District Numeracy Action Plan Resumes

Posted On Tuesday September 15, 2020
Numeracy is the ability, willingness, and perseverence to interpret and apply mathematical understanding to solve problems and analyze and communicate these solutions in relevant ways.

The District’s Numeracy Action Plan is moving forward with a few modifications due to the pandemic. District numeracy coordinator Amanda Russett, with district principal Sheryl Lindquist and director of instruction Lisa Carson, presented to the Board of Education at its regular meeting Sept. 14.

The Board heard about four parts of the plan: Parents as Numeracy Partners, District Numeracy Assessment, District Numeracy Scope and Sequence, and the Teacher Learning Plan.

Parents as Numeracy Partners

Russett said Math Path, a program for parents of grade 3 students that was developed last year will take on a new form for 2020-2021, due to restrictions on bringing in groups of adults during the pandemic.

“Instead, we will be creating videos for parents to view on the district website,” she said. “The focus will be on why we see some changes in math instruction and how we can support our students at home.”

District Numeracy Assessment

“This year, the District Numeracy Assessment will be administered to students in grades 3 and 6 and available for grades 4 through 9,” said Russett. “We will be piloting the assessment in secondary schools and providing ongoing training and support for teachers and administrators in understanding, supporting the assessment, and improving student skills.”

District Numeracy Scope and Sequence

The Numeracy skill and task continuums will be supported this year through a teacher learning plan which will support the teaching of numeracy skills to students. This is a continuation of the work that began last year and will support teachers with a learning plan guide.

Teacher Learning Plan

“At the elementary level, to support students in improving their numeracy skills, we will work with grade 3 and 6 teachers to establish baseline data and model strategies that are specific to classroom and student needs,” said Russett. 

“Learning during this time presents some challenges not generally seen in a regular school year,” said Lisa Carson. “Despite these challenges, the Curriculum and Instruction team are working hard to support our teachers with professional learning.  Online-based supports have become a platform that help teachers with curriculum, instruction and assessment.”

Numeracy is the ability, willingness, and perseverance to interpret and apply mathematical understanding to solve problems in contextualized situations, and to analyze and communicate these solutions in ways relevant to the given context.

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