District Career Programs Presentations of Learning

Posted On Friday February 02, 2024

Story by Director Rick Kienlein and District Vice Principal, Kerry Gairdner

In our 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan, Career Development is a priority and our ultimate goal is that every learner will graduate, know who they are, and have plans for who they aim to become through their career pathway.

Recently, SD73 career education staff organized evening sessions for students in the Hairstylist Program and the Digital Arts and Technology Academy (DATA). These evening sessions inspired attendees who learned from students currently in these programs and from staff who were passionate about the career possibilities connected to them.

Hairstylist Progression of Learning

School District 73 is dedicated to connecting students to meaningful experiential learning to support the development of their sense of self. On Thursday, January 25, 4:00 - 6:30 pm, the 2023 cohort of La Bella Saints hairstylists presented their Progression of Learning to family, friends, and special guests. Students detailed all they have learned throughout the career program, from struggles with getting rollers tight enough when doing a perm to the excitement of combining chemicals to perform a color on a client. Students completing the dual credit program will attain Level One Hairstylist certification from SkilledTradesBC and 40 high school elective credits.

Digital Arts and Technology Academy

On Thursday, January 25, students enrolled in the Digital Arts and Technology Academy (district DATA program) presented their final projects at Valleyview Secondary from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. Over 70 parents / guardians / caregivers, family, friends and former DATA program students were in attendance. District DATA program teacher, Rebekah Berendregt, began the evening by informing the audience about the game-design process that each of the student groups had engaged in throughout the semester, culminating in the evening's "game launch" presentations of learning. Each of the 7 student project teams (Room 207 Studios, C-Flat, Verges Verge, DJLT Studios, Jus' Kiddin, Kitty Gamble Studios, and MORB Inc.) demonstrated their game and spoke about key learnings from their game development experience - project and time management, trial and error, patience and perseverance, collaboration and teamwork, skill and competency development. Each presentation was offered with a good dose of wit and humour, and highlighted the power of imagination tempered by the challenges of bringing ideas to reality. Also, in attendance as guest judges were three faculty members from TRU's Software Engineering and Computer Science departments, Dr. Saiqua Aleem, Dr. Joseph Brown and Dr. Sina Keshvadi. Thank you to our TRU partners for volunteering their time in support of SD73 students.

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