SD73 Begins Work on its School Re-Start Plan for September

Posted On Wednesday July 29, 2020

In response to the Ministry of Education and Provincial Health Office announcement that the province will be moving to Stage 2 in its Re-Start Plan for September, the District is taking immediate steps to plan for a safe return to school for all students and staff.   

 “We now have a path forward to begin detailed planning in order to provide the answers parents and students will be looking for, and it provides us the flexibility we need to do what we can to get our students back to school in September,” said Board Chair Rhonda Kershaw. “I am confident our senior staff and planning team will put together a solid and workable plan in the coming weeks.”  

 “Schools play a critical role in the health and well-being of children,” said School Superintendent Alison Sidow. “We know the uncertainty over what September will look like is difficult for families and for our staff as we move forward. Every stage brings challenges and that’s why we know it is critical that we stay in touch as much as possible. We expect to begin providing answers to specific questions as early as the second week of August.”   

 Sidow said the District had a preview of what it will be like to return to school thanks to the efforts of teachers, support staff and administrative staff in June. She acknowledged their work, saying it goes a long way to helping the district get ready for this next stage.   

 The District has adapted to implement public health and infection prevention and control measures including staying home when ill, physical distancing, minimal physical contact, hand hygiene and frequent cleaning and disinfection.   

 Touchless water faucets are being installed in all SD73 schools, and the District is investing, with the financial support of the Province of British Columbia, just over one million dollars to add 17 more daytime custodians to our custodial staff. These are just some of the measures being taken to ensure the safe, full-time return of students and staff.   

“We are grateful for the financial support of the province of British Columbia specifically the Ministry of Education for providing 45.6 million dollars for enhanced cleaning measures including custodial staff, funding for personal protective equipment, adaptive technology and software to support students across the province,” said Kershaw.   

The District will be working closely with school leaders and its partners to develop its School Re-Start Plan for September.    

Students and parents can expect to hear regular updates about what’s being planned, how it will affect them, and how they can get ready for September, beginning immediately.    



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