Legacy Grant

Parent Advisory Councils and Family of Schools groups may apply for funding of playgrounds, recreational or social space, cultural enhancement projects or sustainability projects.
Funds are available from a School District No. 73 business company dividend, which have been put aside to assist with capital projects beyond the scope of School District funding. 

Approved projects may qualify for matching funds to a maximum of $10,000
Applications must support the purchase of technology, capital equipment, or construction costs.
Applications requesting release time will not be considered. 
Applications as a whole will include representation of rural, urban, secondary and elementary schools. 

The following criteria will be used to consider applications:

  • Ability to sustain the project
  • Evidence of collaboration among groups, schools, Family of Schools groups and the community
  • Demonstration of alignment to the District Strategic plan, District Learning Plan, School Learning Plan, Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement
  • Incorporates learner-centred experience
  • Is accessible to a diversity of learners

Applications are reviewed twice a year. Spring application deadline: March 31. Fall application deadline: September 30. 
The Board of Education will determine the successful applicants, who will be informed by April 30 and October 31 of each year. 
Applicants will agree to participate in communicating about this project in the form of presentations and media interviews.

Applications are now closed for the Fall. Successful applicants will soon be notified.

The next deadline application is March 31, 2021. 



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