Keeping the Connection - Ways that Parents/Caregivers Can Support Youth Regarding Substance Use

Posted On Thursday March 09, 2023

All young people face decisions about drug use, even those who choose (for now) not to use. How best can parents/caregivers support adolescents to make healthy choices regarding alcohol, vaping, cannabis, and other substances?

Lots to consider:

  • My kid says they are just experimenting and can quit anytime?
  • How can I talk with my kids in a way that does not shut them down?
  • My 14 year old says cannabis is a harmless, natural plant that is good for you. Is that the whole story?
  • Given the current poisonous drug supply is any use of pills or powders safe for young people? 

We will explore these questions plus the root issues of drug use, concrete things parents can do and avoid, factors that help protect youth from problematic substance use, and where to get help and learn more. 

Presented by Art Steinmann 

The workshop will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, April 26, from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. If you are interested in attending, you are asked to register here, and you will be provided with the link to the meeting.

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