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Public Engagement

Kamloops-Thompson Board Meets Minister of Education and Child Care to Share Priorities:
An Urgent Need for More Space and A Passion for Co-creating More Inclusive Spaces

Board Chair, Heather Grieve

Our Board of Education was honoured to have Minister Singh join us on Sunday, January 22, 2023 to learn about our District priorities in connection to her mandate letter.

We appreciated how open and interested Minister Rachna Singh was to learn about our District and that she sought to have genuine conversation about the needs of our communities. We shared our urgent need for more space and our passion and dedication for co-creating inclusive spaces in our district. Read more.

Kamloops-Thompson Board of Education Meets with MLAs Milobar, Stone, and Tegart

On January 13, 2023, our Board of Education met with MLAs, Todd Stone, Peter Milobar, and Jackie Tegart to review our capital needs, a budget update, and to discuss how we can communicate to the community what we do together.  In that meeting, we discussed the importance of sharing our meetings with the community through public summaries in the form of a brief. Read more.

The key focus for the Kamloops-Thompson Board of Education is improving student achievement. The Board plays an essential role in the public education system by addressing the interests of students through local decision-making with an engaged community.

More information About the Board's mandate and its work is here

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Have a question? The Board would like to hear from you. For school based concerns first talk to your school. Start with your teacher, and your principal.

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Individuals or groups are welcome to present to the Board at public meetings following the process 
set out in Policy 7, Sect. 10.1.

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