Calendar Consultation

Public Review of Three-Year Calendars Now Open

The period for submiting comments regarding the proposed school year calendars for 2020-21, 2021-22, 2022-23 is now closed.

According to Section 87.01(2) of the School Act, “a board must, in accordance with the regulations of the minister, prepare a school calendar for each school in its school district for each school calendar year”. According to Section 87.01(7) of the School Act and the Calendar Regulation, the Board must make publicly available a school calendar that it proposes to submit to the Minister at least one month before the date the school calendar must be submitted to the Minister on March 31, 2020. Furthermore, the District must provide an opportunity for parents and representatives of the employee groups to provide comments to the Board of Education.

Prescribed Minimum Hours of Instruction
According to the School Act, a Board of Education must offer not less than the following hours of instruction in a school year to students enrolled in schools in its district. 

  • 853 hours of instruction for students in kindergarten.
  • 878 hours of instruction for students in grades 1 to 7.
  • 952 hours of instruction for students in grades 8 to 12. 

Amending the Calendar
The Board may, in accordance with the School Act, amend a school calendar that has been made public by the Board under section 87.01 (9) or (10) if, in the opinion of the Board, an amendment is neccessecary. 

Process and Timelines
The School Calendar Regulations provide the parameters for process and timelines when establishing a calendar for a district. The Regulations define the terms and demand the following:

  • Prescribed minimum hours of instruction by year
  • Expected consultation with stakeholders
  • Format of published School Calendar

The public review of the calendar is now closed. All comments recieved by the March 7, 2020 deadline have been posted. 

The final school calendars for the three year period, along with all the comments received will be presented to the Board of Education at the Regular Public Meeting on March 9, 2020, 7:00 PM at the Board Office, 1383 Ninth Avenue, Kamloops, B.C. 


Patricia S.
Thank you for allowing us to give input on the three year calendars.  I am completely opposed to a two week spring break as I think there are some benefits to having a longer break, however, I do remember the survey that was sent out and I know the bulk of the parents, teaching staff and quiet possibly CUPE too are in favour of a longer break but there are few things to consider that out weight the benefits.  A two week break will be a hardship for parents who cannot get childcare for two weeks, for single parents and for families who may have to take time off for work and not get paid. Also, CUPE members will lose pay as well, for those who do not have enough vacation to get through all the breaks.  The last time there was a two week spring break CUPE members were allowed to work so many extra minutes per day to make up that time.  As a CUPE member, I am not completely opposed to a longer break but it cannot be on the backs of CUPE members, teachers get there full pay as they are salary.  I agree there are some benefits to a longer break but it has only been 10 weeks of school since Christmas vacation, there was two 3 day weekends in January and February and Easter weekend is only 3 weeks away.  When looking at it this way, the breaks do seem to be fairly spaced out.  
I don't envy the Board of Trustees in making this decision but I would like to see that the break is left at a one week break for the reasons stated about.
Thank you for allowing our input, I will be attending the meeting on Monday to hear the Board’s decision.
Just for clarification, I am writing this email from me personally,, not on behalf of CUPE Local 3500.

I would like to see spring break returned to two weeks.

  • Schooling is very different than it was years ago.
  • More stress on the children and the adults working with them. Most of the children need that down time to relax and recharge themselves with all the expectations they have put on them.
  • As for recruiting new qualified people to work with our youth, many have decided to go elsewhere to work because Kamloops School District is one of few that still have a one week spring break.
  • I do believe this was already asked of us and then the survey was ignored mmmmmmmm I wonder why ask if you don’t listen.
  • One can only hope that the school board might listen to what the majority wants this time.
Jenny B-C.
I am writing in support of returning to a 2 week Spring Break. I believe both students and teachers benefit greatly from an extended break at this time.
Moving forward with a 2 week Spring Break will likely reduce the number of children missing school time for extended vacations/breaks with families that could not be accommodated during the 1 week timeframe. When students miss school for extended breaks it does not only impact them. It impacts teachers planning, and ability to teach which in turn impacts the students in attendance.
Additionally, a survey was completed which indicated the overwhelming majority of families are in favour of a 2 week Spring Break which is in line with the majority of other districts in the province. I would encourage the district to listen to the families it services.
Alysia F.
Please strongly re-consider returning to a two-week spring break. Rested teachers and rested students leads to a better learning environment. I taught 14 years in a district in the lower mainland with a two-week spring break and can see the difference in my classroom with the absence of this much needed time to recharge.
Alanna H.
I am a student saying how relaxing and fun a two week spring break would be. Two weeks would allow us to rejuvinate or relax and allow us to catch up on sleep or catch up on homework. We would also like to go on vacation during spring break but 1 week is not enough time to go down to California or over to Paris or something. Another thing is we are 1 of I think 3 that have one week spring break in B.C and everyone else has a 2 week so if we want to visit cousins during the first week we can’t because we still have school and I know multiple students that are still taking 2 weeks. So now they're missing school for one week and missing a lot of work.
Isabella C.
My family and I are in support of a 2 week spring break.  Adding extra time to each day could make up for the extra week.  It would also be nice to be on par with most other districts in the province.  
This issue was surveyed in the past and the majority of parents, teachers and students were in favour of a 2 week spring break.  I hope the School Board will take that into consideration this time .PLEASE BRING BACK A 2 WEEK SPRING BREAK!
 Margaret C.
Please re-institute 2 weeks for spring break. We value the family time with our children and one week has not been enough time to travel to see grandparents and to relax and reconnect at home.  
 Thomas F.
I am for one week of March break.  I hope there is more consideration given to the families this would cause a hardship to over those who would simply like another week off, or think that teachers need a break (which given they have 9 weeks off in the summer, 2 weeks at Christmas 1 week for March break, 7 professional development days is a lot already - most people I know have stressful jobs and only get 3 or maybe 4 weeks off and little professional development).
 Kathi Z.
Please bring back the two-week spring break. 
 Karen F.
I am the mother of a grade 7 student at Sun Peaks Elementary and I would like to confirm my support for the continuation of the 4 day (but always 4 day) week for our school going forward. 
As outlined at the meeting Sun Peaks is a unique situation with nearly all parents working shifts, weekends and incredibly long hours during the Sep-May period (so most of the school year).  Because of our geographic isolation extracurricular activities such as music, art and drama lessons and sports like soccer, gymnastics and swimming are arranged for Fridays in Kamloops.  The organizers stagger the lessons so that parents car pool and children can attend more than one thing on a Friday
Friday is also the day that we schedule Orthodiist/Dentist/Specialist appointments.  If we had to take our children out of school to attend these various things the educational time lost would far exceed anything that would occur under the current proposal. 
This is my son's 5th year at Sun Peaks Elementary.  In New Zealand he attended a world leading private school however, because of his learning disability (auditory processing), he struggled to achieve much better than Cs on his report card.  Last term he got his first A, 5 Bs and 1 C and was over the moon.  He now finds math easy, loves science and even his reading comprehension is improving.  Whatever we are doing up here IT WORKS.  So please don't try and "fix something that is not broken" 
 Rob C.
2 Weeks spring break to match every other district and territory\province. Hard to plan family events when one has 1 week and everyone else has 2. 
 Brent K.
I very much want the 2 week Spring Break reinstated!! It works for everyone – parents, teachers and students!! 
Daniel L. 
In my opinion it is essential for Sun Peaks Elementary School to remain as a 4 day school schedule. The area is unique and we have grown and thrived under our current curriculum and schedule. The positive growth and expansion of the family community has been a direct result of the 4 day week and I believe it will stop with a 5 day week and Sun Peaks will become an empty bed community for the rich like whistler.   
 Sun Peaks Elementary PAC
On behalf of the Sun Peaks Elementary PAC, we have been through the proposed SD73 4 day week calendars for the coming 3 years and how that impacts Sun Peaks School retaining a 4 day week whilst taking on the greater instructional hours required by the new Grades 8 and 9.

We attach the following:

1. A table showing the effect on school days comparing the SD73 calendars with those proposed by the PAC.

2. A marked up version of the SD73 calendars showing the extra 7 instructional days if the PAC's proposal of "4 days a week, every week" is adopted.

3. A complete version of the SP PAC's proposed calendars for 2020-2023.

You will see that if a "4 day week, every week" is adopted as opposed to the 3 day weeks on the SD73 proposed calendars, the number of instructional days per year is increased by 7; from 151 to 158 per year. In 2022-23, it is increased by 6 from 152 to 158 per year.

This has the following effects:
Please see the comparison table at para 1 for the detailed operation of required instructional minutes on the school day.
NB: current school day is 8.30am to 3.32pm. That has only been the case for the past 2 years. For the 7 years prior to that, the whole school attended from 8.30am to 3.45pm.
1. On PAC calendars, Grades 1-7 get a shorter school day than currently by 10 minutes from 8.30am to 3.22pm.
On SD73 calendars, Grades 1-7 get a longer school day than currently by 5 minutes (8.30 am to 3.37pm).

3. On PAC calendars, Grades 8-9 have a day which is only 8 minutes longer than the current elementary day and still shorter than the historical day (8.30am to 3.40pm).
On SD73 calendars, Grades 8-9 need a significantly longer day from 8.30 to 3.56pm.

For these reasons, we would ask that the PAC proposed calendars are adopted using the "4 day week, every week" model followed by School Districts 51 and 64 in their 4 day week programs. This adds another 7 instructional days to the year to those proposed by SD73 and reduces the length of the school day significantly.

Comparison of School Day Calendars 
 Melissa M.

Many school districts throughout the Province allocate a 2 week spring break giving opportunity for children to participate in sports camps, or academic activities.  As a parent of teens, our children and all students of SD73, are denied these opportunities, as our spring break is only 1 week and often conflicts with the dates of camps and activities available in other school districts.  

The importance of scholarships for post-secondary schooling, is every parents concern, and here in SD73 extracurricular activities that occur during a 2 week spring break will enhance our children’s prospects to obtain necessary funding for their future endeavors.  With the inability to participate in opportunities offered throughout our Province, we are inhibiting the growth of our children. 

Currently our community offers teens/students programs through partnership with local organizations such as the RCMP Youth Academy.  This is a 5 day program and offered through spring break, any student from SD73 who participates in this rigorous training, gains personal growth, building on their confidence, positive decision making skills and many more attributes that provide strong influential adults in our community.  School credits are achieved as well as an opportunity to look forward to a future in law enforcement. However with only 1 week for spring break, any student from SD73, participating in these week long programs does not receive the necessary time off to unwind, share with family activities or regroup before continuing with their school studies. As a school district looking out for the best interest of our students we need to recognize the importance of families in our busy world and that growth and inclusion of family time strengthens all supports every student needs to be the best they can and succeed in adulthood.  

As a parent of two teens in SD73 I feel very strongly that they would benefit from a 2 week spring break program and hope the trustees will reconsider the 2021 calendar to include this opportunity.


Josette D.
I am in favour of aligning with the rest of the province with the implementation of a 2 weeks spring break for SD 73. Students, teachers, CEAs will be given a better chance to recharge and refresh, which will in turn allow for more focused and more quality learning during the final three months of school. This was already put to public vote and the result of the vote was ignored by our elected representatives of the School Board. Is this a good example to our students of the way a democracy works?
Catherine C. 

Thank you for providing the opportunity to gather further feedback. I have two children in SD73 and have experienced both a one week and a two week Spring Break. My children have benefitted from having a two week break where they were able to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. They returned to school refreshed and eager to once again learn and participate. One week provides little time to rest and rejuvenate with the sense that “Monday is just around the corner” shadowing their time off.

Two weeks allows students, teachers, support workers, and support staff to spend time together with families playing together and further forging bonds that ultimately lead to better communities. For families where parents are shift workers, out of town workers, separated parents with different custody arrangements, or parents potentially caring for other individuals, the two weeks provides a wider opportunity to arrange to spend quality and quantity time together.

I endorse a return to a two week spring break in SD73, joining the vast majority of school districts in BC who have long enjoyed a two week break. I also fully support the aforementioned comments regarding a return to the two week break as it supports our students, our teachers, and our families.

Wayne M.
I understand that we are one of three school districts in the province who remain on the one week only Spring Break schedule.  That said, in my opinion it behooves us as a district to find the resources and means to get with the program and advance to a two week Spring Break schedule.  Then it might truly be said that we are on the same page... --of the calendar.
Sarah D.
This email is to show my support of reinstating the 2 week spring break. March break represents a time of decompression and de-stressing, the last extended break before crunch time begins in June- a 2 week March Break will allow for students and teachers to REALLY have the space and time to switch gears and relax and participate in some much needed self care. Space, time and self care are imperative for real learning to take place, so trying to work a student who is burnt out is like trying to get water from a stone...simply a frustrating endeavour and almost futile for everyone involved.
Although I can appreciate that not every family can afford to take two weeks off, there are other services that can be utilized, or other options that can be sought out to fix this problem; teachers are not a child care solution, we are highly trained educators who want to facilitate real and authentic learning within our classrooms- which is very difficult to do with half empty classrooms (many families travel for the two weeks anyways) or with students who are in dire need of an extended break.
Please strongly consider aligning SD73 with the rest of the districts in BC by reinstating the 2 week spring break.
Karen B.
I am a parent and a teacher. I am requesting a return to the two week spring break for many reasons, including that the mental health of students and employees benefit from the extra time off. In addition, some families are taking their children out of school for extended holidays and this makes teaching a challenge. The system that we had during the three trial years worked well, and when the survey was conducted then, all groups voted in support of the system that we had in place. The second week could be made up as it was during the trial period with extra time added within the daily timetable. I believe that students and teacher benefit from having professional development days spread throughout the school year. 
Tanja H. 
Thank you for presenting the school calendars. My comments are as follows:
1. I have always disliked both the number and positioning of pro-d days,
especially having one in September, when school just started. Is it not
possible to lump them together a bit more, or have them at the end, or beginning of a school year? There are so many of them and they always disrupt the school month. Or even have two together on a Friday/Monday.

2. One week Spring break is great.
I'm disappointed to see that the 2 week spring break hasn't been reinstated,  even though 95 % of the people I've spoken to are in favour of it.  Wasn't a survey sent out?  I thought the results of that showed that most families wanted the 2 weeks. 
Michelle Q.
There is no need for a two week spring break. Absolutely no need. Kamloops simply does not have enough adequate or affordable child care solutions for those parents that do not get 12 weeks vacation per year.
How about we shorten summer break then? How about having Spring Break when Kamloops actually experiences Spring like day April....
Shortening lunch time for children is absurd they need time to eat,play and   socialize with peers.
Those families that want the extra week go ahead and take it.
Kids do not need two weeks to rest and revive. Unless your family is available to engage you for those two weeks kids will become bored and unstimulated and most likely left in less than ideal situations.  
If staff feel they as staff need two  weeks perhaps looking at negotiating a week of vacation during school would be a better solution.
For the record my job is  flexible and my family could make the two weeks work. It certainly wouldn’t be ideal and we would be needing to take time without pay. My thoughts are for all those families that simply can not take 12 weeks from work. Childcare is not an SD 73 issue but one that definitely need to be considered. School is not childcare. Where and what would all those children do when their parents simply can’t be there??
Johann D.
I strongly feel the need for a two week spring break. This is not for the adults in the system but for the children. They need a longer time to decompress and start to relax. One week off does not give the students enough time.
Kristi H.
As a CUPE 3500 employee with SD73 I am in favour of a two week spring break. I feel staff and students need and deserve to have a two week spring break much like the rest of the province’s school districts. One week is not sufficient break for students to rest and have a break from the difficult and strenuous workload and social issues that they have to deal with at school. Having children of my own in the school district, I would prefer to have two weeks to spend with them. We like to travel during spring break and one week is just not enough time and they shouldn’t have to miss school in order to have a decent holiday. Also as a SD73 employee we are not allowed to take vacation time at any time other than school closures.
Therefore, I would like to strongly recommend that the board reconsider changing to a two week spring break.
Monica A.
As a parent of 2 children in SD73, and an employee, I would like to see a 2 week spring break. It worked well when we had the 3 year trial and I would like it to come back.
Roz B.
I am in full support of the calendar adjustment to bring back the two-week spring break.
As a teacher, it means so much in preventing burnout for teachers as well as students, avoiding excessive absences from students who go on longer spring holidays, and just behaviour issues from students who are craving outside time as the weather gets warmer.
As a parent, it means I can spend more time with my family and enjoy what it means to actually have a break from work, and this is far more important than anything.
1 week is not enough.
Erin W.
Please amend the calendar and change to a two week spring break as soon as possible.  Kamloops school district needs to align with all the other school districts in BC and have two weeks.  It is completely ridiculous that we have only one week, especially after feedback was overwhelmingly given in support of having two weeks.  Students need the time to reset and it allows opportunities to spend time with family and friends and participate in activities.  With only one week, it is difficult to coordinate with the other districts that have two weeks.  For my child specifically, his teachers have commented that he does much better after having a break to reset and recharge his batteries for school, such as for Christmas break, and all children benefit from this time off and need it.  It does not show adverse affects on learning to have a two week spring break.  Furthermore, teachers are not babysitters and should not be treated as a substitute for child care.  The classroom is a powerful learning environment with trained professionals.  I am appalled and dismayed that this school district continues to lag behind others and refuses to listen to sound feedback from parents, teachers, and community members in regards to a two week spring break.  Very disappointing.  The leaders of this school district can do better.
I vote in favor of the 2 week spring break, this allows time spent with families and coincides with other districts and provinces!
Carolyn N.
I am a parent that cannot afford extra childcare for a two week spring break.  I don't agree that the kids need more time off of school.  
Who benefits from the two week break? This puts a lot of stress on families.  With the cost of living, and both parents are working and still struggling to make ends meet.
Shannon G.
I am a vote for the 2 week spring break, my husband and I are both self employed and often try to take Spring Break off with the kids to travel or spend time with our Family's, anyone living outside of Kamloops have 2 weeks off and we only get to spend 1 week with them even when they come here for skiing, the cousins can't figure out why we have to go back to school while they get another week to play, travel and do extra activities. This year we will be taking the additional week off for travel either way, I hope by next year our kids won't have to actually miss the week of school.
Denise R.
I think the district should go back to the 2 week spring break. 
Matt W.
I would ask that the School Board consider returning to a two week spring break and slightly increase the instruction time each day to compensate. Not only would the students benefit, it would put the district on a level playing field to recruit new teachers and would make the final three months of school more productive for teachers and students.
I like your summary with the one week break for winter holidays and the one week for Spring Break. 
Two working parents and no family in town, one week is good for Spring break please (I know many parents who feel this way, hopefully they are making their comments as well, but they may not be if the email is not working).
Andrea L.
This email is to express my preference to keep a 1 week spring break. 
Along with the financial and logistical challenges of finding adequate childcare for two children, I believe 2 weeks is a disruption of the children learning, especially when so closely followed by the Easter break. 1 week provides enough of a mental break, but not so much so that it's difficult to get back into the swing of learning. 
Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.
Sarah G.
I vote no to two weeks. My child care centre is closed and I am a single mom who works full time and can not take off two weeks.
Amanda H.
I sent in earlier about a 2 week spring break.
But would a split up work? 1 week for spring break in March and a 1 week for Easter break, instead of just a 4 day weekend? Just my thoughts.
Kevin S.
Our family is in favour of a 2 week spring break. Our child benefits from extra therapies that it is hard to accommodate for time during the school year as after school they are pretty much drained from the day  Two weeks would give our child some much needed down time but let’s us try out therapies and camps that target their specific needs that they may not intensively get during the school day. A break from “routine” also allows us to work specifically on being flexible and working on giving our child opportunities to explore the community.
Not only would this help our child’s specific needs, but it also lets us have time as a family - as a family with two working parents we do not get as much time to focus on being together and we value that time.
Thank you in advance for your consideration.
Sabrina F.
I am writing to you about my concerns for the proposed calendars for the next three years. Our students in SD73 are at a disadvantage when it comes to Spring Break. Oftentimes, there are camps or other activities during this time (in other districts that run over the 2 weeks). Our students cannot partake in these activities because they only have 1 week of vacation time.
As a district, we can implement a two week Spring Break and still meet the instructional time. For Secondary Schools it will add 8 minutes to each day. Instead of having 4x80minute classes, we should adopt a new schedule of 5x65 minute classes. 
By making these small changes, students would benefit from more course options available to them, as well as time off in the spring to reset their minds. 
If your concern is about our hourly workers and their wages, in the end it would work out the the same amount as they have now, but would be stretched out over the course of the year. Each person is gaining (about) 40 minutes each week, over the 35 weeks.
I know that in the past, child care for families with lower incomes has also been a concern. I feel that our district could take advantage of community relationships during this time. Perhaps, SD 73 should be working with TRU Faculty of Education students to set up camps, for these students to attend for a minimal cost. 
In short, there are a lot of opportunity for SD 73 to be taking advantage of in order to grant a 2 week Spring Break.
Suzanne D.
A teacher in the district now for 14 years, I would like to express my desire to return to the 2 week spring break.
I admit that when our district was going to try the two week spring break for the first time, I was against it. I could not see how we would gain the academic time back for our students. We tested out the 2 weeks and I was surprised to see that having had this additional time to rest, recharge and return ready to learn actually enhanced students' ability to engage in the third term. I frequently plan and prep for field trips. It is my opinion that 2 wks is also desire by many families as I frequently have parents pull their children from class the week prior and the week following spring break. There have been years where I have had as many as 10 students away during these weeks, further challenging my ability to present new learning materials or engage in project based learning as 1/3 of my class is absent.  
Now that we have returned to a one week break, I can see that my students are burnt out and tired upon return. It is a struggle to get them to engage in large project based learning or partnership projects.  
It is my opinion that in the years where 2wks were provided, students returned rested, eager and ready to learn for the final part of the year.
I believe that this rest is good not only for our students but for our staff as well, we are reenergized. With the two weeks off, I and my peers have been more willing to take some of our vacation time to prep and plan for more engaging lessons and activities.
Thank you for your consideration.
Melissa S.
I am voting for two weeks spring break.
Sarah K.
I feel it’s time we move to a 2 week spring break. It’s almost impossible to plan trips and have time with family outside our school district which has a negative affect on family relationships.
Annelle B.
Please, please change it back to 2 week spring break. I have 4 kids in the Sd 73 school system and we need that time to recuperate.  
 Tanya J.
Keep the 1 week spring break!  These kids miss so much school as it is!   
 Akira S.
My school calendar should consist of two weeks of spring break instead of a one week spring break. You know what you can’t even call a one week spring break a break honestly a one week spring break in b.s you can’t even travel in one week the only thing you can do is wait in till school starts and that isn’t fun.
 Christa F.
Would like to put my vote for two weeks at Spring break. Family of 4. Kids in SKSS grade 8 and SSES grade 5.
 Kristen E.
Please leave Spring Break til 1 week.  My kids love going to school and it’s difficult to find caretakers for 2 weeks let alone 1.  Kids are bored at home and travelling at Spring Break is not an option to a lot of us.  2 Weeks is 2 much!
Andrea S. 
This is not the first and I am sure it will not be the last email I send regarding the subject of a 2 week spring break. School district 73 is very bad at listening to parents on this subject. We want 2 weeks of Spring break for our kids, just  like The majority of this province.
Marnie J.
I am sure you are receiving lots of feedback on the Spring Break issue, but thought I should add my voice to the mix.  We have long winters here in Kamloops and the darkness, oppressive gray cloud/fog and cold can be depressing and difficult for students in high school who are already getting up earlier to start the day than their teen bodies' biological clocks prefer.  By the time March break rolls around they are cranky and tired and in need of a break.  My grade 8 and 9 girls are looking forward to rest time.  However, we are in the fortunate position of being able to travel with our family and we would love to have a bit more time to take the girls somewhere that they could really experience some of the differences in the world, as well as the educational and life skill building opportunities that international travel provides when it isn't the boiling heat and crowds of summer.  
Instead, with limited time, we are pulling them out of school one day early and sticking to something a bit less adventurous and a bit less mind-expanding because we don't have time to get anywhere really interesting.  Our girls also need about 4 days just to decompress so they could actually have the energy to take on an adventure trip so we have planned something that is much less busy (read less exploration) to allow for rest.
4 votes from this house for 2 week spring break.
One suggestion to make up time to allow for the extra hours would be to shift some of the non-instructional days to fill part of the 2nd week.  This would mean fewer short weeks in other months but I think the longer break to look forward to would make up for it.  If teachers want a longer spring break as well, they can still have 12 days straight (counting the first weekend) but would just lose the Thursday/Friday by coming back early for PD days.
Also, we are one of only a few districts that do a 1 week spring break - perhaps rather than re-inventing the wheel, we should do whatever they do to manage the rest of the schedule - surely they have worked it out with teachers, bus drivers, support staff, etc to mitigate all the concerns currently keeping us as 1 week...
And obviously the majority of school districts have agreed this is the best way to go so it seems there are good reasons for it!
Clare M.
Please bring back 2 week spring break
Alexis B.
I think it has been said before but the 2 week spring break would be really appreciated.
Our kids grow up so fast that this 2 week break gives us an opportunity to spend some quality time with them.
Debbie L.
I’m in favour of  2 week spring break. A lot of families like ours cannot get holidays in the summer and would appreciate the two weeks, this would also allow them to visit family members in districts that support a two week break.  Children and adults need balance in life with more time,  not less, to renew and restore in order to be at their best.
Tanya & Dave L.
We would like to go back to a 2 week Spring Break like the other School Districts. Would be nice to have a longer break for family time together.
Marie W. 

I am in favor of a 2 week Spring Break, and the majority of the stakeholders are as well. I was quite shocked that during the last vote, even the Trustees could not agree. A "win" by one vote, that affects all of us, is not a "win," in my opinion. Are the trustees not voted in to be a voice for the "people," vs. voting based on one's personal opinion? One of the arguments for a NO, regarding a 2 week Spring Break, was that it's not educationally sound for students to miss 2 weeks of school. If this is true, how does 2 months off in the summer affect student learning? Where is the logic when comparing these 2 scenarios? 

 Another consideration around a 2 week vs. a 1 week Spring Break are Family vacations. When families have to pay large amounts of money to travel at Spring Break, they often pull their children from class before or after Spring Break, adding on to the 1 week break, to justify the immense cost. As a classroom teacher, I completely understand this choice by parents. However, often several students are missing from my class before and after Spring Break, which can make it somewhat challenging to begin new ie. Math units, until the majority of the class returns. A 2 week Spring Break would allow families a more reasonable amount of time, should they choose to travel.

Finally, everyone is ready for a real Break at Spring Break. Why not allow everyone an opportunity to rejuvenate, re-set, and rest, in preparation for a successful final term of School.

Sheliamarie B.
This calendar should reflect a two week spring break, which is now standard practise across almost all of the province.   The two week spring break has also been the preferred model of all stakeholders (parents, teachers, Cupe) in all surveys that I have see to date.
Danielle O.
I think the 1 week Spring Break should stay. Having 2 weeks may make it difficult for families to find/pay for childcare. 
Tane S.
We should get a two week spring break because it is better for kids mental health and better for people that have anxiety or depression to have a bit more time off. Also about half of every class is not here for the first few days after spring break because they’re still on also get a lot less time to spend with your family.The vast majority of ohh u r school district wanted to have a two week spring break but the school board didn’t listen to us they just did what they wanted.We are one of only two school districts in British Colombia with only one week off for spring break and that is really unfair.our lunch time is so long now that no one ever has anything to do beachside they are 55 minutes long and it only takes about ten to eat then you just have to sit there.The school board needs to listen to the people who elected them and change it back to a two week spring break.
Murray R.
Bring back the two week spring break
Jack S.
As a student of school district SD73, Kamloops, British Columbia, I write my opinion on the Three-Year School Calendars. Specifically for the Spring Break time that we receive as of March 16 to the 20th. According to the polls of a few years past, more than 80% of all categories of votes (Students, Parents, Teachers) chose the two-week March break for years to come. As I have heard, two of the categories even went above 90% for the two-week Spring Vacation option. My question is: If the majority of the population of SD73 voted for the two-week option, then why was the choice of almost 10% of people, who voted for the one-week option, chosen over  90% of the two-week option?
I speak for the well being of students throughout School District 73 for the benefits of a two-week March break. As of 2010, students from all over the world have been more prone to depression and anxiety, as a result of the work needed to be completed for school. Now, if we want our students and children of our future, to continue a prosperous and thriving society. We need to start with the little things that can make great impacts. A very common problem, that adults and advocates talk about is the things that can improve the mental health of our kids. But I find that the kids are never heard of their opinions on what they find would help us in our lives to improve our mental health, as well as sustaining good work habits throughout the school year. The best solution for our kids to have good mental health is time to relax. Having two weeks of Spring Break can work miracles for the young minds of kids. Kids can have severe problems without proper time to rest their brains. That is why we need time to rest. I am not satisfied with the decision of a one-week spring vacation. School District 73 is one of the two School Districts that only recieve one week of Spring vacation throughout the whole province of British Columbia.
I think, that if we switch our Spring Break back to two weeks, the outcome of kid's mental health and work habits would improve immensely.
Cory S.

The people have requested that the spring break be 2 weeks.

As elected officials of those people, your role is to bring that forward – not your personal agendas.

Xavier W.
I, a student at South Kamloops secondary school, am concerned that the interests of our community are not being addressed in the new calendar.  Surveys a couple of years ago overwhelmingly showed support for a two week spring break.  It is disturbing that the community can express such a clear opinion, and yet that the school board can make a decision that entirely shows disregard for that opinion.  I believe that a lot of families take trips around the break in march, and that a lot of students miss school at this time (before and after the break) anyways.  Two full weeks of no school gives an opportunity for families to travel without their children missing school.  I think that in my generation, a lot of kids struggle with stress and fatigue and that an extra week of school to rest and relieve yourself from stress is a lot more effective than ten more minutes of lunch hour.  In ten more minutes of lunch hour, students will likely just choose to eat a little slower, but a week of no school gives students an opportunity to do a lot more, whether it be rest and prepare themselves to do better in school, or whether it be finally having time to do that productive activity that the school year doesn't allow you to do.  I know that I would very much benefit from a week of more intense strength training, or a week to try to make something with my sewing machine.  I cannot do either of these things in the ten minutes of lunch hour that we are gaining from being one of the the only schools left in the province not to enjoy a full two weeks spring break.  I also find myself to be more productive in a longer class rather than splitting up my work into small work periods.  Longer periods would not be a bad thing about the two week spring break. In conclusion, I think that the mental, social, and productivity benefits of a two week spring break would far outweigh the benefits of the longer lunch hour.
Eduardo NP.
I was taking a look at the school calender at I saw that we only have 1 week of spring break. I think that we should get 2 weeks because a longer break will help students with their stress, their anxiety and it will also prevent depression. I believe that two weeks would be great because my family and I like to travel during the break. If there were two weeks of spring break I wouldn't be stressed about coming back to school because of all the work I missed.
I hope that you guys make the right choice.
I look forwards to the changes.
Brandon J.
Hello, today I would like to voice my concerns about the proposed three year calendar, specifically the one week long spring break. My problems with that are that a couple years ago the school board put out a survey asking what peoples opinions are about changing to a one week spring break from two weeks. An overwhelming majority said that they wanted a two week spring break, but the school board just changes it to a two week anyways. That just confuses me how that, so many people expressed their opinion and the board just tosses it aside and carries on with making it one week of spring break. One reason I think that you guys should change it back to two week spring break is that, these days lots and lots of kids have mental issues that come from school. The two weeks of spring break used to help a lot with this by giving everyone time to recuperate and get everything back together. By changing it to one week you've cut this recovery time in half and given the anxiety and mental health problems back. Another reason is that, tons of kids, with the one week long spring break, miss several days before and after spring break anyways. Spring break is the perfect time for family vacations and families take those vacations. Another thing is that you are worried about losing 10 minutes off lunch time. Everyone did it in the past with no issues, ten minutes off just makes everyone eat faster which isn’t even a bad thing what so ever. The lunch hour is too long anyways. I think that the reasons I stated greatly outweigh the boards reasons for a one week spring break.
Jaycee E.
I would like to see two weeks of no classes for spring break. Almost every other district in BC gets two weeks and it seems as though parents, teachers, as well as students would like to see this implemented. I don’t think it’s fair for the school board to take that choice away from parents and teachers because they think they know what’s better for them better than they do themselves.   
Keegs M.
I don't support one week of spring break we should get two it would help with mental illness such as anxiety it would let kids get more time with their parents and they could go on a family vacation so I think that two weeks would be a great for when school starts again they will be more awake.
Jayme H.

Our family is in favour of a two week spring break for a few reasons.  First and foremost – Our children need a break.  It is a long haul from Sept 1st to March 15th with a limited number of breaks.  Christmas break is two weeks and we find our kids are just starting to relax by the second week.  This two week break is not only good for their physical health but their mental health as well.  We would like to see a two week break to give the children a chance to unwind and enjoy spring activities. 

A two week spring break will also allow the  chance to visit family in other districts who may have an offset spring break from SD73.

Lastly, It allows our children’s teachers a chance to have an extended break and recharge for the last portion of the school year.  A tired teacher is a detriment to the learning environment for our children. 

It is silly we are one of a few districts in the province left with only one week of spring break. 

Please consider a two week spring break. 

Sue S.
I would like to see the two week Spring break returned. If you look at attendance leading up to spring break and the week after, the absenteeism is significant. Students need the break. Teachers need the break. The school board officials need to listen to the people they represent. It only makes sense to be in alignment with the rest of the province.
Danielle M.
We moved from the lower mainland in January 2019 and were disappointed, as well as our children were, to find out that spring break is only 1 week here. It would be great to see the city aligning with the majority of the province in increasing spring break to 2 weeks.  I would love it if spring break could be scheduled around the Easter holidays to lessen the amount of instruction hours it would take away from the kids.
Shannon M.
Bringing back the 2 week spring break would be great. Our family spends time together on our farm playing with baby lambs and getting ready for spring!  
Lori Q.
Bring back the two week Spring break! There is an overwhelming majority of parents, students and teachers alike. Eventually municipal and private programs would be set in place for children to take advantage of during that time for parents who work full-time. Most of BC has figured it out. Why can’t SD73?
Melissa J.
I'm a teacher and although I would like a two Spring Break for selfish reasons, I really do see the benefit in other ways.  I've noticed that parents take their families on extended holidays anyways, but now they are all sporadic and I spend a good chunk of March and April catching students up on missed days.  Aside from that, I think the rest would benefit children greatly as well as positively impacting teachers' well-being, which directly affects the students.  I see so much logic in joining the rest of BC with this and hope it changes back.
Cassandra S.
I would like the spring break to go back to 2 weeks. 
 Frances M.
I would prefer if it stayed at 1 week for the spring break, I believe that they have enough days off through out the school year as it is. 
Leeann E. 
 In regards to the proposed 3 year calendar, I would like to see a two week spring break return. Hopefully input is heard this time around. Staff and student morale is better when we return. One week is not enough time for families. As it is, families and staff take time off the week before or after this current one week break.
 Thom F.
I agree with a one week March break.  It is too hard for families to find child care for an extra week off, and it costs a lot, which some families can't afford.
Having a longer school day doesn't make up for being in class for a week less either.
Trina R. 
In my view, instructional time has been well allocated for students. Having an additional week off at spring break is unnecessary. 
However, if research shows that children need this time away from school and a structured learning environment, then collectively as a community/society we need to work together to accommodate it. 
A vast majority of working families do not have a high allocation of paid leave and 5 additional days are an added childcare cost that may be difficult for some. The district is not responsible for this shortfall nor does it need to accommodate the families that are in a position to take  2 week vacations at spring break, over the summer and at  Christmas time. 
Please make decisions based on my child's education needs and not whether I can line up my holidays with family elsewhere.
Carol E.
It is time for 2 weeks Spring Break like the rest of the province.
Dave C.
I support a one week spring break.  Child care costs as the primary reason.  Also my child needs as much time as possible to eat their a shorter lunch is also not preferred.  
Lisa D.
I prefer the one week spring break. I usually only get a few days vacation over spring break anyway so my kids have to go to a camp. They end up more exhausted than they are at school. I would love for ProD days to coincide with long weekends as that would give the kids a nice break.
Lisa T.
I have reviewed the calendars and would like to say thank you for proposed one week spring break.Although I see many comments in support for a 2 week break to come back I have to say it is super helpful to not have to find child care for that time as well as all the other times there is no school.  
As a working mother of two children who are under 10 that require childcare to support the additional times when school is not in session, my husband and I try our best to find it in summer camps and a quality daycare for our kids.  Child care is super expensive and really challenging to find in Kamloops.  I’m sure you are aware of the limited child care spaces for families in Kamloops.  Leaving your children with others is hard enough and when you only have 3-4 weeks of vacation a year. Knowing that as a parent you need to find, organize and pay for 9 weeks of summer, 2 weeks at Christmas and then a possible 2 weeks at spring break is simply overwhelming.
By imposing a two week spring break there is an assumption on the districts part that all families are equal which this is not the case. Some parents don’t work, some are self employed and others make enough money have flexibility to take all the time off while most others like our family  don’t.  So I am hopeful to continue to have just a 1 week spring break.
Elexis T. 


 Please keep the 1 week spring break.  A two week break puts a strain on families with younger children that cannot be left alone. It is hard to find help as a single parent of 2! How do you budget to be able to come up with extra funds to pay for camps when the cost of living is high enough as it is??  I just can’t afford this, What family really can??  They either have to scramble to find child care or organize time of work, and both could be expensive and/or negatively impact people with limited vacation times.  In my opinion the negative impact on young families outweighs the the "nice to have" luxury of an extra week off in the spring for teachers and students. What about the families on income support that can’t take time off work for 2 weeks to stay home with their kids either? I believe the school district/teachers/ upper class is acting selfish and not considering the impact of the rest of the families in society.  Plus taking away time at lunch is not a good option to cover this either. My son barely has enough time to eat his lunch in kindergarten, before getting swept away to play. He comes home starving because of this. I need my child to be able to think clearly with a full belly to absorb his education. I vote NO to 2 weeks!

Trish C.
Please bring back the 2 week Spring Break! It's time to be aligned with the rest of the province. 
Alesha C.
I would like to see a 2 week spring break! Almost all of the other districts in our province have it and our district parent and teacher surveys both voted in favour of it.  
Christine R.
Please DO NOT bring back the two week spring break.  My husband and I cannot take 2 weeks off nor can we afford child care for our three kids for two weeks.
Tessa V.
I would most definitely like to see a two week spring break!!  A much needed break for teachers and students!
Lindsay V.
Keep one week spring break
Chris R.
Bring back the 2 week spring break please.  Instead of shortening up the lunch hour to make up teaching time, please just tack it on to the end of the day so the kids get enough time to run around at lunch.
Mike W.
Please consider going back to having a two week spring break.  I had kids because I enjoy spending time with them and taking them places.  My kids have missed quite a bit of school over the years as I make them miss time to travel.  Unfortunately only having one  week limits my ability to take them on many long term trips without them missing school or short term trips are limited because of cost and my ability not to be flexible in my time off.  Kids do not need an extra week sitting in a stale classroom watching the days go by.  Give them an opportunity to experience time off and avoid kids being burnt out by the school routine.
Sarah B.
I am in favor of a 2 week spring break
Matthew K.

I am not in favor of a 2 week March break.  Both parents in our family work, and we have no extended family here in Kamloops.  With limited time off from work it is very difficult to cover a 2 week break.  As well, arranging other care givers is really hard and puts a financial strain on our family.

Making up the additional time with longer days is not a reasonable approach.  Some children need a longer period of time to learn things, having a few extra minutes a day of instruction does not accomplish this.  Having another week in class in which to learn does. 

Shortening lunch means kids are either rushed to eat, or have less play time.  My children have a hard enough time eating all of their lunch already.  Less play time means they have less time to get out all of their energy and be able to focus when they are in class.

If having a 2 week break in the spring is really important, then offset this with another week of instruction at the end of June so that students have longer period of time to learn and it is easier for families to cover the amount of time off students already have for those without readily available resources.

Alexandra K.
As a parent with a child in SD73 and another in SD93, I am 100% in favour of a 2-week Spring Break for SD73.
A few years ago, we went through this process where shareholders were asked this same question, but the answers from the majority was ignored by the Board.
Not only do the students require this break to regroup, rest and prepare for year-end, but our teachers and support staff have deserve this as well.
I am a working parent who, yes, has to find care for my two children during this time. However, the benefits of a 2 week spring break certainly outweighs this minor inconvenience. Perhaps the Board should should be studying why almost every other SD in the Province chose a 2 week spring break? The research is already done. SD73 is following an archaic timeline.
I sincerely hope the School Board takes the public, and teacher, input into consideration this time around.
Mandi F.
I have looked at the proposed calendar. My family would really like a 2 week spring break. We voted yes towards the 2 week spring break. One week does not give enough time to go away on a vacation if there is travel needed. Also, 2 weeks works really well because my husband works out of town. Please take my opinion into consideration. 
Anne M.
Listening to the school board chair on the radio this morning one would think that there was no positive feedback received regarding the proposed two week spring break. However, despite what was said on the radio, all employee groups are in agreement of the 2 week break, and most parents surveyed also want the 2 week break. The only group that doesn’t seem to want the 2 week break is the board, and their resistance seems more related to control over how long the school day is and when pro d happens rather than concern over student welfare. Kamloops as one of only 2 districts province wide to have a 1 week spring break - its time to change.
My requests:
Make pro-d days align with long weekends so that families can take an extended weekends especially in October and February.
Bring back 2 week spring break.
Consider 1 week spring break camp for low income families to help with childcare burden/supply.  
Ashley S.
I think the proposed calendars look great. The one week spring break puts far less financial strain on our family, please keep this.
Norma B.
I feel the need for a two week spring break. Not only are the kids starting to get restless but so are the staff members and parents. Some staff end up taking extra time
Off work at spring break and it leaves the district short on relief. Some parents take their kids out of school for more than the allotted spring break as well.
It was very underhanded the way the last vote was decided by 3/5 school trustees and they voted against the majority of what parents and staff wanted.
Do the right thing govern yourself correctly. And give the district 2
Weeks to regenerate. We are the only district in BC with a one week spring break.
Shipa S.
Please bring back the two week Spring break.
Nicole S.
As an educator in this district,  I would like to see a return of the 2 week Spring Break for a few reasons:
- blended families or separate parent families each have more opportunity to travel/spend time with their child during a 2 week break
- 2 weeks align with other districts.  It is almost embarrassing when overhearing other parents in other districts talk about the "disadvantage" in our district of only having a one week Spring Break and comments of "glad we aren't there!"
- 2 weeks allows for more selection of travel dates or visiting families from other districts that have 2 weeks Spring Break
- with only 1 week, there seems to be an increasing trend of families removing their child(ren) earlier or bringing them back later, and therefore missing out on instructional time
- 2 weeks will have a stronger impact on attracting new teachers to our district.  I have overheard new teachers comment they would rather go to a nearby district so they could have the 2 weeks Spring Break
- 2 weeks allows for better rest and rejuvenation of students and staff,  leading to improved health and wellness.
- parents, teachers, and support staff have been polled in the past with a high percentage wanting a 2 week Spring Break, so that voting should be taken into consideration. 
These are only a few of many reasons as to why I feel our district should return to a 2 week Spring Break. 
Kimberley B.
Would love to see 2 week spring break! Why we are not going along side the rest of BC aside from 1 other community is baffling! What do we need to do to get back to 2 week spring break? Majority of parents, and staff supported a 2 week break the last calendar term that came out when the question was asked 1 or 2 weeks. So why was it ignored?
Brandi G.
My family and I are in favour of a two week spring break. One week is just not enough to recharge.
Two week spring break!  It gives more time for family vacations rather than pulling them from school
Dennet P.
Bring back the two week Spring break please.
John H.
Kamloops should definitely have two weeks for Spring Break. Fall in line with the rest of the Province. It’s a no brainer. Why are Kamloops students out of sync with rest of the rest of BC?
Kris G.
There should be a 2 week Spring Break. Teachers, students, and other staff need that time for their own mental wellbeing.  Children are happier and well rested when they return to school after a 2 week break. Please listen to parents, teachers, students and other school staff when they say this is what is needed to foster positive mental health for all.
Also the last instructional day should be the last Thursday of the month and the administration day the Friday after, not on the 30th of June.
Sheri S.
Please bring back the two week spring break.  It is not for the children or for the parents but IS for the teachers to refresh and get ready for the final 3 months!  Schools are not a babysitting service but ARE an educating service.  Most of the people commenting would never make it in a classroom.

I’m happy with the 1 week long Spring Break.  I’m not opposed to the 2 week spring break if having it doesn’t take away from the time the children have to eat their lunch and play outside. 

Why not make a huge change and only have a month off during the summer and then have a few longer breaks during the school year.  That way there will be less learning loss during the summer and the kids will have regular breaks during the year.

I would really like to see a TWO WEEK spring break for many reasons. First, to align with the rest of the province, and second to allow a reasonable amount of time for students to recharge. It is time to look at Europe, Australia, and other countries and study their calendars - more frequent breaks, but less time in summer. Look at these “year-round’ models! If we are really interested in student success, then we need to look at breaks that are shorter, and more frequent. Finally, school is NOT daycare. There are plenty of older children that would be more than happy to help with younger students and siblings. Saying that more time off school for your children is unaffordable is the wrong answer….
Melanie M.
I would prefer to have the two week spring break brought back to our school district.
douglas H.
I support to bring back the 2 week spring break and keep it that way!
1) helps the students and teacher rejuvenate
2) align with every other SD (except one) in BC
3) set up secondary student daycare services for those that wish to work during the break (looking after elementary students)
4) allows families to travel without missing instruction time
Shelley T.
I’m not in favour of a 2 week spring break. However I am in favour of spring break being aligned better with Easter so there isn’t a disruption in school.

I would prefer summer be shorter if there is a 2 week spring break.
Please keep the 1 week spring break.  A two week break puts a strain on families with younger children that cannot be left alone.  They either have to scramble to find child care or organize time of work, and both could be expensive and/or negatively impact people with limited vacation times.  In my opinion the negative impact on young families outweighs the the "nice to have" luxury of an extra week off in the spring for teachers and students.
Trevor B.
Please bring back the 2-week spring break
Mark P.
Please leave spring break as 1 week
 Heather S.
We moved to Kamloops last summer from Terrace and were quite disappointed to find out that spring break is only one week long in Kamloops. I would love to see Kamloops get on board with most other districts in the province and implement a 2 week spring break. 
Athena W.
Our family prefers the 1-week spring break.  We prefer to take our vacation days in the summer, not when everyone else is taking spring break, and it's still cold.  Also, kids got bored when it was two week spring break, and just played video games.
Darren B.
Bring back the 2-week spring break. Thanks.
Jennifer D.
I would like to see the school district consider a modified school calendar similar to the one some schools in Calgary use. or consider half day Fridays so that teachers have time to collaborate in the school and work in a more team based approach. 
Robbi D.
I am following up with a request by a parent group to weigh in supporting a 2 week spring break. I support this. My child is at Lloyd George in SD 73.
Cheryl R-B.
I am in favour of a 2-week Spring Break. I really hope the School Board takes public (and teacher) input into consideration this time around.
Joleen G.
I am in favour of having a 2 week spring break brought back!! So many need that recharging time!! Especially our children... why must they spend over half their lives in school I know my children for one would much rather be outdoors playing sports or climbing trees then crammed in an overloaded classroom. 
Wendy C.
Our family would like to see a 2 week spring vacation put back into the calendar. My husband’s work was able to give us a week off together when there were two weeks off but it has been difficult once we moved back to a 1 week vacation.
We would also like to see lunch time’s provide enough time for kids to get their wiggles out. Lunch time is so short now, especially when children are young and take more time to eat.
Melissa B.
Please bring back 2 week spring break.
Gord C.
Bring back the 2 week spring break
Andrea H.
Two week spring break please !!!!!!!
Carrie G.
Two week Spreing Break please
Duff W.

I have reviewed the proposed school calendars and would like us to return to the 2 week spring break for the following reasons.

  1. I believe the kids need a longer break.   
  2. Many families need a longer break for family vacations which are as important as the schooling.
  3. The last time the School District sought our input on this, the greater response from parents and teachers was for a 2 week break.  It is time to listen and do it.
Nikki L.
I am in support of a 2 week spring break. There are many creative ways to adjust instructional time to accommodate this which would have minimal impact on students and teachers, yet provide them with a reasonable break in the spring. In the past parents and teachers have been asked their preference and have been very clear that they would like a 2 week spring break. Why ask the question and then ignore the response? Bring back the 2 week spring break!
Mack J.
I’m wondering why even after the parents in the district voted that they wanted a 2 week spring break, and the rest of the province has a 2 week spring break, SD73 continues to go with a 1 week spring break.  The people have spoken. Let’s get in line with the rest of the province.
Maureen R.
Please bring back the 2 week spring break.  It is a much needed break for students as well as families.  Everyone is so busy these days, a break is a time for everyone to recharge without pressure.
Christine D.
Bring back the two week spring break, and work to be aligned with the timing of most of the province.
Andrea H.
Could you please outline for me more clearly how this proposed three year calender is any different from what we have in the calender now
Christine B.
Bring Back Two Week Spring Break Please!
Carolyn F.
I believe that it is just as important to have the family time for a 2 week spring break as it is to receive instruction
Sherry S.
Please bring back a two week Spring Break 
Kyle M.
I believe that SD73 should align with the rest of the province's school districts and go back to a two week spring break.
Cassandra S.
Please KEEP 1 week spring breaks. I have 3 children in SD 73 and work full time. I can not afford to have that much childcare or to take that much time off work. Arranging the pro d days around long weekends is a good idea.
Paul S.
Please consider going back to a 2 week spring break. This time is needed for kids to recharge and for alignment with other districts.
Jodi A.
I see so many comments from parents wanting a 2 week spring  break. I however, support the 1 week break as a working parent I cannot easily take 2 weeks off in the spring when my work is very busy, and would prefer that she attend school than find a week of daycare. I appreciate also that the school year doesnt begin until after labour day. 
Kathryn W.
I would support a 2 week spring break or would like to see the PD days put with long weekends to make them 4-5 day breaks instead. I would also go with a shorter summer if that meant more long weekends throughout the year.   It spreads out the learning!  
Justine R.
Please bring back the two week Spring Break. One week is not a long enough break for my kids.
Tanya E.
I would support a two week spring break in alignment with other districts in BC.
James C.
My wife and I value our kids classroom time- which is why we would like to see the 2-week spring break brought back.  We do not like the idea of our children missing a week of school if we extend their single week, in order for our family-time schedule to align with family members in other parts of BC.  As it is, we know many parents do choose to take their kids out for an extra week, and this is not fair to the students, or the teachers.  Please bring back 2-week Spring Break!
Erin B.
We are in favour of the 2-week spring break - and based on the past results of those in favour of keeping it, it's disappointing to see a one week spring break once again planned for the next three years. 
Cathy U.
Definitely bring back the 2 week March break!!!
Nicole & Brad S.
As many others have commented my family would like to see a 2 week spring break considered. We feel that spending a few extra minutes a day to have an extra week to recuperate before the final months of school is beneficial to students and teachers.

Why are we one of only a few districts with a one week spring break?  What about our district makes us unique and what benefit has a one week break provided to our students and staff?
Marcy H.
Our family is strongly in support of a 2 week spring break. We are one of only a very small number of districts in the province with the 1 week break, and it was clear during the consultation process several years back that the majority of families were in favour of a 2 week break.
How can this departure from the provincial norm and parent's wishes be justified in the new calendar proposal?
I am in support for a two week spring break for the following reasons: to align with other districts in the province and in Canada, to aid in the recruitment of teachers to the district (many times the district runs out of Teachers on Call) and to support the mental well being of both students and staff. A few years ago, you asked for input regarding the two week spring break and received overwhelming support for a two week break. Despite that support, you chose not to follow what many groups (parents, students, staff) voted for and went with a one week break. I trust that this time around things will be different and you will listen to these comments from myself and the others posting in advocating for a longer break. I am a parent of elementary aged kids. 
 Niki R.

In favour of a 2-week spring break.  NOT in favour of a one-week spring break.

Also, in favour of consultation that is listened to, unlike last time.  Elected school board should listen to and react to overwhelming support a 2 week spring break.

 Mae M
 I think sd73 should have a 2 week spring break because:
• teachers, students, parents and families need it as a structural factor supportive of their positive mental-emotional, relational and physical health, and such structural factors are what counts as opposed to lip service or coping skills to endure a lack of such structural factors;
•a majority of previously and repeatedly surveyed parents expressed a need for a 2 week spring break yet their expressed need was dismissed;
•most districts have a 2 week spring break, so having a 1 week spring break works against responsible teacher recruitment and retention strategies;
•the notion that maximum days/hours/minutes at work or school increases productivity is a proven falsehood, and actually the opposite is true;
•when people are shown through action (e.g. via policy) that they are listened to and valued by accommodation of their expressed needs, it fosters good will, high spirits, increased motivation, increased sense of efficacy, higher morale and inspires a natural heartfelt loyalty.
It isn't such a huge deal to me to have a 2 week spring break that I would opt to engage in some trade-off for it. However, from what I have heard of the general  spring break buzz is that a lot of folk perceive the denial of a 2 week spring break as abnormal, self-defeating and, even...punitive. 
Feb. 25 I wanted to add that schools are not daycares, so it would be wrong to ignore the abundant valid reasons for a spring break to cater to those who wish to rely on their child's school for a daycare facility. Moreover, there are ample groups who offer  camps for kids of working parents during vacation periods. 
I would like to see a return to a 2 week spring break 
I believe it is better for the students to have a longer break and a it’s time for families to spend time together 
As one of the only districts in the province with one week, we appear to be behind the times pedagogically  
Jennifer T P.
I am a parent of an elementary age student and I am in favour of the return of a slightly longer school day to allow for a two week spring break. Thank you for the chance for my input to be heard. 
Katie B.
It would be so great if our district had a 2 week march break - it would enable us to visit with family in other parts of the province and country, while still giving the kids a well-needed rest.
Sarah D.
I support a 2 week spring break. One of the reasons why TOCs do not come to work in our district is because we only have a one week spring break. We have a major problem when it comes to TOC shortages, and this is one way that we can combat the issues we have been facing. Two weeks allows families time to travel, reconnect, and will give the students and staff a chance to recharge for the last term. There is no reason why we should not align with the other districts in the province and have a 2 week spring break. The data collected over the last 3 years supports that the parents, staff and students all want a 2 week spring break
Karley W.
Hello I’m contacting you to say I believe that a two week spring break should be reinstated. Thank you for your time.
Jarrett S.
Please allow SD73 to align its March break with the rest of Alberta and British Columbia school districts. Please, please, please this time listen to the wishes of the 90 percent of responses also calling for a 2 week Spring break. I echo all in favour reasons already mentioned.
Karen H.
I would like to join the chorus of people asking for a two week spring break. Closing schools for 2 weeks would save some money that could be used to support staffing and smaller class sizes for our kids,
Trish R.
I would like to see us align with the rest of the province and have a two week spring break. I hope that this time, the wishes of the majority of stakeholders are implemented, unlike the last time staff and families were asked. It affected morale when the board decided on a one week spring break even though the stakeholders seemed to overwhelmingly ask for two weeks.
Jeff T.
Thanks for the opportunity to give input on the school calendar. I definitely think that Kamloops has to fall into place with the rest of the province and have a 2 week Spring Break. 
David C.
Families generally have 2 week vacations.
Since we only give our students 1 week, some families will pull their students the week before, and some families will pull their students the week after.
Every year I loose a few students on either end of the spring break.  This is difficult for those students who are missing a week of class, difficult for teachers getting those students caught up, and difficult for the class dynamic where we have shifting students for a week on either side.
As almost all the other districts in BC and our neighbouring province have accomodated this by granting a 2 week spring break, as well as the student, parent, and teacher pollling that was heavily in favour of a 2 week break, I would just like to know why we are delaying?  If it is best for everyone, and there is no downside, what is the hold up?
As per a clear mandate from parents, students, and staff in the last consultative process, please re-institute the two week spring break period. A two week break is essential to allowing all parties to rejuvenate and regain academic focus.
Michealla M.
Most people responding on this school calendar topic are raising the idea of bringing back the two week spring break. I agree wholeheartedly. One of my fondest family vacation memories was during a two week spring break. We have not been able to do the same vacation due to the limited time of one week spring break. We are one of a few districts that continue with a one week spring break. A two week spring break would offer families a good length of time to take a substantial break, relax and renew before heading back into the last leg of the school year. Let’s support the mental health of the teachers, students and families and provide a Two Week Spring Break so people can connect with others who have been enjoying a two week spring break for some time now.
Get on board!
“2 Week Spring Break”👍
Fred & Linda T.
Back to2 week break please!
Brandi R.
Hello my concern is that a democratic process was not followed. You asked for input on the two week spring vacation, received a resounding support for it and yet chose not to follow what many groups wanted. I am a concerned parent. Thank you
Please make Spring Break 2 weeks. It is a much needed break for staff and students and let’s families and staff travel without having to take off days (and put pressure on the small TOC list). The survey of staff and families taken after the trial 3 years showed a high majority wanting 2 weeks. Please bring it back.
Cassia H.
If we cannot have a 2 week spring break I would love to see the Pro D days combined with long weekends so the kids get nice breaks between. Particularly the stats in Feb and October.
The kindergarten/ younger grades that require less time I would like for them to have more outside time.
Nicole H.
My feedback regarding the proposed school year schedules. I feel that the keeping of the proposed 1 week Spring Break does not align with the rest of BC. It simply does not make sense to be one of the only districts to keep with a 1 week break. Maybe offering a 2 week break would also help to strengthen teacher recruitment in Kamloops as I know that there is a shortage - my kids have discussed having no TOC available a few times this year when their teachers have been away.  
Ace Porter
I work full-time and a half on-call and I see very little of my two children. I would be so grateful for a 2 week Spring/March break to spend with my children!
Michelle W.

We have a child attending elementary school in School District 73.

We would like to provide a few comments in regards to the format of the School Calendar:

  • Our family is in support of moving from a 1-week Spring Break to a 2-week Spring Break;
  • Non-Instructional/Pro-D Day options:
    • We feel a day is needed in January – it feels like a long slog of a month

(not necessarily the days currently scheduled (2019/2020 calendar) in early December – have Christmas holidays starting soon - OR April – already have the Easter long weekend).

Renee S.
I would definitely support a two week Spring break.
Alan V.
Thanks for asking.  I support a 2-week spring break.  Having read the responses on your website, my reasons have already been covered.
Shannon H.
I would really appreciate the district endorsing a 2 week spring break for the following reasons:
1) Cost savings to the district - having schools closed for an extra week will save the district a significant amount of money (Surrey SD estimated that they save $100k per day of spring break).
2) One week significantly limits travel options and really provides far less benefit in terms of a 'break' for families and school staff.
3) It appears to be desire of the majority of people - according to CFJC, "some surveys to parents across the district indicated as many as 75 per cent of respondees favoured keeping a two-week spring break" while the CBC reports that 96% of KTA members said they wanted a longer break.
As an additional bonus, this policy change will align SD73 with the vast majority of districts in this province.  Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Anne C.
I strongly recommend a two week Spring Break. I have taught in other contries where students get more rest throughout the year than they do here. We have a very long summer break but not a lot of breaks throughout the year. The two week Spring Break is needed for both teachers and students. 
Other School Districts can figure it out and have a two week Spring Break and I don't understand why we are one of the only districts that can't. Where there is a will, there is a way. The majority of parents, students and teachers are in favour of a two week Spring Break and they should be listened to. 
Teaching is already a tough job and burned out teachers will not be working to their full potential or even stay in the profession. The Spring Break issue is factoring into recruitment of new teachers as well and keeping current employees.
Not only teachers but burned out students will not be working to their full potential either. 
Again, I strongly recommend a two week Spring Break!
Shauna P. 
I would like to see the two week spring break in our school district, this what every other school district in the province gets so it is possible.  Thank you.
Ricki L.
I would like to suggest the winter break dates be adjusted for the 2022/2023 calendar, by moving it forward by one week. I propose the last day of school be on Dec. 23, 2022, and that the first day back to school be on Jan. 9, 2023. 
My reasoning is that some court orders are made based on custody/access being on the first or second week of winter break, then vice versa the next year, and so on. Some judges make orders in that manner because Christmas Day usually falls within the first week of winter break; that's how the judge in my case dealt with Christmas rotation between us. The courts are bogged down every year regarding Christmas access already; having Christmas fall during the second week of winter break could aggravate tensions during an already tense time of year for many families, and increase pressures on an overloaded family court system. 
Kimberly V.
I agree with the majority of the comments I have read and urge you to re-institute a two week Spring Break. Children and families are exhausted by Spring. A true break allows time to unwind and renew and it teaches our children the value of self-care. We find it’s a time for families to re-connect and let go of the demands of the year that propel us into survival mode to just “get through” the last months of the school year. The traditionally longer break is an opportunity to charge our batteries, be that through stillness, lessening the demands on ourselves, travel or outdoor adventures around home. It’s so incredibly valuable to have that time.
Brianne S.
I would very much prefer to see a two week spring break brought back, which I what I said the last time you solicited my opinion. We end up just taking our kids out of school, as that’s the time of year we get to spend with our family in other parts of Canada, who all get two weeks by the way.
Jenn M.
Our family would like to advocate for a 2 week Spring Break.
Please bring back the two weeks for Spring Break.
Caraleigh N.
Our preference would be the two week spring break. Please actively consider the two week model again.
Sandy W.
Please consider a 2 week spring break. Thank you,
Please implement a two week spring break like the majority of the school districts in B.C..
Please consider a 2 week spring break
Ricki L.
From the perspective of a single parent who works, I do NOT support a two-week spring break because finding affordable childcare is next to impossible, and I can not afford to take time off work either. Perhaps it could be feasible for middle and high schools; those children can stay home alone. However, low income families of young children have a hard enough time getting through Christmas break, and even just one week of spring break without significant struggle. This creates more stress within these families and less money for necessities like food, medicine, and clothes. I don't think that's better for the kids. 
Has the SB considered creating an affordable spring break day camp of sorts for low income families? Perhaps some teachers would be interested in a bit of extra money to just play with kids and have fun in the school gyms, playgrounds, and fields (without opening classrooms). Just a thought for a potential solution.
Jelena H.
I agree with making a 2 week spring break change. Lots of people have family they visit across the province whom have 2 weeks and usually 1/3 of my sons class is missing anyway. The kids and staff need the time to recharge. 
A. F. 
Kamloops needs to align with the rest of the province and implement a 2 week spring break. It's pointless to keep it at one as so many family's take the extra week anyways for family time, and children end up missing things. Many sporting events at higher levels take place during this time as well and those kids also end up missing that school time.
Amanda H.
I would fully support a 2 week spring break. As someone who’s husband works away, the 2 weeks gives us more opportunity to spend time together as a family, since he may not be home for the first week but could be for the second week (or vice versa).
Please bring back the 2 week Spring Break to align with other districts.
Catrina M.
Please consider 2 week spring break!!!
Patty H.
I want to let you know that I am not in agreement with your proposal on the calendar for the next 3 years.
Yes, I am a SD73 employee - 30 years as well a parent of 2 children attended their schools from K -12.
When we had the 2 weeks Spring Break, I was skeptical at first as for 2 reasons - a long break plus as an employee.  But I was wrong!  I have never seen such a positive change in many areas when both staff and students have 2 weeks off for Spring Break!!!  Remember I am employee for 30 years
for your SD73 so I have seen it all. The positive changes in students were amazing during those 3 years!  And since then, it has reversed
back to what it was like pre 2 weeks Spring Break.  More behaviours, more fatigue, more meltdowns, lack of academic effort, etc.
I also noticed that their efforts towards their academic from end of Spring Break to end of June much higher than
just with 1 week Spring Break.
During those 3 years...we didn't see that much at all coming back from 2 weeks Spring Break to end of June!
For staff...they were way more refreshed and ready to roll up their sleeves to do their best to finish the year with a bang with their
students! Now..not as much I have seen teachers looking more fatigue - 1 week is not enough for our teachers!!!!  No, I am not a teacher but wow, they need
2 weeks break especially at Spring Break.  

More and more families wanting to have more than a week for Spring Break to take their families...not just for teachers' and their families or other employees, I
am talking about families who have their children enrolled in our schools!  

Also, my observation is that many teachers, and support staff want to book their holidays with their families - often 1 week is not enough therefore they book an extra
2 days off as LOA or even another week off as VAC or whatever code they can use.  This can cause a domino effect - not enough staff on relief for coverage and
that affects the staff on site after 1 week Spring Break.

So, please reconsider having 2 weeks Spring Break for our district.  To be honest, I am ok being off for one week or two since my children are now in Post Secondary
Education so it doesn't apply to me, however, I know it's best for our students and majority of the staff - more so the teachers, they NEED 2 weeks Spring Break.
Also in the last study - all 3 different groups AGREED to have 2 weeks Spring Break.  I was so shocked that the School Trustees did not follow that!  

Thank you for your time to read my email.  I really hope you and your group will reconsider and listen to everyone this time.
Julie H.
Im not sure why I am bothering to voice my opinion once again. I have voted twice now for a 2 week spring break, apparently along with thousand of other parents and teachers.  I have zero confidence in the SD 73 board of trustees to make decisions based on what is best for the student, teachers and parents involved in the district. The majority voted and you completely ignored us. Once again I am casting my vote for the 2 week spring break. The vote that is popular with not just the majority of sd 73 parents, teachers and students, but the majority of the province and other provinces as well. My kids have missed out on visiting many family and friends because our spring breaks no longer overlap a week and its pretty sad and seems to be the story for a lot of other families as well. Who exactly is benefitting from your dismissal of the majority? Cause its certainly not the the parents or kids impacted by your decisions. 
Elizabeth M.
I support the one week break. 2 weeks is too much disruption to my special needs child. 
Donna R.
We need a two week spring break. 
How can the majority of the other districts swing a two week break, but we cannot?  Clearly, parents and the board staff in other districts have been able to figure out some way to make this work. 
I wonder if the board will listen to the public input this time?  Three years ago, the public consulation was a joke...the board did not listen to the the requested input and did what they wanted to anyway.  
Bring back the 2 week break to stay! 
Kaleigh M
A 2 week Spring Break should ne brought back into the calendar.  Many families travel more than one week and it would be more like the rest of the province.
Sheri L.
As a parent i prefer the two week spring break.
Jenna M.
I’d like to see the two week spring break brought back in SD 73.
Tanya S.
I would like to go back to the two week spring break!
Corrine G
We would like to see a return to a 2 week spring break, please.
Viva W.
I’d like to comment on the draft version of the 2020-23 school calendar. The majority of districts in the province have two week spring break and I believe that our district should also. Having moved from a district that gave children two weeks, I will admit that I was initially skeptical about the benefits. However, I have seen in my own children how much they need the longer break to rest, recharge and return to school ready to learn and benefit from the third term. One week is not enough for them. Schools are not daycares and the reasoning that parents can’t arrange and/or afford the extra week is both antiquated and shown to be untrue by the vast majority of districts throughout the province. In addition, the reasoning that kids will have too much time on their hands and will find trouble has been shown to be unfounded by the examples set throughout BC. There is no good reason that I am aware of that we should continue to have a single week of spring break.

In addition, planning for spring getaways with our family and friends from other districts is made much more difficult by the fact that our breaks do not align. It means my children have to miss valuable classroom time in order to spend time with family and friends that don’t have the benefit of living close by. Furthermore, I see that many people still choose to take a two week break and remove their children for all or a portion of the week before and after spring break. It causes classroom disruption and given the dismal attendance, I see teachers making less productive use of that classroom time so that those children aren’t left behind their peers.

My other comment is regarding the last day of instruction. It seems to me that so little is accomplished in June that the value of extending school to the 29th of June (with the 30th being pro-d) even when that day falls on a Tuesday or Wednesday is minimal. Is there an opportunity to finalize classes on the final Friday in June instead giving families the extra time together during the summer break.  
Lisa D.
I would like to see the two week spring break return. It worked when it was given a trial run and it was voted a yes by all stake holders. The fact that it came down to a tie-breaker with the trustees and somehow that gave it ALL weight after parents and staff voted FOR it made no sense. We need to be on par with the rest of the province.
Arguments against it have been dealt with in all the other districts, ours is not unique. Finally, teacher recruitment has been difficult and many prospective teachers have stated it’s because it’s one of 2-3 districts who won’t allow 2 weeks.
Sam B.
I would like to give input into the three year calendar proposal from SD 73. All other districts in BC and other provinces get a 2 week spring break, I would like to propose SD 73 moves to a similar break as other areas in western Canada.

Let me know if you have any questions or need anything else’s.
Jody S.
Please change back to a 2 week spring break our kids need that break.  I would even be happy having an even school year instead of 2 months off in the summer.
Jo M.

I am in favour of:

  • a 2 week spring break.
  • Lining spring break up with Easter on years that the timing of Easter makes that possible.

We can’t all get vacation during the school break periods, especially when we have a shorter spring break than the rest of the province(1 of only 2 districts with a 1 week spring break?).   I am a single mother of 2 who competes with 35 other employees to get time off to spend with my children during the spring, summer and Christmas break periods – I do not get stat holidays (Christmas, Easter etc.) off and some years I get a week in one of those periods, other years I might get a day.  A second spring break week would allow me more opportunity to try to get some time off to spend with my children, parenting and connecting as a family unit. 

Parents are often accused of using school as daycare, but here parents are requesting more time to spend with their kids and they are being ignored.  The high school curriculum now demands that kids spend time working or volunteering in order to graduate, putting more demands on students’ and families’ time, but when we ask for family time we are disregarded.  Each year I receive a snarky note from my childrens’ school reminding parents that if they choose to remove their children from school to travel then the teachers and school are under no obligation to assist them by providing homework in advance or allowing tests to be taken before or after vacation.  How are we as parents supposed to connect our children with extended family or expose our children to the world around them if the children will be penalized for missing a week of school?  This does not make sense.

With a single spring break week travel costs out of Kamloops sky rocket due to concentrated demand for that single week, pricing some families completely out of any travel opportunity.  Full disclosure, I will not be able to afford Europe, Maui or even Mexico with either a 1 or 2 week break, but I would be able to drive us somewhere for a few days and bond with my kids over car karaoke and a museum we haven’t been to before (if I am able to secure some time off which the 2 week break would make more likely)!

Some parents share custody which means not enough time for either parent to have a meaningful out of town adventure with their children if they are sharing only 1 week instead of 2.

I understand that some families may struggle with childcare.  Many high school students look for babysitting opportunities during spring break, some for pay and some for volunteer hours – perhaps a SD73 online forum to connect babysitters with families in need of care or transportation to/from camps for their little ones?  Or connect families in a care exchange?  I am sure that there are numerous creative solutions that have not yet been considered. 

My 2 children tend to have growth spurts in March, leaving them exhausted.  A one week break gives them time to rest but not really time to recharge through activity or socializing, leaving them grumpy and distracted when they return to school after a 1 week spring break.  Teachers must notice this with many of their students.

I respectfully request that the decision to maintain in a 1 week spring break in SD73 be reversed, and a 2 week break be implemented for the next 3 years.  During those 3 years, learning outcomes and childcare challenges could be assessed, and a full and INFORMED review of the 1 week vs. 2 week spring break schedule could be performed. 


Thank you

I would like to see a two-week Spring Break. 
Adam S.
I currently have 2 children in the K-12 system and although I do not
necessarily get time off at spring break, I see real value in my kids
having a 2 week spring break. There are a multitude of sports/arts/music
camps, community events and  other learning opportunities available
which supplement a child’s learning in ways other than classroom
Please consider returning to a 2 week spring break.
Sherri H. 
Please consider adding back the two week spring break as we are among the only district with one week.  This has made it very difficult to arrange family time with our extended family in other districts.  Additionally my kids need the break!!  I would like to know what research you are considering when limiting down time for children.  Especially when some of the newest research say we should be adding more breaks to children day and year not less.
Kevin & Jane
Please restore 2 week spring breaks.  They are great for truly relaxing, resetting and getting ready for rest of school year.  Plus they really help with trip planning and lessen the temptation to book trips and take kids out of school at other times.
Rolynda S.
I am in favour of a return to a two week spring break.
Tamara V.
Dear SD73 Trustees and Administrators,
School District 73 students and their families are being held hostage to school district politics with the move to a one-week spring break. Please - show that you value the family unit and the role it plays in child development - and move to a two-week spring break. 
Please see below my letter to the editor (February 14, 2017) published in Kamloops This Week which details the reasons for my request.




I have two words in support of a two-week spring break: Shift work.

My husband works in the ER and his shifts frequently take him away from home Ain the evenings and weekends. It’s not uncommon for him to start a shift at 3 p.m. when our kids are coming home from school. Many of the almost 30 ER docs at Royal Inland Hospital ( and a far greater number of nurses, other medical professionals and support services) have kids enrolled in SD73 schools. 

The current two-week spring break enables twice a many of these physicians to have precious time with their kids. This group has fine-tuned their scheduling system to fairly divvy up long weekends and holidays (ie. time with their kids). Moving to a one-week spring break cuts into this significantly. I in no way discount that a two-week break requires twice as much child care for many parents. 

For this, I wish I had a solution. But I urge you to consider this: Parents requiring child care form 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. are more often able to eat dinner with their family and tuck their kids into bed than their shift-working counterparts. The two-week spring break is vital to boosting valuable time for parents and kids to be together. Day time-off equals time with kids. Employers of shift workers in the School District No. 73 boundary include Royal Inland Hospital, more than a dozen care facilities, our mines, law enforcement, fire fighters and many others. Thank you for your consideration of those who serve our community evenings, nights and weekends. 

Brenda & Kevin J.
Bring back the two week spring break so we are in line with other districts!!!!
Scott L.
I feel that the calendar should be changed to the 2 week spring break model to align with the rest of the province. My son has shared that many of his classmates are absent around the break as they are away on holidays. Consequently the teachers can’t move on with the curriculum and it’s time wasted.
Amanda M.
After having a quick look over of the calendar school year for the next three years I would like to see the two week Spring Break coming back.  As a CEA, I find the one week isn't long enough to help the students or the staff to regenerate and finish off the school year strong and at are best.  

I hope all of those whom are taking in the feedback actually take the time and truly listen to everyone's feedback on this topic.
I would prefer a two week Spring break.
Nicole A.
I seriously hope a two week break will be considered. The vast majority of parents, teachers and students are in favor of it. I come from Australia where there are three two week breaks throughout the school year. As a former student, teacher and parent of this system I can attest to the benefits of a decent break throughout the school year. Retention losses are minimal with a two week break and the health and family time benefits are many. Furthermore it will put Kamloops in line with the great majority of school districts in this province. At present sporting bodies in BC are organizing training opportunities that Kamloops kids do not have the opportunity to pursue because they are scheduled to attend school. To me this is absurd and the whole province should be united in its school calendar.  
If this is what most people want I can not fathom why those chosen to represent us would vote any other way. To me that is an abuse of power and simply wrong. 
Krista P. 
I would like to advocate for a two week spring break. Most other districts in B.C. and most other provinces enjoy a two week break. Families need this time to reconnect and recharge. 
Steven B.
The overwhelming majority of parents and teachers supported a 2 week Spring Break in a district survey 3 years ago.  Shortly thereafter, SD#73 announced a 1 week Spring Break. Kamloops is one of only two districts in BC to have a 1 week Spring Break. How can this decision be justified by the SBO? It seems punitive.
Sme M.
Would love a two weeks spring break for my children to relax and to spend time together!
Susie M. 
Please consider a 2 week Spring Break for our district.
Lisa P.
I support the 2 week spring break. This gives time for trips as a family.
Karen P.
I would really like to see a two week spring break! I feel that the two weeks gives us an overall healthy break for both students and staff. We should be in line with the rest of British Columbia!
Cindy O.
SD#73 Trustees need to re-visit the Spring Break issue and do what they should and change it back to a 2 week Spring Break.  Almost every district in BC has a 2 week Spring Break - it doesn't make sense to have one of the biggest districts in BC - not on the same calendar as the other districts  in BC.  Think About it!
Leann M.
I would like the schools to have a 2 week spring break. 1 week is not long enough to take your kids on a holiday, to feel rested.
Christina H.
I was hoping to see it go back a 2 week spring break again but sadly when I opened it there was still only 1 week. My vote is for a 2 week spring break. After such a long winter my kids are definitely in need of a longer mental break, one week just seems to go by too fast.

Denise P.

I would like to propose keeping the 1 week spring break.  I am also wondering about how many Pro d/non instructional days are needed/required for the school year? I am also wondering why they always need to be on a Friday or a Monday and they seem to coincide with a long weekend.  I work a Monday-Friday schedule, do not get Pro d days and work throughout the summer time. 
Kim B. 
Thank you for keeping spring break at 1 week.
Cindy M.
As a family we would love to see sd73 bring back the 2 week spring break. The 2 weeks is greatly needed in my opinion to give the kids a chance to unwind and prepare for the haul towards the end of the school year! Thanks Cindy.M
Terra M.
I support a two week spring break.
Laura B.
Please go back to a 2 week spring break, it is ridiculous that we only have one week. I believe it affects our ability to get teachers in the area. Certainly, if I was deciding between Kamloops and Vernon or Kelowna - I would go with a 2 week break.
Wendy A.
Urging you to implement the 2 week Spring Break.  Why are we the only district in the Province that still has the 1 week break?  Has consideration been given to the fact there are families that have children attending both an Independent School and a Public School?  Independent being 2 weeks and Public being 1 week can be difficult to co-ordinate.
Many families are taking 2 week holidays at Spring Break regardless, and those children are already missing the second week, why not make it official ????  My child tells me, there are hardly any children in class the week after Spring Break because everyone is on Holidays.  That teachers are not starting anything new due to the lack of attendance, that the week after Spring Break is being used for reading and assignment catch up.  Sounds to me like the teachers have now become ‘free’ Child Care, and not a teacher - this is NOT an acceptable situation. It is unfair to both the Students and the Teachers.
Stephanie R.
It would be nice to have a two week spring break.
Regarding the 2020-2021 and on, calendar. We want a two week spring break. Add minutes to the end of the day or start if the day. The kids and their families need this time. I know there are families that “can’t afford daycare”, when we had the two weeks before they made it work. Opportunities for reasonably priced childcare opened, parents helped other parents. It’s doable like all the other cities in BC and Alberta.
Andrea M.
Please return the 2 weeks Spring Break so many trips are being cancelled in schools, we are the only ones left in the Province to visit friends and family we need the break . Huge difference in behaviours of students when it is just one week !!!
Nicole L.
Please bring back 2 week spring break.  It is really hard to split a 1 week vacation off school when you have a blended family. Parents appreciate teachers more after 2 weeks home with kids and boyh teachers and kids appreciate the 2 week break from school.
Michael B.
I have three children in sd73 and would like the two week spring break to be brought back.
Jenn B.
Would like to go back to the 2 week spring break like other provinces.
I would love to see it go back to a two week spring break in Kamloops. The parents voted and wanted a two week break. Also the rest of the province gets a two week spring break, why do we not get the same luxury. 
I would like to see a 2 week spring break back and be set as a standard, as all other school district have done. Students and staff are tired and stressed by March and would benefit from enough time to de stress, relax, enjoy family time and travel.
Lauri B.
I am surprised that the calendar still reflects a one week spring break. The results of the surveys from three different interest groups, as well as feedback in the last few consultations shows the majority favour a two week break. The majority of the districts in this province have a two week spring break. Research supports having a longer break for students to recharge and families to reconnect. Why does this district insist on having a one week break? I would like to see a two week spring break.
Katina P.
Hi, I wanted to share my input regarding Spring Break for the upcoming three years of the school calendar. To remain on par with the other school districts, I feel that we need two weeks for Spring Break. Thank you for your consideration.
Jody P.
Where is the 2 week spring break that we have all asked for. I am in favor of the 2 weeks at spring break. 
Crystal A.
I am also writing in as so many others have to urge you to reconsider the 2 week spring break. Majority of people and teachers and faculty are in favour of 2 weeks. You need to listen to the people.  I also think you need to reconsider some pro d days. Why not structure pro d days around long weekends. Example, we had a pro d day earlier in Feb and then a long weekend for Family Day, why not make the pro d day the Friday before the long weekend. I feel like parents would take advantage of that and travel if they can. Also consider having a pro d day after Halloween if it's on a school day. Perhaps its difficult on the middle of the week but if possible that Halloween is in a Thursday to make the Fri after a pro-d day. So many parents don't send their kids anyways and teachers don't want to deal with hyped up kids either. 
Those are the things i would like you to consider when making the calendar. 
Melanie T.
A two week spring break should be part of the school calendar to align with the vast majority of the province.   It is not fair to view teachers and support staff as day care providers. Parents in this district will have to figure something out as other parents in other districts must. It’s needed for healthy recharge.
Kate K.
I would love to see a return to a two week Spring break as almost all districts in BC have. Many families take the 2 weeks anyway in order to spend time with their family members who have children attending other school districts in BC.
Michele T.
100% in support of 2 week spring break. Surely the SD can recognize that (except one small rural district) we are the ONLY district that has only 1 week. Is this because we are the only district that ignores the democratic process? Three years ago you polled parents and staff then ignored the results and imposed a 1 week break against the opinion of the majority. 
Pam B.
I feel that there should be two weeks for Spring Break !
Holly A.
I agree with all the other people and their comments regarding a 2 week Spring Break.   Almost all the other Districts throughout the Province have a 2 week Spring Break.  It does not make sense and is difficult for families to plan to see other family and friends with our 1 week break, compared to Districts at the coast and other areas that have a 2 week break.  When students, teachers and parents prefer and expressed a preference for a 2 week break, then it is baffling why the Kamloops School District does not address and change the break to the 2 week model.  

Two weeks is a good amount of time to rest, and relax.  I spend part of my break planning and improving the subjects I teach.  The two weeks … just ensures I get rejuvenated and also have time to plan and prep for the rest of the year.  

Thank you for your consideration and efficiency in changing back to the 2 week spring break that we had before.  
Mike S.
The teachers have indicated support for two weeks Spring break.  Majority of parents including myself have asked for two weeks. What else can we do or say to convince the school board to make a decision that will  align with the majority?  What gives the board members the right to go against the wishes of their stakeholders?   Why ask for input if they are not to be heeded?  Resign if your personal values hinder fulfilling your job as our representatives!  
Amy L.
I just wanted to give my input on the proposed calendars for 2020-2023.
I am concerned about the lack of a two week spring break.  When spring break was changed back from two weeks to one week, it was done in opposition of the wishes of most parents and teachers.  We were told that the one week break was just a trial, and would be revisited.  I have yet to see any explanation as to why we are staying with a one week break.  Most families, mine included, would much prefer a two week break.
Gina M.
We moved to this school district from SD58 and Was devastated to learn that it was only a week here. I would love to see a 2 week spring break!
Jennifer S.
I would be in favor of a 2 week spring break.
Cheryl H.
Yup.  2 week Spring Break PLEASE! 
Sherri O.
I have been the Track & Field Coordinator for elementary schools for a number of years now. I am the liaison with the City for doing all of the bookings for Hillside Stadium for the outdoor events and TCC for the Indoor Relay Fest. The BC LIONS have been coming to Kamloops for their training camp for the past 4 or 5 year, which has significantly (negatively) impacted our track meets. Since Hillside Stadium was built elementary (and high school) track & field meets have been taking place there. We would begin with the zone meets (4 zones), which took place during the week after the May long weekend. Each zone would be on one of the days and we would rotate each year so different zones didn't always get 'stuck' with the Tuesday after a long weekend. Then we would have the District 1000/1200 on one morning for following week (Tuesday) with the full District Meet on the Wednesday.

With the meets being in late May, schools were able to have enough time to properly teach the various skills associated with each event, give students time to practice and then to qualify for the zone meet to represent their school. This time of year was also good because we didn't have to worry about snow and snow-covered fields. This allowed the district staff time to prep our fields - line the tracks, fix the pits etc.

Now that the BC LIONS are here, their 'prime' time is also our prime time, and the City have given their needs priority. This has resulted in our meets being moved to early May where all of our meets are completely finished well before the May long weekend. This has posed some major challenges for schools, especially those up the hill (Pacific Way, Aberdeen, McGowan Park, etc.) where we have a 'longer' winter season. This has also caused some issues with the hiring of CUPE staff to complete the prepping of the fields. There have been some times where our fields and pits were 'fixed' after the meets.

Last spring, executives and member of the Kamloops Track & Field Club as well as myself met with City staff (Sean Smith) to discuss our issues and concerns. Although he was sympathetic and asked for our 'ideal' times and he would do his best to accommodate us, we were given dates even earlier than last year! After alternative solutions (suggested by Judy Armstrong and Joan Cowden) and compromises were sent to the City, we were given some better dates. However, they are still not ideal. However, we have no choice but to accept what we are given. There have been countless emails going back and forth between myself and all of the other people previously mentioned. So, as long as the BC LIONS are coming to Kamloops for their training camp, we will be in this less than ideal situation.

In one of the emails sent to me by the City, they suggested that the Pro-d day in May should be changed and that I should contact district officials. That is why I am sending you this email. I understand the new calendar dates are being set for the next 3 years, so I wanted to provide you with this information. The current Friday pro-d date before the May long weekend has not always been there; I know it has been there for quite some time now, but not since I started as track coordinator. Therefore, I was wondering if the district would consider moving this pro-d date to the first week of May?
Beverly B.
I would like to see a 2 week spring break.
Katie J.
Would like to see SD73 go back to a 2 week spring break 
Robby H.
I am 100% in favour of adopting a two week Spring Break in SD73.  It has many health and wellness benefits for both students and teachers.  Not only does it help with the health and well-being of the students and teachers, it helps with cost savings of bussing for the district.  
Tash V.
For the school calendar spring break would be nice if it was 2 weeks like the coast.
Jessica L.
I love this district, I love working for sd73, but I also love my family!!

As an employee, I know from Winter break to March can be very long!! It doesn't help with the darkness, the weather, and also having to work out of town from Kamloops 0.4fte of my time in Barriere.

As a newer mom, it upsets me, that I dont get to spend as much time with my baby girl. I have to put her in daycare to go work, and then by the time I arrive home, its dinner and bedtime. Weekends are just not enough time. I want to be a mom that is able to spend time with my family and actually raise her and our future babies.

By having the second week of Spring Break, I feel like I will be able to be refreshed for the rest of the year but also I will have that extra family time, that I am always craving!!!!!
Lia K.
I would like to see the District revisit the 2 week spring break. Using the previous model that shifted time from the week missed towards a few minutes daily seemed to work well. The majority of parents and staff voted in majority of a two week spring break during the last time the calendar was amended so that information should be considered when implementing the newly structured format.
Jamie K.
As both a school district employee and the parent of two SD73 high schoolers, I wish the calendar would include a two-week Spring Break.
Dale H.
Giving feedback on the school district calender. I would love to see it return to the two week spring break format. Less pro d days. Maybe one every couple of months but not every month.
Michelle B.
Our family strongly supports a two week spring break with a calendar similar to the one the district used for the trial period a few years ago - same beginning and end of the school year with a shorter lunch time.
Scott & Michelle S.
I’m writing in response to the upcoming calendars posted for the next three years.  I would like to see the two week Spring Break considered.  
When this was taken away 3 years ago, the district took the time to survey the public. The outcome was, majority of those voted were in favour of keeping the 2 week Spring Break. However, you took it upon yourselves to go against a majority vote. Last I checked we live in a democratic society, where we vote in people who represent the public’s needs.
I think it’s time that School District 73 and the school trustees, stand for the public and their wishes.
Carmen B.
I would like to see a two week spring break to align with the majority of districts in the province.  Families miss opportunities to meet/travel with extended  family members for vacation. Many parents are taking students out of class regardless & teachers are expected to catch students up.
Tiffany C.
I would like to put forward my opinion on spring break. We should have a 2 week spring break, just like almost every other district in bc.
Karen N.
I have twin daughters currently in Grade 8. I would prefer to return to the two week spring break to allow our family to go on vacations. One week is not long enough if we want to do an extended holiday. Now that they are in high school they do not want to miss any school so extending our holiday into school days is no longer an option.
Julie S. 

Please implement a 2 week spring break for the children to get the much needed R&R that they so desperately need.  A 2 week break from the day to day routine will refuel them to engage and finish the school year with enthusiasm.

I can tell that there is growing anger and frustration over the lack of response to your own survey regarding length of spring break.  Please listen to your audience.

Thanks for listening.

Kristina B.
I have been waiting for an opportunity to discuss this.  I have read some of the other comments regarding the 2 week break and I 100% agree with them, as do most parents I have spoken too on this issue.  Having a two week break in the Spring, the same as the rest of the province, allows me time with my children without having them miss class, which I don't like doing and allows us time to travel if we chose or spend time with family.  This time also allows us to recharge and rest after a long winter without much break.
I sincerely hope you revert to the 2 week spring break- as you trialed a couple years ago.
Lori R.
As with many of the other comments, I also say "WHERE IS THE 2 WEEK SPRING BREAK?"  There was an overwhelming majority of parents and staff who wanted a spring break, and still this is not reflected.  Do you not listen to the input you ask for?
Katie I.
I am sending this email as I am concerned with the proposed SD73 calendar when it comes to the one week spring break. As a teacher and parent, I would like to see our district align with other districts in the province and change our calendar to a TWO week spring break. I want to be able to spend time with my family (including family from other districts who will be having 2 week breaks), travel, and recharge. I also notice that some of my students tend to take off a few days to a week prior to or after our current one week spring break, so it’s difficult to start new content with many of the kids missing.
I appreciate the opportunity to voice my concerns and I hope you will take into account how many teacher and parents are feeling the same way as I am when in comes to this specific aspect of the district’s calendar.
Ian Ross
2 weeks
Nadine E.
Keep it the way it is one week of spring break !!!
Sherri R.
Shorter summer  maybe 5/6 weeks  and 2 week spring break
Chris M.
Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion on the SD 73 Calendar. My biggest concern about changes made to the school year calendar is that changes are made based on best practice or student data. In the last 8 years, SD 73 has had both a 2 week and one week spring breaks. Has there been any effort made to see if the academic performance and attendance has improved/declined due to the changes? I believe it is extremely important that any changes made regarding education be a result of what is best for our children. It is also my opinion that SD73 take into consideration what other districts around the province are doing with their calendars. Consulting districts such as Surrey with upwards of 72 000 students about their calendar (which includes a 2 week spring break) should be considered.
Christine O.
Please consider changing the one week spring break to 2 weeks. This would align with the rest of the province/country and would provide a more effective break for students and staff. It would also give families the opportunity to take a longer family vacation without students missing instruction time.
Kevin & Tanya G.
I would like to vote for a 2 week Spring Break. My children attended the Francophone School District and have always had a 2 week Spring Break. We got used to being able to coordinate vacations with our friends from other school districts. Now that I have 2 kids in high school in SD 73, it has been disappointing to only have 1 week. 
Please add the extra minutes to each day and change Spring Break to 2 weeks.
How do we have our vote count?
Angie L.
Our family would like to advocate for a 2 week spring break. 
Jay W.
The spring break should be two weeks. Families would like to spend time together however it is nearly impossible to take holidays when every parent is fighting for the sole week to take off. The school board likes to say it supports children and families however actions speak louder than words.

I’m amazed that it is only one week here which appears to be more of a convenience issue for the district versus having any real purpose.  The one week break was supposed to be a trial period but it looks like the district just wants to force it through again.
Dennis P.
The only change I would suggest is making Spring Break 2 weeks instead of 1.  The kids and the teachers need a longer break to recharge before the final 3 months of the year.  We are one of only two districts that only has one week.  It may also help to recruit education degree graduates from the various universities who can now pick and choose from jobs.  Why go work in Kamloops when Kelowna, Vernon and Salmon Arm have 2 week spring breaks?
Becky R.
I feel the students and teachers should have a 2 week spring break like most of the provinces public and private schools.  A slightly longer day or shorter lunch recess would allow for this or take away 1 week from the very long summer break.  
Sam U.
I am very disappointed to see that the school district is staying with a one week spring break.
Sally Z.
Staff as well as students are tired by March and benefit from a two week break. Most school districts in BC have this already. It would be good to see the two weeks brought back. 
Mikala C.
1. We need a two week spring break. How are we supposed to recruit and retain teachers when other districts offer more time to regroup and recuperate? 
2. Make sure semesters are balanced in secondary schools. This year there were 2 more weeks in the second semester than the first semester.
Amanda B.
Please, please, please schedule a two week spring break.
Denise S.
2 weeks for spring break!!

Families need this valuable time together and not all of us parents have Summers off.  Or can have Christmas off for that matter!!

Would that not put us in line with the rest of the province and help recruit teachers!!! Please consider.  

I do understand the effects of families of younger children with little support and it does make it difficult.  So it is not without sympathy for all parents involved.

Please reconsider and allow the two week break.  
Taylor D.
Please bring back the 2 week spring break. It is needed for the students and it is wanted by the parents. End of story.
Kailey N.
I would love to see a two week spring  break brought back. I find the kids  need it by march as they are so exhausted and need a break. 
Adrienne Y.
Thank you for your proposed calendar.  I would love to see a 2 week spring break returning here as almost all school districts in BC have.  As an international family,  it really makes a difference to have time to celebrate our diverse family which includes overseas travel.  Thank you for your consideration. 
Jennifer G.
Completely support a two week spring break!
Ashley S.
Hello, looking at the school calendar for the next three years I’d really like to see the two week spring break reconsidered.
Jana H.
I would love to see the 2 week spring break back! And the flexibility of it to align with Easter when Easter falls in March or the very beginning of April. As well when there is a Pro-D day it would be a lot more helpful for parents if it could line up with a long weekend to make a 4 day weekend instead. For example the pro-d day earlier in February would have been wonderful if it had been the Friday before the family day long weekend.
Jenn C.
The two week spring break needs to be brought back. Teachers and students are exhausted by March. We are now teaching about caring for ourselves, being mindful of our needs, and learning to manage stress and worry in primary grades! What happened to letting them be kids and giving them time to be with their families? Teachers are exhausted and taking more mental health days than ever. We can’t give from an empty cup. Bring back the two week spring break.
Melissa S.
I have seen the calendar for the next 3 year school calendar and I wanted to say thank you for keeping spring break at 1 week. I feel this is what’s best for my child’s learning and as a single parent, is manageable to the needs of our family.   If parents, who can afford it, want to keep their child out for an additional week, they are more than welcome  to do so.

Again, thank you for keeping spring break to one week.
Angela R.
We need a 2 week spring break it’s not reasonable to have our spring break different then most of the province of BC - this really needs to be changed.
Doug & Karla T.
Wow..... So disappointed that you did not listen to the parents, teachers and students or our district and refuse to reinstate the 2 week spring break. Please re consider.
Michelle W. 
I think that the only change that should be made to the school calendars is to reflect a 2 week Spring break. We are one of the only districts in BC with out a two week break making it difficult to plan family vacations and such with out having our child miss an extra week of school anyways. 
Louise S.
I was just made aware of the release of the school district calendar for the next three years and would like to voice some concerns.

I note that the one week spring week is continuing. As you are aware parents voted on this when it was changed to one week and a large majority voted to keep a two week break. We were ignored. Teachers also overwhelmingly support a two week break as they feel it better supports learning. They are also ignored.

As the parent of two teenagers I see first hand how exhausted the high school kids are by March. A one week break is just not enough time for them to recharge so that they can finish the year at their peak.

Many families, us included, like to spend Spring Break travelling with our kids. The bonding time and learning opportunities are priceless and the years that we can do this with them are precious few. One week is not long enough to take them outside of North America. This leads to a scramble for working parents to try to book the same week vacation leave as their coworkers, having to travel in the more expensive summer months, less choice of destinations due to seasonal weather changes and ultimately a loss of family time. Something that is already in short supply in our society.

The majority of school districts in BC have a two week Spring Break. It is disappointing for families that they aren’t able to spend vacation time with family in other districts. This is especially difficult for divorced parents who alternate weeks with their children and whose week may not coincide with a one week Spring Break.

Finally, we were told that the one week was a trial and would be reconsidered. This doesn’t appear to have happened. I would urge the district to take parents and teachers concerns seriously and reconsider the one week Spring Break.
Lori W.
I would really love to see the 2 week spring break come back! And I know many families and many district employees who would love to see that come back as well. Thank you for your consideration!
Kirsten C.
Having looked at the proposed calendars for the next few years, once again the lack of a two week spring break is a glaring omission. As has been commented on by many others since the two week spring break was repealed, this was not a move supported by parents or teachers but was still implemented by the school board. If the board and district are truly sincere in wanting parent/guardian engagement in district planning, seriously take their feedback into account otherwise the request smacks of lip service. Further, if a two week spring break will once again not be considered there needs to be proper justification that is openly disclosed. Again, as others have mentioned, why is SD 73 essentially the only district to not have a two week spring break?
Vannessa G.
I’ve had a look at the next 3 years and I am disappointed that the spring break continues to be only one week.
Please reinstate the two week break that other districts throughout the province use.
Chelle M.
I would like the district to implement a two week Spring break, as the majority of the school districts in this province have a two week Spring break. 
I was under the impression that most parents and school staff were in favor of the two week Spring break.
I also think that a one week Spring break could deter qualified teachers from working for our district as the incentive of an additional week of spring break is appealing. 
Students and staff benefit from time off to reset, allowing them to come back after the break rested and ready to finish the school year.
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to voice our opinions. I hope the district listens to everyones input in regards to the two week Spring break.
Kathleen A.
It is baffling to me that SD #73, after overwhelming support was shown during the previous consultation process, is still proposing a one-week Spring Break. What is it that makes the needs of our district so unique compared to the vast majority of school districts in this province?
Leona M.
I had a look at the calendars for the next 3 years.  Yet again, I am so disappointed that we are still on a 1 week spring break.  I know there were surveys done a few years ago.  The results were strongly in favour of 2 weeks.  Why are we still one of the few districts with 1 week?  Many other districts in the province make 2 weeks work.  Why is this school district still holding out? 
Amy-Rae L.
We need to have the 2 week Spring break back, my kids need the extra time, why are we the only district that only has a one week break, it's rediculous.
Lisa F.
In regards to the new three year school calendar, I would like to know why the two week spring break has not yet been revisited.

We are now only one of two districts in the entire province who only have one week spring break. Not to mention, when the original surveys went out, staff, parents, and students were all in favour of the two week break. Many teachers work through their lunches, therefore they are actually working an entire week longer than those who have two weeks off.

This is a major issues that the district should be addressing and considering again.
Mary U.
Obviously, the SD 73 Spring Break should be 2 weeks, as it is in most other School Districts.  Staff end up taking the time off anyways, as LOA, holidays, or sick days -  then you are paying two salaries for their absences.  It just makes sense to change it back to two weeks off.
Jessica M
The future school calendar should reflect a 2 week spring break. Regardless of if we have 1 or 2 weeks, families do go on holidays during this time,  and will miss school if the break is too sport. Also teachers need time to recharge. I would prefer one week left at summer to accommodate a two-week spring breaking necessary. 
Michael W.
I am very curious as to why these next 3 years show only 1 week spring break. The overwhelming support amongst all stakeholders shows the desire for 2 weeks. I am wondering why this is not happening yet again.
Sophia S.
We need a 2 week spring break. It might help us recruit new TTOCs, teachers, and CEAs. There are very few districts left with only one week Spring Break. Also, it would be great if Nov 1st would be one of the ProDs; The day after Halloween is very difficult in elementary schools as students are overtired and hyped up on sugar.
Monte & Trina S.

Really?  SD73 is considering continuing to stick to a one week spring break?  Almost every other district in the province, and likely the country, has a two week spring break.

There are currently not enough TOC’s in the district to support the teaching staff.  As a result, teachers are often losing their prep time to cover for other staff members.  This lack of prep time directly impacts the quality of education our children receive.  Yet why would a new teacher be interested in coming to a district with less to offer than essentially all the others in the province?

Donna T.
It is ridiculous that almost all of the province of BC has 2 weeks, and Kamloops students do not.  I believe it is time to make this change.  
Billy C. 


In regards to the proposed calendar, I would like to emphatically support a two week Spring Break. I am the father of a grade 1 daughter in school. She absolutely loves and lives for school and I have noticed in the last week she has been asking to sleep in and get a late slip at school (a child that never breaks a rule and has requested this) and has said she is simply exhausted. I listen to her and don’t encourage this but I am noting that she, and other students from what I hear from parents, are really exhausted in this push into Spring. They need time to mentally recuperate, spend time with their families and recharge.

This is not to mention the teachers, whose cars I often see outside the school on weekends, who often spend a good chunk of their Spring Break revamping and preparing in their classrooms. If the students are tired, you can bet the teachers also deserve some recuperation and then some time to prep and deliver better lessons with solid rest behind them.


Thank you for your consideration. I sincerely hope you take what the majority of parents have said in the past (support of a two week Spring Break) into account.

Cheryl T.
The obvious change that should be made to the proposed calendars is to add a 2 week Spring Break. It is ridiculous that almost all of the province of BC has 2 weeks, and Kamloops students do not.
Byron Mc.
It continues to baffle me this is even a question in SD73.....
With two weeks being the norm in all but one other school district (SD54, a farming and rural area with a student population of around 2,000), SD73 (an urban area with over 15,000 students) remains an anachronism with a one week spring break. 
A few years ago, a survey was taken where parents expressed a majority desire to have a two week spring break which was then ignored by the Board. The Board then continued with a one week spring break. It became clear why when the board subsequently used the carrot of a two week spring break in its negotiations with teachers. 
Our children need an opportunity to have a sufficient break to prepare for the remainder of the year. Further our continued adherence to a one week break causes significant issues for coordinating holiday schedules with friends and relatives in the rest of the province. 
I encourage the district to abandon the use of this issue as a bargaining chip - our children and families in SD73 deserve better. There is no supportable reason to continue with a one week spring break.
Liz J.
I would like to know the process by which we can approach the School Board Regarding a Two-Week Spring Break.  I notice that a two-week Spring Break is still not reflected in this set of calendars.  Please would you reconsider this in your deliberations or direct me to the people that make this decision.  I would really like to know the reason for such a long stretch of schooling with so little time for students to recuperate.  If this is not the correct venue, I would love to engage in this dialogue appropriately.

Thank you for your understanding.
Jennifer H. 
 Two things:

1) school should end the last Friday of June, not on June 30th
2) spring break should be two weeks to align with the majority of other districts in the province. This could easily be achieved by extending school days slightly to make up for the lost time. Parents would also appreciate the ability to take an extended vacation with their children or spend more time with their kids if desired rather than having to pull them out of school and miss class.

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