Calendar Consultation 2021

Two-Week Spring Break & New Federal Statutory Holiday 

As a result of the successful negotiations with the Kamloops Thompson Teachers’ Association (KTTA) and CUPE Local 3500 (CUPE), new calendars for the 2021-2022, 2022-2023, and 2023- 2024 school years are required to reflect a two-week spring break.

To ensure that the district meets the prescribed minimum hours of instruction each year in the regular five-day school week, the 2021-2022 school day will be lengthened by 11 minutes for elementary schools, and 9 minutes for secondary schools.

For 2022-2023 and 2023-2024, the school day will be lengthened by 9 minutes for elementary schools and 7 minutes for secondary schools. This additional time will be added to the end of each school day. To meet the prescribed minimum hours of instruction each year for the four-day school week, the four days of spring break will be spread out during the year rather than adding additional minutes to each day. This was accomplished by only adding one additional Friday school day during the year. The other three will take place on the Thursday of a week where this is a non-instructional day on the Friday.

The calendar proposal also includes the newly created federal statutory holiday which will be held on September 30 of each year.


According to Section 87.01(2) of the School Act, “a board must, in accordance with the regulations of the minister, prepare a school calendar for each school in its school district for each school calendar year”. According to Section 87.01(7) of the School Act and the Calendar Regulation, the Board must make publicly available a school calendar that it proposes to submit to the Minister at least one month before the date the school calendar must be submitted to the Minister on Aug 6, 2021. Furthermore, the District must provide an opportunity for parents and representatives of the employee groups to provide comments to the Board of Education.

Prescribed Minimum Hours of Instruction

According to the School Act, a Board of Education must offer not less than the following hours of instruction in a school year to students enrolled in schools in its district. 

  • 853 hours of instruction for students in kindergarten.
  • 878 hours of instruction for students in grades 1 to 7.
  • 952 hours of instruction for students in grades 8 to 12. 

Amending the Calendar

The Board may, in accordance with the School Act, amend a school calendar that has been made public by the Board under section 87.01 (9) or (10) if, in the opinion of the Board, an amendment is necessary. 

Process and Timelines

The School Calendar Regulations provide the parameters for process and timelines when establishing a calendar for a district. The Regulations define the terms and demand the following:

  • Prescribed minimum hours of instruction by year
  • Expected consultation with stakeholders
  • Format of published School Calendar

Calendar Consultation 2021

Proposed Yearly Calendars


The public review of the calendar is open until Aug 6, 2021. Please submit your concerns or comments regarding the proposed calendar to facility input.

Kate K. 
Love the 2 week spring break proposal! This will allow us to meet up with family members from other districts who also have the 2 week spring break (from around the province).
Kayla F.
Full support of proposed 2-week spring break in sd73 dates. 
Cheryl T.
So happy to have the Kamloops district fall in line with the rest of the province! This is excellent news.
Patricia K.
We are very fortunate in our family.  Because I no longer work, I and my husband are available for all 3 grandchildren while their moms either work or go to school.  I am also glad to see us inline with other school districts.
Katie A.
Wanting to suggest the dates of March 14-25 to align with the private schools in town that have been doing the 2 week spring break for awhile.
 Stefanie P. 
 I am sending this email in opposition of the proposed 2 week spring break.

Quote from an article posted by SD73: "The extended spring break is a benefit for our membership." said Corey Grabner.

I would like for the school district to start thinking about the students. It is not like families can also take the time off but struggle either with finding expensive child care solutions putting an extra strain on families and kids or kids have to stay home alone which often means being glued to screens all day.

Extending the day for young children so teachers can take an additional week off is unacceptable. My children take the bus at 7.20am and return home at 3.20pm. I would think this is a long enough day for elementary school children.

If you insist on the 2 week spring break please consider decreasing Pro-D days which are also painful for parents. The public reception is that Pro-D days are just another day off for parents who also get sick days per month and a 2 month summer break. Many parents can't take time off together in order to cover all the breaks and Pro-D days. We live rural and do not have very many childcare options or camps available to us.

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