Board of Education

School District 73 Board of Trustees

2018 - 2022


The key focus for the Kamloops-Thompson Board of Education is improving student achievement. The Board plays an essential role in the public education system by addressing the interests of students through local decision-making with an engaged community.


Top row, from left: Meghan S. Wade (Vice-Chair), John O'Fee, Heather Grieve, Joe Small, Diane Jules

Bottom row, from left: Cara McKelvey, Rhonda Kershaw (Chair), Kathleen Karpuk, Shelley Sim

Board of Education 2018 - 2022


Meetings and Agendas

The public agendas and minutes of meetings for the Board of Education can be found here.

Board Trustees represent your interests in the public school system

As locally elected representatives, the Board of Education trustees represent the Kamloops-Thompson communities’ particular strengths, challenges and demands. They engage with communities in building and maintaining their local school system to reflect local priorities, values and expectations.

The Board shares a co-governance relationship with the provincial government through the Ministry of Education. The BC School Trustees Association supports the board in this relationship.

Nine trustees are elected to serve on the Kamloops-Thompson Board of Education every four years

Elections of trustees, in a general school election, are held every four years, on the third Saturday of October in that year. The last general election was in 2018, and the next one will be in 2022. Once elected, the nine trustees on the Kamloops-Thompson Board of Education vote to choose their Chair and their Vice-Chair.


Serving her first term as trustee, Heather serves as the board liaison for the following:

  • Arthur Stevenson Elementary
  • David Thompson Elementary
  • Pinantan Elementary
  • Westmount Elementary
  • Westsyde Secondary
  • Westsyde Elementary

Is a member of the following committees:

  • Education Committee of the Whole
  • Student Advisory Council
  • KTTA Joint Labour Liaison
  • City of Kamloops

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A first-term trustee, Diane represents TNRD Areas L and P, the Village of Chase and the Resort Municipality of Sun Peaks.  She serves as the board liaison for the following: 

  • Chase Secondary
  • Haldane Elementary
  • Heffley Creek Elementary
  • Rayleigh Elementary
  • Sun Peaks Elementary

 Diane is a member of the following committees:

  • Finance and Planning 
  • Education Committee of the Whole 
  • Aboriginal Education Council 
  • Village of Chase
  • Municipality of Sun Peaks 

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Kathleen is serving her fourth term as a trustee. She currently sits as Chair of the Finance and Planning Committee.  As well, she serves on the First Nations Education Council and the First Nations Advisory Committee.  She also sits on the City of Kamloops Diversity Committee. Kathleen currently represents the Board as a Provincial Council Representative for the BC School Trustee's Association.  Previously she has served as Vice-Chair of the Board, was on the Education Committee, was the CUPE Labour Liaison for the Board, was a member of Make Children First and Vice-Chair of the Mayor's Advisory Committee for Persons with Disabilities.

Kathleen is the Office Manager for Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic.  She and her husband, Stephen, have three young children.

Kathleen serves as the board liaison for the following schools:

  • AE Perry Elementary
  • Arthur Hatton Elementary
  • Bert Edwards Science & Technology
  • Brocklehurst Middle

  • Kay Bingham Elementary
  • NorKam Senior Secondary
  • Parkcrest Elementary

Is a member of the following committees:

  • Policy
  • Education Committee of the Whole
  • City of Kamloops 

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Rhonda serves as the board liaison for the following:

  • Twin Rivers Education Centre

  • Barriere Elementary
  • Barriere Secondary
  • School Board Office
  • Transportation Facility

Is a member of the following committees:

  • Audit Committee (Chair)
  • Education Committee of the Whole
  • District Parents Advisory Council
  • District of Barriere 

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Cara is serving her third term as a trustee, representing the rural areas, Savona and Logan Lake. She is active in her community of Savona and at her children's school and enjoys coaching school and community sports teams.

Cara and her husband have lived in Savona for 18 years and have two school-aged children.  She also works part-time at Morelli Chertkow LLP.

Cara serves as the board liaison for the following:

  • Kamloops School of the Arts (K-12)
  • Kamloops Open Online Learning (@KOOL)
  • Logan Lake Elementary
  • Logan Lake Secondary
  • Savona Elementary

Is a member of the following committees:

  • Policy
  • Education Committee of the Whole 
  • CUPE Labour Management 
  • District Parent Advisory Council 
  • District of Logan Lake 

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This is John's fourth term as Trustee, having served three terms between 1988 and 1996. A lawyer and lecturer at Thompson Rivers University, he returns to the board with a comprehensive range of board experiences that include four terms as a Kamloops City Councillor (1999-2011), CEO with Tk’emlúps te Secwepemc  (2011-2013), Interior Health Authority (2016-2017, and the TRU Foundation (1996-2005). He currently sits on Health Professions Review Board of BC. 

A long time resident of Kamloops, John is a graduate of Norkam Secondary and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Sauder School of Business, UBC) and a Juris Doctor (Allard School of Law, UBC) and was appointed as Queen's Counsel. 

John serves as the board liaison for the following:

  • Aberdeen Elementary
  • Beattie Elementary
  • Lloyd George Elementary
  • South Kamloops Secondary
  • South Sa-Hali Elementary 

John is a member of the following committees:

  • Finance and Planning
  • Education Committee of the Whole 
  • Step 4 Grievance Committee
  • City of Kamloops 

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Shelley is a second-term trustee representing the rural communities of Clearwater, Area A and Area O and is chair of the Education Committee.  Additionally, Shelley is serving her third term as a councillor for the District of Clearwater, where she has been chair of the Economic Development Committee and Parks and Recreation.  She was a PAC chair for more than six years at both the secondary and elementary school levels.  Shelley brings more than 15 years of business experience and a dedication to next generation education to her role as a trustee. 

Shelley serves as the board liaison for the following:

  • Blue River Elementary
  • Clearwater Secondary
  • Raft River Elementary
  • Vavenby Elementary

Is a member of the following committees:

  • Finance and Planning (Chair)
  • Audit Committee (F&P Chair)
  • Education Committee of the Whole
  • Student Advisory Council
  • KTTA Joint Labour Liaison 
  • District of Clearwater 

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Joe's educational career started in 1978 when he moved his young family from Winnipeg, Manitoba up to Snow Lake, Manitoba to accept a Grade 7 classroom position. In 1996, he and his wife, Pat, moved to Kamloops as he accepted his first administrative assignment as vice-principal of Parkcrest Elementary.  This was followed by principalships at Pinantan Elementary, Pacific Way Elementary, Summit Elementary, and Arthur Stevenson Elementary. 

Joe serves as the board liaison for the following:

  • Dufferin Elementary
  • McGowan Park Elementary
  • Pacific Way Elementary
  • Sa-Hali Secondary
  • Summit Elementary

Is a member of the following committees:

  • Policy (Chair)
  • Education Committee of the Whole
  • Industry Advisory 
  • Literacy in Kamloops (LinK)
  • City of Kamloops

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Meghan is serving her fourth term as a trustee. She has called Kamloops home since 1989.  Married to Bill, they have one daughter who graduated from NorKam with an International Baccalaureate Diploma in June 2014.

Meghan serves as the board liaison for the following:

  • Dallas Elementary
  • Juniper Ridge Elementary
  • Marion Schilling Elementary 
  • RL Clemitson Elementary
  • Valleyview Secondary
  • Westwold Elementary
  • Henry Grube Education Centre 
  • Maintenance Department

Is a member of the following committees:

  • Audit Committee (Vice-Chair)
  • Education Committee of the Whole (Chair)
  • City of Kamloops

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The Board controls governance and policy

The Ministry of Education sets the general direction for K-12 education, including the curriculum, funding amounts and the legal framework within which the Board operates. The Board is responsible for governing the school district in accordance with the policy direction established by government.

The structure of the school district mirrors the model of the Ministry of Education. Trustees are the political wing and control governance and policy. Day-to-day operations of the school district are delegated to the Superintendent and other district staff, including the Secretary Treasurer and Assistant Superintendents. The Board sets overall direction of the District, and decisions are made by vote.

The respective responsibilities of each are detailed in the School Act, which outlines the primary functions of the Board, including

  • Setting local policy for effective and efficient operation of schools
  • Employing the staff necessary for school district operations
  • Establishing conditions of employment for employees
  • Preparing and approving the District’s operating budgets and capital plans
  • Hearing appeals from parents and students

View from SD73: Trustee Columns

The trustee column, A View from SD73 is published on the first Wednesday of each month by Kamloops This Week. Read more here.

In addition to regular board meetings, much of the work done by the Board of Education involves committees

Committees are essential in the helping the Board achieve its goals. Working through committee means assembling people, facilitating debate on important issues, and creating effective forums for decision making. The Board participates in eight internal committees and four external ones.

Internal Committees

  • Board Standing Committees - All trustees are able to attend, or may choose to sit more formally as a committee of a whole on these standing committees.
  • Contractual Committees - Only trustees named or appointed to contractual committees may attend these meetings, which address issues of concern to employee groups. 

External Committees

The Board has been invited to participate in several committees. Trustees represent the Board as a whole on these committees.

Board Standing Committees

Committees of the Board reporting to the Board to vet issues in five specific areas. All Trustees may attend and the Board may choose to sit more formally as a Committee of the Whole.

Policy Committee

Trustees: Joseph Small (Chair); Cara McKelvey; Kathleen Karpuk

Alternate: Shelley Sim

Staff: Rhonda Nixon; Kelvin Stretch

Finance & Planning Committee

Trustees: Shelley Sim (Chair); John O’Fee; Diane Jules

Alternate: Meghan Wade

Staff: Rhonda Nixon; Kelvin Stretch

Audit Committee

Trustees: Rhonda Kershaw (Chair); Meghan Wade (Vice-Chair); Shelley Sim

Alternate: McInulty (Member at Large)

Staff: Rhonda Nixon; Kelvin Stretch

Education Committee of the Whole

Trustees: Meghan Wade (Chair); All Trustees

Alternate: Shelley Sim

Staff: Rhonda Nixon

Student Advisory Council

Trustees: Heather Grieve; Shelley Sim

Alternate: Cara McKelvey

Staff: Rick Kienlein

Contractual Committees

Committees covered in contact with employee groups. Only those Trustees named, or their appointed alternate may attend.

KTTA Joint Labour Liaison Committee

Trustees: Heather Grieve; Shelley Sim

Alternate: Meghan Wade

Staff: Shayne Olsen

CUPE Labour Management Committee

Trustees: Cara McKelvey

Alternate: Joseph Small

Staff: Shayne Olsen

Step 4 Grievance Committee

Trustees: John O’Fee

Alternate: Meghan Wade

Staff: Kelvin Stretch

External Committees

Committees of other entities in which the Board has been invited to participate. Trustees to represent the Board as a Whole on these Committees.

Aboriginal Education Council Committee

Trustees: Diane Jules

Alternate: Rhonda Kershaw

District Parent Advisory Council Committee
Trustees: Rhonda Kershaw; Cara McKelvey
Industry Advisory Committee

Trustees: Joseph Small

Literacy in Kamloops Committee
Trustees: Joseph Small

Community Liaisons

District of Barriere
Trustees: Rhonda Kershaw
District of Clearwater
Trustees: Shelley Sim
District of Logan Lake
Trustees: Cara McKelvey
Village of Chase
Trustees: Diane Jules
Municipality of Sun Peaks
Trustees: Diane Jules
City of Kamloops
Trustees: Kathleen Karpuk; Joseph Small; Heather Grieve; Meghan Wade; John O’Fee

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