Teaching the Career Educators - More than a Resume

Posted On Tuesday September 10, 2019
SD73 Career Ed
SD73 Career Education Team
The Ministry of Education has designated Career Development as the third pillar of Education in the newly redesigned curriculum. This means that every student K-12 will have Career Education as a course. In the ever-changing world that we live in, educators will need to help students plan for a future where they are expected to have 7-12 careers.
With many jobs, and careers not yet invented it becomes crucial to teach our students how to identify their own competencies, values, passions, and interests. While they learn about themselves they learn how to navigate into a preferred life journey so that when they leave school they are on a course towards a career and/or further post-secondary education and they understand what it means to have a life plan.
Career development is not an area most teachers have studied in university. It is so much more than filling out a resume and writing a cover letter.  Our team has developed a comprehensive collection of resources and Coached our 23-teacher cohort for the past 18 months. Through release days and dinner theatres secondary teachers have been provided training for the two new courses Career Life Education and Career Life Connections and have collaborated on all the big ideas and learning standards in the curriculum. It has been a journey for them as well.

In addition to the resources created and collated the career education team has invented Career Talks and now has over 140 community people willing to come to secondary classes to talk about elements in their own job field that relate to the new curriculum. It has been a wonderful partnership with our community and over 2400 students have had a community member come to their classroom and discuss success and the hows and whys of work!
This year the Career team is focusing their efforts in supporting the Elementary division and subject area teachers in high schools. The more education becomes relevant for our students, the more they benefit from what they learn. Teachers do not teach something "just because" - but sometimes showing why things are relevant to the world of work and bringing in community specialists and partners to reinforce how important these learnings will ultimately help kids our set a trajectory for a successful future. 

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