United Way Campaign 2020

United Way SD73 Employee Campaign
The 2020 United Way SD73 Employee Campaign runs from Nov 1 to 29, 2019

How SD73 Employees Help Tackle Local Issues with Local Love

The 2020 United Way Campaign at SD73 runs from Nov. 1 - 29, and this year, it is a heartfelt one. It gives our employees a chance to respond to the generous support flowing to our schools and students across the district from many people and organizations. Their response following the destruction of Parkcrest Elementary school has been amazing. For example, the United Way opened its doors to accommodate our Four Directions program in its new Xchange building and donated $3500 to the program from its 2019 campaign launch event. Keep reading to find out more about how the United Way helps our community.

Your donation, or your payroll donation of $5 - $15 or more per payday, will help power this crucial work, meaning funds can be targeted to mobilize on-the-ground efforts to tackle poverty, support kids and build resilient communities.

 If you make a payroll donation, you are choosing to donate a certain amount each payday throughout 2020. Total amount of your donation will depend on the number of paydays. If you have a question about payroll donations, please contact the SD73 payroll department, 250.374.0769.

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How the United Way helps our students and our schools

The United Way supports our students, their families, our staff and our community through partnerships and programs - and in many ways big and small that might surprise you.  We asked some SD73 staff to explain how the United Way matters to them in the work they are doing.  Check these videos to see what they had to say. 

How We See Poverty in the District and How We Can Help

We've all experienced that feeling. We know what poverty looks like, and we know how it affects our students and their families. Bill Hamblett, District Assistant Superintendent - Secondary, describes how his experience of seeing poverty among students, and why giving back matters. 

TREC Vice-Principal on Giving Back to the Community We All Love 

Beth Dye, Twin Rivers Education Centre vice-principal, outlines two significant yet perhaps less well-known ways the United Way supports students at TREC. Her advice for giving to the United Way - once employees decide to donate - the district makes it easy. 

Feeding Students and Families, One Backpack at a Time

As a grade 2 teacher at Bert Edwards Science and Technology Elementary, Karla Chernoff is aware how deep the need goes for the food and supplies sent home every week in backpacks with students in the Starfish Backpack program. She is inspired by the gratitude of the families, and she believes in the importance of giving back. 


The United Way Difference for Parkcrest@GeorgeHilliard

Catherine Gorman, principal of Parkcrest@GeorgeHilliard Elementary, explains her perspective about the level of support provided to her school, students and staff  by the United Way, since the loss of Parkcrest Elementary to fire Sept. 5.

She has personal experience of the value of small donations, and she is grateful to the caring community of Kamloops for its ability to give back to an organization that keeps our donations in our community. 


Arthur Hatton Elementary Principal Understands Childhood Poverty

The 2018 BC Child Poverty Report Card released in May, 2019 reveals that one in five children in the province, and their families, live in poverty. In the Thompson-Nicola Regional District, that means more than 5,000 children and their families. 

Principal Deb Piggin explains the importance of the Starfish backpack program to the community.

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