Dallas / RL Clemitson New Catchment

RL Clemitson Welcomes You
Welcome to our new RLC families. We can’t wait to meet you and work with you!

Important Updates

Welcome Package

Informal Open HousePAC Carnival
Welcome packages are being prepared to share with every student who will be joining us in September. As  we prepare these packages, we need to know your child’s shirt size. Mrs Bennett, the Aboriginal Education Worker for both Dallas and RLC, will be helping us collect this information and will talk with students over the next week. On Thursday May 26, 2022 from 6:00 - 6:30 pm, you are invited to visit RLC to wander the school and become familiar with our school layout. This is meant to be an informal opportunity for you to learn where to find the office, the library, the washrooms, the gym, the playgrounds and any other areas of the school you are interested in visiting. Mr Bueman and Ms Sullivan will be there to welcome you and to answer questions. We will meet briefly in the library at 6:00pm before we send you off to explore the building. Mark this date in your calendar: Thursday June 9 - 5:00-7:00pm. This is the day of the RLC PAC Carnival which is a chance for our entire school community to come together to share some food and enjoy some carnival games. The PAC will send a more detailed invite at a later date with all the information you need but I wanted to share this date with you so that you could pencil it into your calendars. We would love to see you all there.


Here is a quick snapshot of what you can look forward to at RLC: 
  • We have some incredible outdoor programs like our mountain bike and snowshoe clubs.
  • Our PAC has successfully raised funds for our school to offer THREE playgrounds!
  • In music class, you'll have the opportunity to play instruments like the marimbas.
  • You can find braille messages throughout the school to aid students of all abilities.
  • We offer the opportunity for students to participate in winter and spring theatrical productions.
  • We are currently in the planning stages of a brand new Library, expected to open in September 2022!
  • Our staff are dedicated and passionate. There is a real sense of community and togetherness at RLC.
If you have any questions, feel free to call Principal Blake Buemann at 250-573-3227 or email.

Dallas Elementary / R.L. Clemitson Catchment Boundary Change Approved

The Board of Education of School District No. 73 (Kamloops-Thompson) has approved a catchment area change to shift the boundaries for Dallas Elementary and R.L. Clemitson Elementary schools for September 2022.

The catchment area change creates balanced enrolment and capacity utilization between the schools.  This shifts the Campbell Creek area, including future development, from the Dallas Elementary School catchment area to R.L. Clemitson Elementary School catchment area.

If your child is currently in grade 6 at Dallas Elementary, your child may remain at Dallas Elementary to complete their grade 7 year. In addition, if your child in grade six has younger siblings in Dallas Elementary, those younger siblings also have the option to stay at Dallas Elementary. Younger siblings are eligible to stay at Dallas Elementary until the end of grade 7. Please contact the school to inform the principal of whether your child(ren) will be staying at Dallas Elementary by calling 250-573-3261 on or before February 11 .

  • Use this City of Kamloops mapping service to find your catchment school
  • Find more information on the Dallas Elementary/R.L. Clemitson catchment boundary consultation process here

Dallas Elementary Transfer Request Letter - February 10, 2022

RL Clemitson Elementary Transfer Request Letter - February 10, 2022

New Catchment
Frequently Asked Questions
What does the catchment area change look like?
The change shifts the Campbell Creek area, including future development, from the Dallas Elementary School catchment area to R.L. Clemitson Elementary School catchment area. 
How was the decision made regarding this catchment change?
A period of public consultation was held from April 13, 2021 to June 4, 2021. On June 14, 2021, the Board considered the public input in making its decision regarding the catchment boundaries for Dallas Elementary and R.L. Clemitson Elementary schools. 
Is this change for Campbell Creek students currently attending Dallas Elementary or is it only implemented for children newly registered?

The boundary change takes effect September 2022. Students already attending Dallas Elementary that are affected by the catchment boundary change can apply to transfer. 

Administrative Procedure 305 School Boundaries and Student Transfer Requests
(from the AP) 

Each year, students and parents will be given notice that commencing on March 1st of each year, they may request transfer to another school for the coming school year. Notice shall be publicized in school newsletters and on the School District 73 website. Transfer requests must be submitted in writing to the receiving principal and approved by students’ parents to be considered.

Are there any changes for the students living in Rivershore?

No, this change does not affect Rivershore; it applies only to the Campbell Creek area, including future development. 

How long does the bus ride take from Campbell Creek Village to R.L. Clemitson?

Currently, the two buses that pick up from Campbell Creek Village to Dallas Elementary, without additional stops, takes about 12 minutes. Going from CCV to RLC with no additional stops will take about 17 minutes, adding 5 minutes to their ride.

How will the change affect staffing?

Staffing will be governed by the collective agreements in place in the district. 

If I have a child in Dallas Elementary and my youngest is going to Kindergarten, will they be sent to separate schools?

We will make every effort not to split siblings.
What mental health supports have been put into place to help students transition to a new school?

The mental wellness of our students is a top priority. As requested, counselling will be put in place for individuals if they require it.

In addition, schools will develop plans to ensure students connect as new friends and feel part of their new school. Everyone will be working to ensure all students feel a sense of belonging. 

Can anyone tell me why realtors still tell us the district is 'in the process’ of building a new K-12 school at Orchards Walk? 
While we cannot speak for realtors, the district does own property just off Todd Road and there are plans many years down the road to replace Dallas Elementary school. The property is not at Orchards Walk and there are no plans in place to proceed with a new school in Dallas at this time. This is because there are many priorities regarding new schools in other parts of the district. 
Has there been any consideration for a middle school opening at Ralph Bell to address the Dallas growth?
What we are looking at for Ralph Bell is in response to the enrolment pressures at Juniper Ridge Elementary school. We are not considering a middle school, because the pressure is currently with the primary grades.

When we look at middle school options, we start looking at the requirements of middle schools regarding sports and junior shop classes. Ralph Bell has an elementary-sized gymnasium which would not be suitable for the lower secondary school grades and there is no space for some of those other elective courses. 

Will R.L. Clemitson place Campbell Creek students in their grade appropriate class together so they have a friendly face to help with the adjustment for the first year?

It is possible that could occur. We are obligated to follow the collective agreement which has some composition guidelines related to class sizes and numbers of students with special education designations that can go into each class. This creates some limitations, although we do prioritize the social and emotional growth of our students. In the case where we have students new to the school, that would be a consideration for classroom placements. 

What is your plan for providing safe drop-off and pick-up for additional students when there are many people from the Campbell Creek area stating their kids do not take the bus?

The District has a good working relationship with the City of Kamloops. Traffic concerns will be monitored and managed. 

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