Promoting Girls in Trades in SD73

Posted On Friday February 16, 2024

Story provided by Kerry Gairdner, District Vice-Principal, Career Programs

SD73 is committed to providing equitable access to Career programs by removing barriers and creating environments that provide accessible and empowering opportunities for all students to thrive.

Grade 10 student, Willow Hart, is currently in the Mechanical Sampler at NorKam Secondary School. Students are in the Welding section of the program, learning from TRU Welding instructor, Jim McCarthy. In the short 3 weeks since the program started, Willow has excelled, putting her newly learned skills to work creating a carefully crafted set of dice with two different types of flowers. While in the semester-long program, students will also sample Fabrication, Heavy Duty Mechanics, and Automotive Service.

Having women in trades promotes diversity and inclusion in the workforce. A diverse workforce brings together individuals with different perspectives, ideas, and problem-solving approaches, fostering creativity and innovation. Encouraging women to pursue careers in trades ensures equal opportunities for all individuals, regardless of gender. It breaks down stereotypes and challenges the notion that certain professions are reserved for a specific gender. Having visible and successful women in trades serves as inspiration for the next generation. It encourages young girls to consider non-traditional career paths, broadening their horizons and challenging gender stereotypes from an early age.

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