Career Development in Action

Posted On Thursday October 07, 2021

NorKam Senior Secondary student Sadie Levy inspired the Board of Education with her story of finding her passion within one of the district’s career programs.

SD73 Trades and Transitions Career Development team, led by Kerry Gairdner, District VP of Career Programs, and Sheila Monkman, District Coordinator of Trades and Transitions, introduced the Grade 12 student who has been participating in various trades programs including welding and mechanics since she began her high school career.

“I’ve had lots of great opportunities to be introduced to trades. In grade 8, I was able to do a metal shop class where I was able to play with torches and machinery. It made me realize that trades is something of interest for me,” Levy told the Board during its October 4 regular meeting.  

Levy has continued her journey in a predominantly male industry by participating in the Girls Exploring Trades program in grades 9 and 10 presented by SD73 and TRU.

“I think being women [in the program] is so important because you’re not being influenced by men thinking that they know what they’re doing and that I don’t know what I’m doing,” said Levy when asked about her experience. “It’s a confidence booster. It makes you feel empowered by just having a bunch of ladies around you.”

Among many positive comments from the board on Levy’s dedication, Trustee Heather Grieve applauded the NorKam student’s hard work and willingness to get involved in a less common path of employment for women, “I love that you were able to represent that gender shouldn’t define roles that we decide to take on in terms of our career.”

SD73 has had a long-standing partnership with TRU to be able to offer such trades programs to students, male or female, in an effort to set them up for success following graduation. Other key partnerships include the Industry Training Authority, as well as other community partners such as Interior Plumbing and Heating who recently awarded two NorKam students bursaries to assist in continuing their education. One of those bursary recipients is Levy, who plans to attend TRU’s heavy-duty foundations program this coming February during her grade 12 year.

“It’s just such a big help for me and my family,” said Levy. “I could not thank them enough. It just brought a huge relief.”

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