Parkcrest School Students and Staff Moving into George Hilliard Elementary

Posted On Monday September 09, 2019
Parkcrest Elementary Tribute
One of several tributes posted on and near the fence at Parkcrest Elementary School

SD73 met with staff, parents and guardians of students from two schools over the weekend to reveal the first phase of the Parkcrest Recovery Plan, which will see all students and staff from Parkcrest move into George Hilliard Elementary by Monday, September 16.

 “We felt it important to show the plan to the Parkcrest Elementary School community, to the Four Directions Program and the Twin Rivers Education Centre Program (TREC), which are both housed at George Hilliard Elementary, before announcing it to the wider community,” said SD73 Superintendent of Schools, Alison Sidow.

 Following the loss of Parkcrest Elementary School to fire on September 5, SD73 staff worked to finalize a plan by September 7. The plan was presented to the Kamloops-Thompson Board of Education Sunday September 8, and then to staff, parents and guardians of Parkcrest, Four Directions and TREC on the same day. SD73 also met with Norkam Senior Secondary staff.

 “Things are moving fast, because we know the importance of getting the children back into their normal routine as soon as possible,” Sidow said. “This is a solid, workable plan that meets our key priorities, particularly in that it ensures the emotional safety and security and continuity of education of our youngest learners.”

 The Parkcrest Recovery Plan is as follows:

 The Big Little Science Centre will be relocated. This location has yet to be confirmed.

  1. This will make room for the Four Directions students and staff, who will be relocated to the Happyvale Building which will be made available once relocation of the Big Little Science Centre is complete.
  2. The Twin Rivers Education Centre students and staff will be relocated to NorKam.
  3. The relocation of Four Directions and TREC students and staff will make George Hilliard Elementary available.
  4. All Parkcrest students and staff will be relocated to George Hilliard Elementary.

Details are still being worked through, and the plan will be discussed at the Board of Education meeting this evening. For example, during the meeting with Four Directions and TREC parents and guardians, concerns were raised about moving TREC students to NorKam.

“This feedback is important and we are taking another look at what can be done for that part of the plan. The well-being of all our learners is a priority. And we appreciate that all parent groups and staff we spoke with understand that difficult choices have to be made,” Sidow said.

As the plan is implemented, and Parkcrest Elementary students and staff begin their day on Monday, September 16 at George Hilliard School, other students and staff will also begin classes in their interim locations. Four Directions students and staff will be at the new United Way building on Tranquille Street. This is a temporary arrangement, until the Big Little Science Centre is relocated. Also on Monday, September 16, TREC staff and students are slated to begin classes at NorKam.

“In the long term, we look forward to replacing Parkcrest Elementary, which will enable our alternate programs to return to their own site,” said Sidow.

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