A Sign of Students’ Support for TNT

Posted On Thursday May 06, 2021
Thomas Lamash and Haileigh Goodie with the completed sign
Thomas Lamash and Haileigh Goodie, grade 10 students at Clearwater Secondary, pose with the sign they made for the TNT department.

Trades and Transitions Department staff are delighted with a new sign made for them by two grade 10 students at Clearwater Secondary. 

Thomas Lamash and Haileigh Goodie made the sign under the supervision of Dayton Fraser, Clearwater Trades and Transitions Coordinator.

“Thomas made the sign by first finding an image of the TNT logo, tracing it with a CAD program, then attaching a toolpath to the vectors he created for our CNC router,” said Fraser. “After he finished laminating the wood panel, we machined the sign program with the router.”

Thomas and Haileigh painted the pockets to make the design more defined, and once the paint was dry, they put the sign through a sander. They completed it with several more coats of finish on top.

“We are so impressed with their work,” said Rob Wielgoz, District Vice-Principal, Trades and Transitions. “I can’t think of a more fitting sign for our Pineridge office than this.”

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