Vessy Mochikas New Director of Instruction, Elementary Education and Learning Services

Posted On Thursday November 28, 2019

The Kamloops-Thompson School District is pleased to announce the appointment of Vessy Mochikas as Director of Instruction, Elementary Education and Learning Services.

Effective January 1, 2020, Vessy will assume responsibilities for the overall supervision and leadership of Aboriginal and inclusive education.

“I am excited about the direction SD73 is going in pursuing equity and excellence for all learners,” Mochikas said. “I look forward to working with school leaders, professional and support staff to continue providing education that allows all students to thrive.”

“Vessy has proven herself to be an experienced school and district leader with a passion for ensuring equity and inclusion for all learners,” said Trish Smillie, who will step into the role of Assistant Superintendent, Elementary in January. “She is well known and respected throughout the district and province for her work with safer schools, inclusive education, and diversity education. She will be an outstanding addition to our senior leadership team.”

Vessy began her career with SD73 in 1999 and currently serves as District Principal, Inclusive Education. Vessy has experience in elementary, middle, and secondary school leadership, and has served as a counsellor, learning assistance and resource teacher, and physical education teacher. She obtained the Kamloops-Thomspson Leadership Development Program certificate in 2007 and holds a Master of Educational Leadership and Administration from Gonzaga University, and a Bachelor of Education and Arts from York University.  She recently completed the Transformative Educational Leadership Program in 2018.

Recruiting will start soon for a candidate to fill the role of District Principal - Inclusive Education.

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