Budget 2020-2021 Consultation


Public Consultation – SD73 Budget 

The public, parent groups, local media and employee partner groups were shown details of the budget at a live streamed special board meeting on Thursday, April 9, 2019. View the presentation here.

Input  regarding the budget will be accepted until 3 pm on Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

Trustees will be presented with the budget for the 2020-21 school year at their Monday, April 27 Board of Education meeting.

2020-2021 Draft Budget Presentation Livestream

2020-2021 Annual Budget 

Please forward your comments to budget@sd73.bc.ca before 3 pm April 21. All questions about the details of the draft budget will be posted here.


What is WorkSafeBC testing/training, can you go into more detail?
We don’t have Associate Superintendent Olsen, but I am aware that we have more stringent accountability with WorkSafeBC and there have been challenges responding in a timely manner. We need to invest more in how we approach the health and safety of our employees. Melissa McGarry would like to have more regular testing on water systems and air systems, as well as work collaboratively with principals and shop staff to develop processes and procedures and training programs to manage the facilities so that staff and students are safe.
In order to increase the graduation rates of Aboriginal students will the district commit to hiring more Aboriginal teachers in this budget?
You need to seek an exemption to hire specific groups over others, we have in the past made such exemptions and it hasn’t been as helpful as it had been intended. Our teaching staff should reflect the population that we serve. This budget does not have specific intentions for such allocations. Our teaching staff should reflect who we serve.
Why are we anticipating a reduction in the international student program?
Right now we have reduced our budget to look towards 150 FTE, we are choosing this number to be conservative when we go into next year. Everything is quite shifted at the moment. We have quite a number enrolled, but it will depend on the current state of affairs, we want to have more specific decisions and a more specific budget by the end of June.
What are the main reasons for the change in email providers and when do you expect Office 365 to be fully operating in the district?  

The plan is start this month, and have it completed by September. 

There will then be ongoing costs for Office 365, but Zimbra is maximized and beginning to fail. It is no longer meeting our demand and is failing. Students will be moved to gmail.

Do we have a date for the new school accounting program?
We are in the planning stages for a new accounting program, we thought that with the unique opportunity of time and space available, we would be able to start training. We will have more details soon.
Are the Speech Pathologists and School Psych dues a new budget line?

Yes it is new. As part of the new framework with BCTF districts are required to pay for the annual fees for speech pathologists and school psychologists.

The 2% increase for the teacher staff is not included, where do you anticipate you will find the resources for that?

That will be covered from the Ministry of Education in the same manner as the increase for the labour settlement.

Operating funds in the revenue from the Ministry of Education in your opinion sufficient to meet district needs? Was there going to be a new funding model?

The Ministry has embarked on a new funding model and has worked on it for a few years now. There were a few grants that came out this year, and early this fall. We will have to see what the final review will look like. Districts will work with their Boards and staff to stretch their dollars to see what will be coming in September. 

We have seen more money in the system in the past years then we have in prior years. We appreciate the money for Aboriginal students and students with special needs and the dollars are much appreciated and aligned with our directions as well.

FSA was not available in French at French Immersion schools, this might affect performance, can grade four students in French Immersion write math component in French as English terminology is quite different?
It has never been provided in French. What we noted is that students in French Immersion score on the higher end of the scale then in regular students. We are not sure if that is due to stacked parental involvement or due to learning in two languages when you are young actually enhances your cognitive functions.
Are gifted students considered for funding for students with diverse needs?
Gifted students are included in the general operating funds received from the Ministry. We assign much of our Inclusive Ed to support students of all learning profiles.
What is online payment and school accounting project?
The Online School Accounting project is twofold, it replaces the accounting software at the schools, current software is starting to fail. The new software is web-based, the online component will allow guardians and parents to pay online without having to go to so schools or go to the bank. It will be a good change, reduces the risk of cash going missing or going into the wrong account.
Will Office 365 include standard PAC emails?

Currently no, we only have licenses for employees, but we may expand in the future.

The budget consists of three different funds. The Operating, Special Purpose, and the Capital Fund. I understand that Special Purpose funds are for target purposes only but does the board decide how much $ goes into the Operating and Capital Funds?
The funding received into the Operating Fund is 96% from the Ministry of Education.  This funding is directly related to the number of students, both school aged and adult, registered with the District as well as funding for Unique Geographic Factors.  The other main sources of funding for the Operating Fund include the International Student Program (2%) and the Local Education Agreement (2%).  Some of the funding for the Capital Fund is from the Ministry of Education for our Annual Facility grant and Capital budget for Ministry approved minor capital projects as well as the amortization of capital assets. The Board of Education approves the capital projects from the Local Capital Fund for assets such as computer hardware and software, furniture and equipment, maintenance, bus and grounds equipment and portables.  Local Capital Funds are surplus operating funds or funds from the sale of capital assets like used equipment or land.
Focus on Facilities, Infrastructure, and Risk. You mentioned that there was an increase in funding from the MoE. Was this just the small $/student increase or have they also increased the Annual Facilities Grant? You also talked about a re-alignment of resources, please explain what that is, specifically where those re-aligned $ came from.  

Reference slide 31, for the 2020-2021 school year, the district will receive an increase in Salary Differential (based on number of teachers and average teacher salary compared to the provincial averages), Unique Geographical Factors (climate and distant factors, student transportation etc.) along with funding from a new supplement called Equity of Opportunity used to provide support for children in care and mental wellness.

Reference slide 36, realignment of resources - reducing a few existing budgets in the areas of recruitment, educational contingencies, professional development and the cost reduction for our next generation network in order to provide funding for the district priorities which includes increasing support staff in grounds, maintenance, custodial and information technology, increasing supply budgets, risk management, testing and training.

One of your slides shows “Annual Facilities Grant (Bylaw) $2,748,192”. Is this the amount from the MoE gives you for facility maintenance and repair? If not how much is the grant & How much does this budget estimate you will spend on facilities maintenance and repair?
The annual facilities grant has two parts - the first is the operating portion and the second is the capital bylaw portion.  The district receives $ 701,852 for the operating portion and $ 2,748,192 in the capital portion.  This funding is consistent with funding received for the 2019-2020 school year.  These funds are used for the Capital Asset Management System program $44,807 with the remaining funds used for repairs and maintenance of all District's schools and facilities.

The Annual Facilities Grant is giving you a total of $3,450,044 for facility maintenance and repair.


How much does this budget estimate you will spend on facility maintenance and repair?Of the $ 3,450,044 received from the Ministry of Education for the Annual Facilities Grant, the District will spend $3,397,769 on facility repairs and maintenance.  The remaining $ 52,275 is withheld, as District 73's portion of the Capital Asset Management System, by the Ministry.  The Capital Asset Management System is a provincial database containing the capital assets held by School Districts and is used to determine asset replacement frequency.

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