KSA’s First Annual Student-led Plant Sale

Posted On Friday June 02, 2023

When Dr. Nixon had heard about the excitement of School Board staff about how the plant sale run by Gr. 4-5 KSA students was an educationally rich experience and “worth stopping to see to be inspired,” she went over at just about 3:15 pm on May 31, 2023. Although she had just missed the sale, she met Mrs. Claire Covington who led this project. She shared her passion for plants and how she had invested in a cross-graded plant growing project with the high school leadership classes. Mrs. Covington explained:

Thirteen elementary classes and our high school leadership class grew plants in greenhouses in their classrooms including: tomatoes, peppers, beans, basil, marigolds, kale and more. Some of the plants were grown from seeds we saved in the fall. Students in my class (Mrs.CJ) then ran a two day plant sale, promoting, sharing their knowledge, helping customers and using lots of math skills to sell the plants. The money will be reinvested into the plant program to hopefully gain more success next year. 

Ms. Heyman, Executive Manager of the School Board Office (SBO), had visited this plant sale, and shared, “The students were very well versed on the plants and could explain them. One student explained that I was looking at a “Fava” bean plant and knew that it was often mistaken for ‘Flava’ bean plant.”  A second staff member in SBO, Ms. Wood had encouraged Dr. Nixon to take time to visit because, “the students were excited to share their knowledge about the plants and it was fun watching them learn the process of selling and handling money”.

Thank you to the students and staff who made this wonderful project possible. Mrs.Covington (CJ) provided learning opportunities and environments that inspire students and staff to thrive (our District Mission). Thank you for making everyone’s days brighter and better, Grade 4-5!

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