Supporting Students

SD73 supports equitable access to education for all learners, while honouring the diversity that each learner contributes to our society.  Our district is committed to inclusive education where all learners receive high quality education in a setting that is most enabling and least restrictive. It is a place where all students are entitled to learn together in an inclusive environment, where each student is valued, can reach their full potential, and diversity is celebrated.

The SD73's Inclusive Education team is a diverse department focused on teacher and student learning. Working together with families, school teams, and community agencies, the Inclusive Education staff provide support and services to schools to meet the academic, physical, and emotional needs of students. Our team consists of School Psychologists, School and Family Consultants, Speech and Language Pathologists, and a variety of specialist teachers trained to support students with diverse abilities.

Service delivery consists of a variety of both school-based and district-wide resources and services. The school and district staff work together to offer diverse learners programs and services, presented in the most enabling educational environment, to support them in their development as successful learners. Services are readily accessible through the school team. To find out more information, please contact the classroom teacher, the Learning Assistance Resource Teacher, or administrator at your school. 

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