Diversity and Inclusion in School District 73

Posted On Tuesday January 29, 2019
Diversity Film poster
Vessy Mochikas, SD73 Inclusive Education Principal, highlighting the district's 2nd annual Strength in Diversity Short Film Festival

School District 73 policies regarding Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification are being supported through inclusive education initiatives. This education is a part of the School District 73 curriculum, but not as a separate and distinct subject area. These topics may be interwoven through several curricular areas like physical and health education, language arts and social studies.  SD73 Inclusive Education Principal, Vessy Mochikas reported to the SD73 Board meeting Jan. 28. Her portfolio consists of diversity, inclusion and physical health education. Part of her role is to build competencies in educators to deliver the B.C. curriculum and to provide educational resources that are approved by the Ministry of Education through an Evaluated Resources and Collections (ERAC) library of materials.

“The Ministry of Education has done an excellent job of providing content that should be reflected within the curriculum,” she said. “What is taught in terms of Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation varies depending on the age and stage of development of our learners.”

Vessy said SD73 District Library Coordinator Andrea Wallin has secured ERAC-approved resources for the Henry Grube library, available to loan to teachers for use in their classrooms.

“Regardless of our differences, each student and staff member has the basic human right to feel safe physically, socially, emotionally and mentally,” Vessy said. “When we acknowledge our diversity we are demonstrating to students and staff members that they can be their authentic selves and, as a result, have a sense of belonging in their classes and schools.”

SD73 will also be participating in the Diversity is Strength short film festival throughout the month of February.

Each day during February participants are invited to view the short film of the day, through google slides. Critical thinking activities are included with each film. Contact Vessy with questions.

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