Kamloops-Thompson Board of Education Aligns the 2023-2024 Budget to the District Priorities

Posted On Wednesday April 05, 2023

By Kathleen Karpuk, Trustee

April 5, 2023 

On April 6, 2023, the Kamloops-Thompson Board Education will share its 2023-2024 budget for parent and employee group review and feedback. Prior to this public consultation, it is important to reflect on key priorities in the new 2022-2027 District Strategic Plan:

  • Intellectual Development: Every student is provided with learning opportunities and environments that inspire them to become literate, numerate, and to develop contemporary competencies as they progress grade-to-grade.
  • Human and Social Development: Every student feels welcome, safe, connected to at least two adults, and has a sense of belonging in school.
  • Cultural and Identity Development: Every student develops personally and culturally within inclusive environments that are defined by cultural safety and cultural humility.
  • Career Development: Every student graduates and has options to choose post-secondary to further their career pathways.
  • Systems Development: Every student has the facilities, technologies, transportation, resources and services to achieve the district mission– to thrive and not just survive in school.

The Board has allocated resources to support student success based on these priorities. I want to take a moment to highlight how allocations in each priority has been the focus of Education Topics and Board agendas throughout this year….

This column appeared in Kamloops This Week: View from SD73 on April 5, 2023

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