SD73 Education Re-start Plan Approved by the Ministry of Education

Posted On Wednesday August 26, 2020

SD73's Re-start Plan has been approved by the Ministry of Education. You can read it here. Our operational guidelines, developed with our education partners and health authorities, ensure a consistent districtwide approach to keep schools safe for all students, teachers and staff.

In addition, we have updated our Health and Safety Guidelines, which can be found here. The essential elements in the safe re-start of schools are: consistent groups of people; robust illness policies for students and staff; and the ability to have most people follow effective personal practices like hand washing.

“I understand that these are anxious times,” said Alison Sidow, Superintendent of Schools. “But we need to learn to live with the virus. We can do that by respecting the health and safety guidelines outlined in our plan.”

To prepare for Stage 2 of the BC Re-start Plan and to ensure consistency between all schools, September 8-11 will serve as an orientation week for staff and students. There will be a gradual restart to allow extra time to orient students and staff on the new health and safety measures in place.

September 8 & 9 

  • All staff will meet with their staffs’ and school’s joint health and safety committee to receive instruction on how the updated BCCDC guidelines will work in their school. This time allows teachers and staff to adjust to their new routines, finalize plans for learning groups, review health and safety protocols and confirm lesson plans that align with Stage 2. 
  • Principals will review the health and safety guidelines, goals, guiding principles and expectations of the re-start plan. Staff will contact families directly to inform students of their orientation date and provide necessary information regarding entrance/exit procedures, health and safety protocols such as physical distancing, washing hands upon entry and health assessment responsibilities.

September 10 & 11

  • Students will return to school part-time on September 10 OR September 11 for orientation. Staff will communicate with families regarding the date their children will attend. 
  • Students can get familiar with classrooms that will look different than they did in June and before the pandemic. During orientation, students will be assigned to their class or classes, find out who is in their learning group, practise their new routines, familiarize themselves with how to safely move from the class to outdoor and common areas of the school and review health and safety protocols. 

Elementary students will follow a regular school schedule, like any other year. To support the implementation of learning groups at middle and secondary schools, the quarter system or Copernican system will be used. Students will be enrolled in two classes a day for ten weeks for four quarters. Schools will have the flexibility to offer off-time table courses and variations to the quarter system to meet individual program needs such as for International Baccalaureate, secondary students at Kamloops School of the Arts and the Trades and Transitions programs. The quarter system will allow for fewer transitions, staggered breaks and it will facilitate learning group timetabling to meet the health and safety requirements. 

“We are aware of the levels of concern in the community about the return to school,” said Board Chair Rhonda Kershaw. “We are listening. The Board of Education supports this Education Re-start Plan. We are confident in the leadership of the District, and we know our schools and communities are in good hands.”



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