South Sa-Hali Students’ Extraordinary Terry Fox Run

Posted On Wednesday September 21, 2022
South Sa-Hali Elementary
South Sa-Hali Elementary Principal Susie Mabee prepares to take a pie in the face from the school's new mascot Eagle during a Terry Fox Run celebration assembly.

Fundraising efforts for Terry Fox Day 2022 at South Sa-Hali Elementary were so successful, it meant some students were able to throw a pie in their principal’s face.

“As a way of building school spirit while encouraging a donation to a very worthy cause, for each toonie students donated, they were invited to enter a draw to throw a pie in my face if we reached our fundraising goal,” said Principal, Susie Mabee. “As we approached our goal amount, I upped the ante and said that for every $50 over our goal, I would draw an additional name.”

Since the goal was $726, a loonie for every student in the school, and the actual amount raised was $909, Mabee was gifted with five pies in her face during a school assembly. Teacher Nancy Palson also had a pie thrown in her face, because each of her students brought in a toonie. This was an additional challenge she had set for her class.

“We also used this opportunity to introduce our new school mascot, an eagle. And we were able to do it with a new eagle costume purchased for us by our amazing PAC, at a cost of about $350,” said Mabee. “So when we welcome people to our school, we say welcome to the Eagle’s Nest, and our newsletter is entitled News from the Nest. We are planning on having a naming contest for our mascot in the coming weeks.”

Two TRU Wolfpack athletes joined the students during their Terry Fox run: Kyla Smith and Nya Derkach, both from the women’s basketball team.

“We also had a great turnout of parent volunteers to supervise the running route in our community, an opportunity that wouldn’t have been possible without their help,” said Mabee.

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