Elementary School are available for review on the District’s public website. You can find these plans by visiting the “Our District/Board | Board of Education” section, specifically under the “New Pineview Valley Elementary School K-7 Opens Fall 2026” circular button.

On this webpage, you will find an overview of the progress made from 2021 to present, including details related to applications submitted to the ministry, board advocacy, as well as board website updates and media releases.

A video presentation showcasing the draft plans for the new school, along with feedback received from the Pineview Valley Community Engagement Committee and community members, can be accessed here.

We acknowledge and appreciate that community members have many questions about this project. Frequently Asked Questions and Answers will be available on the website on October 23, 2023.

To provide feedback on the plans, please email us at:

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