Math Moments

Math Moments
How Parents Can Make Math Fun For Their Kids

People that are accurate and efficient in math use lots of interesting strategies. These videos featuring Katie McCormack, a member of the Curriculum and Instruction Team, are made for parents to demonstrate how these strategies can be fun. Her ideas for sharing them with kids are easy to remember, enjoyable and effective. 

"We want parents to feel that they can help their kids not only be better in math but enjoy learning math. Math is fun, math is cool, math is super useful."

                          -  District Numeracy Resource Teacher Katie McCormack

Part 1

What’s Going On In Math Class? - there is no such thing as "new math" just new strategies for working with numbers.

Part 2

Double, Double - doubling is great mental math skill that can help you multiply any number by 2,4 or 8.

Part 3

Ohhh Those Subskills - don’t assume that kids know something that appears obvious to us. If they don't have the background knowledge that is where we start.

Part 4

Are You "Halving" a Nice Day? - halfling is another great mental math skill and it is the springboard for understanding division

Part 5

Math in Cars and Around the Table- math can be done anywhere. It’s like feeding kids vegetables we have to sneak it in whenever we can!

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