Aurora Rotary to Help Expand Aboriginal Learning for SD73 Students

Posted On Friday July 12, 2019
C7istktn at Quaaot Lodge
The C7istktn at Quaaout Lodge

A grant for $30,000 from the Aurora Rotary Club of Kamloops will expand Aboriginal learning for students throughout School District 73.

Taking a page from the recent dugout canoe project at Brocklehurst Middle School, students will help plan and construct a c7istktn, a traditional winter pit house of the Secwepemc people.

To be located at the McQueen Lake Environmental Centre, the District’s C7istktn project will focus on how Aboriginal people organized communally: living and working together, and how this enabled them to prosper in the natural environment.

Students will participate by conducting research, accumulating field notes, exploring the natural environment, interacting with elders, and taking part in traditional activities. Throughout the project, students will gain an appreciation of the inherent relationship local Aboriginal peoples had with the land.

“As educators, we are challenged with two fundamental tasks: constructing students’ knowledge through learning about the world, and constructing students’ knowledge through learning about themselves and their place in the world,” said Jake Schmidt, Principal McQueen Lake.

Once constructed, the c7istktn will become the center for further cultural educational activities at McQueen Lake. Future additions would see the c7istktn surrounded by other traditional items (reed mat house, fish basket, and dugout canoe) that classes would visit to learn about the community, and the way of life of the Secwepemc people.

The Rotary funds will be used to purchase materials, fund field trips and provide honorariums. The materials will include specialized carving tools, along with unique natural materials such as hides, reeds, and logs. The field trips will transport students to the site, where they will engage in field-work research and participate in experiential learning. The honorariums are for cultural experts necessary for the transmission of authentic practices.


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