Students Focus on Inclusion and Equity

Posted On Tuesday October 29, 2019
SDAC students at Oct. 28 Board meeting
SDAC students, seated, from left, Olamide Olabiyi and Trevor Schyiak with district sponsors, standing, from left, Rick Kienlein and Rachael Sdoutz

The SD73 District Student Advisory Council (DSAC) is working to help students across the district to focus on inclusion and equity practices in their schools. In a presentation to the Board of Education Oct. 28, two students from the council, both from Sa-Hali Secondary, provided an overview of the discussions and collaborations they will be pursuing through the school year.

“First, we are taking the message to each of our schools about the importance of inclusion and equity,” said Trevor Schyiak, DSAC member. “Things like peer tutoring and time set aside during the school week to facilitate connections between students and teachers are part of this effort.”

He said it might look a bit different in each school, since DSAC representatives are customizing these ideas to reflect their school’s needs.

“We are really excited about this opportunity to bring positive change,” said Olamide Olabiyi, DSAC member. “We want to honour the different ways students learn, whether they are more comfortable as visual or kinetic learners, and encourage the district to reflect this in the curriculum in ways that will improve students’ emotional and educational experiences.”

Fostering an inclusive, adaptable and accountable culture in the school district is one of the SD73 strategic plan priorities.

“Working together is the only way to ensure that we can deliver on the expectations of our communities and educational partners and provide an education that serves the needs of our youth,” states the plan.

The SDAC is working with two district leadership sponsors. Rick Kienlein is Director of Instruction for the district, and Rachael Sdoutz is Principal at Sa-Hali Secondary. 


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