Remembrance Day Across the District

Posted On Wednesday November 03, 2021

Despite the current restrictions limiting assemblies to 50 students or two classes, the majority of schools are creating virtual Remembrance Day programs that will be shared with all students in their classrooms. A few select schools that have smaller populations will hold in-person assemblies as they are able to assemble students and staff and stay within the 50-person limit. Board of Education trustees were invited to attend in-person or virtual ceremonies at each school. Here are some of the creative ways students honoured our Veterans:


Elementary Schools

Aberdeen – Virtual ceremony with slides and virtual presentations, school-wide moment of silence

AE Perry – Virtual ceremony

Arthur Hatton – In-person assembly for about 50 people, which will then be live streamed out to the rest of the school

Arthur Stevenson – Virtual Remembrance Day assembly

Barriere – Virtual ceremony featuring slides, videos, and student presentations

Beattie – Virtual ceremony featuring video of student presentations

Bert Edwards – Virtual ceremony

Blue River, Raft River, and Vavenby – Virtual ceremony via Zoom 

Dallas – Virtual ceremony of slideshow/class/student video presentations - Moment of silence/Last Post over PA at 11:11 AM

David Thompson – Virtual ceremony of compiled short student/class performances to create a digital slide show that will be shown in individual classrooms

Dufferin – Virtual ceremony featuring student-led assembly via Zoom from gym to classrooms. Trustee Joe Small will view via Zoom. Ceremony will begin at 10:45 AM with O Canada, followed by poems, songs, a moment of silence

Haldane – Joint virtual assembly via Zoom with Chase Secondary that will include pipers and veterans

Heffley Creek – In-person assembly with a guest parent (former Navy) and presentations from students

Juniper Ridge – Virtual ceremony

Kamloops School of the Arts – Virtual ceremony of pre-recorded zoom link

Kay Bingham – Virtual ceremony of pre-recorded zoom link - O Canada/Remembrance Day content with a moment of silence

Lloyd George – Virtual ceremony

Logan Lake – Virtual ceremony of Grade K-4 classes reciting a poem/acting out a scene that will then be individually recorded and compiled. They will then be viewed in individual classes from K-12 at approximately 10:45 AM on Nov 10, followed by moment of silence at 11:00 AM

Marion Schilling – Virtual ceremony - Each class will watch from their own room. Some students are presenting in the slide show/movie

McGowan Park – Virtual ceremony of Zoom presentation

Pacific Way – Virtual ceremony via zoom/video on November 10th. It will begin around 11:00 AM with our moment of silence to aimed to be at 11:11 AM

Parkcrest – Virtual ceremony of an announcement and a moment of silence at 11:00 AM

Pinantan – Virtual ceremony of student-produced green screen video

Rayleigh – Virtual ceremony of Zoom to classes: Google slidedeck with video from students and a Veteran-taped message

RL Clemitson – Virtual ceremony of Zoom performance

Savona – In-person ceremony - Each class will be partaking in their own celebration in the gym. Ceremonies will be recorded and a link will be sent home to parents for their viewing. The Last Post and O Canada will be played over the PA at 11:00 AM

South Sa-Hali – Virtual ceremony of video link shared with classes

Summit – Virtual ceremony of each class laying wreath at flagpole with a bagpiper, moment of silence, presentation from each class

Sun Peaks – Virtual ceremony of presentations by classes and a wreath laying ceremony

Westmount – Mix of online and in-person participation. Moment of silence at 11:00 AM

Westsyde – Virtual ceremony

Westwold – Virtual ceremony of student-developed slide show


Secondary Schools

Barriere – In-person ceremony featuring series of videos per class

Brocklehurst Middle – Virtual ceremony involving Leadership, Drama, Dance, Band, and Choir students

Chase – Joint virtual assembly via Zoom with Haldane Elementary that will include pipers and veterans

Clearwater – Virtual ceremony of Google slide deck, zoom presentation

Logan Lake – Virtual ceremony watching the Elementary video presentation of Grade K-4 classes reciting a poem/acting out a scene

NorKam – Virtual ceremony including a tableau from the drama class, a song from the choir and a poem written and recited by a student. This will be recorded and presented in a school-wide Zoom

Sa-Hali – Virtual ceremony of videos per class with a message for teachers to read

South Kamloops – Virtual ceremony of video that was prerecorded in the Sagebrush, then edited to improve sound and video quality 

Twin Rivers Education Centre – Virtual ceremony with moment of silence and Last post over PA

Valleyview – Virtual ceremony with video presentation

Westsyde – Virtual ceremony featuring Fine Arts Department's performance (play, music, artwork) which will be recorded and shared out to all classes

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