Dallas / RL Clemitson

Dallas Elementary / R.L. Clemitson Catchment Boundary Change Approved

The Board of Education of School District No. 73 (Kamloops-Thompson) has approved a catchment area change to shift the boundaries for Dallas Elementary and R.L. Clemitson Elementary schools for Sept. 2022.

Dallas Elementary continues to have steady growth as a result of the development in the eastern areas of Kamloops.  In order to create consistent and manageable enrolment at Dallas Elementary and R. L. Clemitson Elementary Schools, portables will be added. A catchment area change will be required for Dallas Elementary to remain within reasonable utilization capacity.

The catchment area adjustment creates balanced enrolment and capacity utilization between the schools.  This shifts the Campbell Creek area, including future development, from the Dallas Elementary School catchment area to R.L. Clemitson Elementary School catchment area.

A period of public consultation was held between Apr.13, 2021 and Jun. 4, 2021. 

A public meeting was held on Tuesday, May 4, 2021, and livestreamed on our Facebook and YouTube channels, to discuss this proposed catchment change (see the recording posted below).

The District slide presentation shown during this meeting is also posted below, and here:

Dallas Elementary / R.L. Clemitson Presentation

For more information, check the FAQ posted on this page. 

The Chair and Trustees of the Board of Education considered public input received  during the period of public consultation before making their decision at the regular Board of Education meeting on June 14, 2021.

Dallas / R.L. Clemitson Livestream – May 4, 2021

Dallas / R.L. Clemitson Presentation
Comments (as submitted) 
Catherine B.
Please find attached, a list of parents and grandparents that signed a petition against the proposed catchment changes affecting students currently attending Dallas Elementary, and living in the Campbell Creek and The Burrows neighbourhoods. The list includes the names of 166 people against this move.

I have voiced my concerns in a previous e-mail, but am sending this as a follow-up. The School District did an extremely poor job of consultation; seemingly trying to hide the changes in hopes that no one would speak up against them, until the media published an article about it and it was shared with parents in the two neighbourhoods. Questions at the “consultation meeting” were not answered during the meeting, which indicates to me and to others, that this was never a consultation, but rather a decision that was already made and that had to be shared under the “guise” of it being an actual consultation.

I, along with the other 165 people that have signed this petition, am asking that this change not move forward.

Speaking for myself, my children have already had a number of significant changes in their young lives and have finally found stability at Dallas Elementary. My older son is doing the best he has ever done, academically and socially. To force them to change schools when they are finally settled will be detrimental to them. I drive my boys to and from school (as do many parents in this neighbourhood) because of bullying that they have experienced while riding the bus. For me to have to drive them even further, up the hill to Barnhartvale, especially in the winter, is going to cause me to miss more time from work and does not make any sense at all, given that Dallas is much closer to our home.

I believe that if the District is going to direct new students into RLC, it should be those that would be moving into the new neighbourhood that is going to be built where the Pineridge golf course currently sits. Campbell Creek and The Burrows are the two neighbourhoods on the eastern most end of town, that are the furthest away from RLC. Please leave these neighbourhoods alone. Allow our children to remain at Dallas Elementary, or at least give them the option to remain there.
Tari T.
What will be the impact on specialty programs at RLC if the specialty spaces are reclaimed as classrooms?  Has impacts to the music program, LRT, and PAC programs such as hot lunch/fundraisers, etc. been considered?
Tyler M. 
Are the children in their last year of elementary really
Going to be forced to moved in their final year? This will be detrimental to their development.  Hoping an exception can be made for these children who will be in grade 7 and have spent their entire school years at Dallas.
Malia M.
I am a very concerned parent of a child currently in grade 5 at Dallas Elementary School who will be forced to move school  in his final grade 7 year should these catchment changes go ahead. While I understand that catchment changes are a necessary part of growing communities, I am praying the school district will consider making an exception for the students that will be in grade 7 that year. The following are some of my concerns:
  1.  My son has been enrolled at Dallas elementary since kindergarten. He has developed friendships with children over these years that have allowed him to feel confident and secure at school as he moves in to being a leader in his final years at elementary. The majority of his friends will not be moving to RLC. I believe to make these children move in their final year, after having invested so many years in to the school and their network, is just cruel. These children will have waited 7 years for the opportunity to be a leader in the school they have come to love and I believe that have earned that right. 
  2. I implore the school district to consider the effects such a change would have on these children following so much trauma endured during this pandemic. There is no guarantee school will return to normal for next year, and I fear the anxiety my son has around the pandemic could not be eased for some time. To add a change in school on top of it all; when there is a chance by the start of his grade seven and final year things will get back to normal, feels cruel again. 
  3. As these young children are approaching and entering their teenage years they lean on their friends even more so than the younger children. They rely so much more on the social components of their life. They then to their friends when they are struggling or need support often more so than even their parents. This is not the case as much with the younger children. I feel my son and the other children from the Campbell creek village will feel isolated and cast aside. Separated from their friends with less supportive outlets as they navigate the changes entering adolescence brings upon them.
As mentioned before, catchment changes are a necessary reality and I appreciate what the school district is trying to do to accommodate the growing number of children. I am just essentially begging there can be an exception made for the Grade sevens who live in the Campbell creek village who will be in grade 7 the year these changes go into effect. I appreciate your time and consideration, 
Tanya B.

These words are in regards to the Dallas Elementary and RLC catchment changes proposed for September 2022. 

Grade 7’s: For those children in Dallas Elementary currently in Grade 5, those are the ones that will suffer the most. Move to an entire new school and then again in another year as they head into high school!? A lot of these children have been in Dallas Elementary since they were in Kindergarten. To move them for one year into a new area that they are not familiar with, unfamiliar teachers and staff, farther from home and with other students that they do not know is not only devastating, it’s downright wrong. These kids will have enough anxiety and fear having to move into high-school the following year as it is. It will be crippling for them. Grade 7 in September 2022 should not even be considered to be moved! They should be allowed to remain at Dallas where they can graduate with their peers. There was a precedent set on this already in the school district as this has been done before.

Moving the students of Campbell Creek Village is already setting off animosity amongst the Dallas area. Parents are bickering, the kids are suffering and a lot of misinformation is being spread. This catchment change will not only hurt the Campbell Creek Village kids but also the ones that would remain in the Dallas catchment. Bonds have been made for years between these children, some even from preschool! Campbell Creek Village is as much a part of Dallas as any other part of Dallas and to negate our children by basically seeing them as taking up space, is not acceptable or humanitarian. My son is already being bullied at school and being told that he has to leave. There needs to be thought and care about the disconnect this will create in our neighbourhoods and the hardship it will bring to so many families and students. 

This proposal is putting a bandaid on a problem that should have been dealt with long ago. There seems to be a huge disconnect between the city planning and the school district. The numbers that are being tossed around by SD73 are incorrect. The 102 students is only a small fraction of what will come by September 2022. RLC cannot handle the capacity either. They have much less parking and space than Dallas does. The Barnhartvale residents have expressed that they don’t want the increased traffic in their area and the majority of the kids that would be forced to go there, don’t want to be there. The streets are insanely narrow being that it is an old neighbourhood. Many of us parents drive our children to school and do not put them on a bus so we will need parking and space. This has huge implications both socially and on the infrastructure. Does the district even realize that the Pineridge Golf Course has been sold and there are 396 houses and condos going on that property? My guess is that’s another 500+ kids into the elementary school system right there. The Burrows beside Campbell Creek Village is only on Phase 2 of a Phase 3 building plan. There are many more houses going in there now and into the next year. Has that been assessed? I understand that changes need to be made but I highly question if these are the correct decisions given that clearly the area was not researched. It seems that Campbell Creek Village has been singled out although many residents have owned their houses for many years and their children have attended Dallas Elementary for many years. How about moving all new people into RLC and let the existing registered students stay where they are?

The electrical and bathrooms have been brought up as issues. Well the electrical is being upgraded this year at Dallas so that is no excuse. Further electrical can be upgraded at a reasonable price. Bathrooms can also be added which they will have to be anyway in the case that no new school(s) will be built to deal with the change in demographics. This is also an easy fix and not a viable excuse. There has never been an issue getting into a bathroom to use it in Dallas Elementary and my kids have attended the school for 5 and 6 years. There’s even an existing girls bathroom that is missing a toilet in a stall. If bathrooms were really an issue, things like that would be dealt with. The Valleyview High School has dealt with multiple portables for years with the electrical and bathrooms never being an issue. I’ll also point out that there is an extra set of bathrooms by the gymnasium by Mr.Ruddick’s classroom making three sets in the school which is more than what many other schools have.

Covid has taken away so many things from our children. Why in the world would this even be considered right in the middle of the pandemic to create more mistrust and anxiety? In a world where we are now being taught not to trust and that everything is bad, the children have suffered the most out of all of us. They’ve had so much taken away from sports, visiting friends and family, being free to be kids, and so much more. The mental illness culmination of these changes would be catastrophic!

Terri M.
I do not agree moving campbell creek students up to barnhartvale, maybe you should look at some of the other students using Dallas addresses that actually live in aberdeen or Rayleigh or other areas of town before moving our local students.  If that’s the case we will start using Dallas addresses also, especially if our childcare is in Dallas. 
Trish W.
My son (name removed for privacy) currently attends grade 5 at Dallas Elementary. I did talk to him about the possibility of switching in grade 7 to RLC. My son suffers from extreme anxiety and had a meltdown at the idea of switching schools. He is currently in therapy for his anxiety but I really feel that this move could be awful for him. Just getting him comfortable with the idea of leaving home to attend school and then go back after covid closures, has been a nightmare but he is really forming bonds with the students and teachers of Dallas Elementary. Also, he can ride his bike to school, from our home in Campbell Creek. My husband and I work from home and often drive him to school and/or pick him up. Driving to Valleyview would be a huge inconvenience and not to mention, my son is terrified of the neighbourhood.

Danielle J.

I wasn't able to make it to the consultation for Dallas Elementary the other night. I wanted to pass along my message that I do not want my daughter who lives in Campbell Creek to go to RLC. It is way too far from our area and will make pick up and drop off very inconvienent. I think kids in Campbell Creek should continue going to Dallas Elementary.

Karen M. 
Could a middle school in Dallas be considered? 
Melissa K.

Will there be any before and after school daycare options opening with this catchment change? (see Q. 22)

My address is in the Dallas catchment, and I was on the wait list at Kamloops kids for over a year, I finally found a daycare that will do before and after school care in the Campbell Creek area. With the catchment changing from Campbell Creek that would mean no bus to Dallas Elementary from Campbell creek? (see Q. 7)

If so, then that would mean no care to assist the working parents. Unless you do plan on opening a before and after school care in the school.

What is your plan for that?

Tanya B.

For the proposed catchment changes to Dallas for Campbell Creek Village students, is that for new students/new registering or are existing registered students stuck in that possible change as well?  (see Q. 5)

I'm not very happy with this proposal as my kids have been at Dallas for 5 and 6 years now. RLC doubles the commenting time to get to school plus puts a huge pressure on our family as both my husband and myself also work in Dallas.

 Catherine B.
As a resident of Campbell Creek and as a mom to kids at Dallas Elementary that have had several major changes in their lives, I am extremely concerned with and angered by the current proposal to move our kids from Dallas Elementary to RLC.

Aside from my personal feeling that I don’t want my boys to have to go through yet another major change when they are happy and successful at Dallas Elementary, there is also NO WAY that parents of children in Campbell Creek should have to move their children to a school that is further away than their current one, or have to drive EVEN further than we currently have to, to Dallas Elementary. Parents in Campbell Creek will rally together to protest this change if it moves forward. The proposal does not make any sense whatsoever for the kids in our neighbourhood.

Please advise if this proposed change is for Campbell Creek kids currently attending Dallas Elementary or if it will only be implemented for children newly registered. (see Q. 5)

I am against this change. Campbell Creek is the farthest away from RLC!  I have one child in Dallas already. Once my youngest starts kindergarten at RLC, is the application to transfer my oldest going to be automatically accepted? 

Is there a chance each kid will be a different school?  If so, that’s extremely problematic to say the least. (see Q. 5)

Angela G.
I would like to ask why you would suggest the furthest area to make the change and not areas much closer to the Todd school? This is a major inconvenience to parents in Campbell creek rather than the ones closer to Todd rd. (see Q. 11 and Q. 12)
Jimmy D
Would be good to think about this after the ‘pandemic’ is over.... no point in introducing new areas into yours at this time.
Sean C.
My question is why is it that the area that is being affected/community the area between Molycop and the bc wildlife park the only one affected and how was the decision made? (see Q. 11 and Q. 12)
My daughter has been going to Dallas for two years now and we live in the Burrows which is a new development with only 19 more units to be built  this next year. There is no further development in the Campbell Creek/Badger Dr area that would bring a significant fluctuation in numbers.
Those of us affected would have to now drive 15-20mins just to drop our child off, which is out of our way. Buses routes would need to be changed which would lead to longer trips. (See Q. 7)
The affected families that live in the valley at the furthest distance East should go to Dallas Elementary as our children would have to go right by there anyways to get to the only access route up to Barnhartvale. Would it no make sense to potentially take kipp rd (north side of trans Canada hwy) and anything south & west of Barnhartvale rd which would have easier access to RL Clemitson Elementary.
As a member of the Canadian Forces I look for stability in my children’s lives and having to switch schools does not provide that. I understand that I can ask for a transfer every year, but that is not a guarantee.
Jenna P.
"Dallas is so far away from the area of RL Clemitson. I am wondering why the Dallas catchment area was decided to be changed, and not Sun Rivers, parts of Valleyview or downtown?" (see Q. 11 and Q. 12)
I am not in favor of this catchment change. I believe this catchment change should be made for the areas of Sun Rivers, Downtown Kamloops and Valleyview before the furthest area of Dallas is considered. It will be very hard and inconvenient for all families to have to go all the way into Valleyview for their children to go to school, when they have to pass Dallas Elementary on the way. I suggest the board members and those with the deciding vote, take a drive from Campbell Creek to RL Clemitson to time how long it takes, then drive back and imagine parents doing this two times a day, 5 days a week for 10 months, regardless if there are buses or not.
It would not be easy in the winter on a highway.
If Dallas Elementary is nearing full capacity, then it is time to update this school to accommodate, or build a new one out further. The area of Cambel Creek is only growing, and so is the Dallas area and beyond. It only makes sense to add the infrastructure to accommodate new families.
Glenna H
The current bus route from CCV to Dallas Elementary takes about 16 minutes along Dallas Drive.  How long will the bus ride be to RLC? (see Q.7)
Especially during winter conditions, it will be not only longer, but considerably more hazardous.  Per sd73 Policy 17, June 2019: “Student transportation services are provided with due regard to safety, efficiency and length of ride.”  I am concerned that the bus route from Campbell Creek Village to RLC will be hazardous, inefficient and long and therefore fall short of meeting student transportation objectives.  To alleviate the enrollment issues at Dallas Elementary, please consider additional building, alterations or portables at Dallas Elementary instead of a daily potentially unsafe and inefficient bus ride for students.
Cole L.
1.)  Has SD#73 taken into consideration the mental health implications of moving children from their community school ?  If so, what supports might be put in place to address this concern? (see Q. 14)
2.)  Will students with individual education plans (IEPs) be expected to move from their community school? (see Q. 15)
I think that all children currently attending Dallas Elementary should be grandfathered in and not have to go through the stress of applying yearly. My son would be devastated if his best friend had to switch schools. As for new admissions and catchment area change, I think giving at least 2 years notice to make that change will allow new families to make informed decisions about moving to Campbell Creek.
RLC has a major lack of parking already. How do you plan to provide safe drop off and pick up for additional students when there are many people from the Campbell Creek area stating their kids do NOT take the bus? (see Q.21)
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why is the Board of Education considering a change to the catchment area for Dallas Elementary and R.L. Clemitson Elementary schools?
Dallas Elementary continues to have steady growth as a result of the development in the eastern areas of Kamloops.  In order to create consistent and manageable enrolment at Dallas Elementary and R. L. Clemitson Elementary Schools, a catchment area change will be required for Dallas Elementary to remain within reasonable utilization capacity.
2. What would the catchment area change look like?
The change would shift the Campbell Creek area, including future development, from the Dallas Elementary School catchment area to R.L. Clemitson Elementary School catchment area. 
3. How will the decision be made regarding this catchment change?
A period of public consultation will be held from April 13, 2021 to June 4, 2021. On June 14, 2021, the Board will consider the public input when it makes its decision regarding the catchment boundaries for Dallas Elementary and R.L. Clemitson Elementary schools. 
4. How can I ask questions or submit comments during the consultation period?
During that time the public can submit their questions and comments via email to facility input. They can also register to speak at the virtual public meeting on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. They will also be able to submit questions during the public meeting.
5.  Is this proposed change for Campbell Creek students currently attending Dallas Elementary or if it will only be implemented for children newly registered?

The boundary change would be in effect September 2022. Students already attending Dallas Elementary that are affected by the catchment boundary change can apply to transfer. 

Administrative Procedure 305 School Boundaries and Student Transfer Requests.
(from the AP) Each year students and parents will be given notice that commencing on March 1st of each year they may request transfer to another school for the coming school year. Notice shall be publicized in school newsletters and on the School District 73 website. Transfer requests must be submitted in writing to the receiving principal and approved by students’ parents to be considered.

6. Will there be any changes for the students living in Rivershore?

No, this proposed change does not affect Rivershore, it applies only to the Campbell Creek area, including future development. 

7. How long will the bus ride take from Campbell Creek Village to R.L. Clemitson?

Currently the two buses that pick up from Campbell Creek Village to Dallas Elementary, without additional stops takes about 12 min. Going from CCV to RLC with no additional stops will take about 17 min, adding 5 minutes to their ride.

8. Assuming this catchment change is made, in 2030 how many portables do you estimate each school will have?

Dallas now has 416 students. There will be another portable installed this summer which will bring the total to three. Assuming these three remain, and if, by 2030 there are 470 students (as projected) at the school, there would probably be another three portables at Dallas.


R.L. Clemitson is projected to have 476 students in 2030, and if this occurs, there will be 3 to four portables at RL Clemitson. 

9. How will the changes be staffed?

Staffing will be governed by the collective agreements in place in the district. 
 10. The district knew about all the new subdivisions being built, why did they not start expanding Dallas years ago?

In 2002, we predicted that enrolments would decline, as they did, until 2014. We also predicted the enrolment would start to increase after 2014, and it has. In 2002 there was significant excess capacity. We anticipated we could accommodate any increases in capacity.

In 2017, the Supreme Court of Canada decision regarding class size and composition meant this district required an additional 90 classrooms. That decision absorbed any excess space that we had. This, along with the increasing enrolment in the district, has led to this current situation. 

 11. Why has Campbell Creek been chosen for the catchment boundary change? 

In working to balance enrolment pressures, we do realize these students are already on a bus and we do understand it would be a bit longer bus ride. In our effort to reduce the number of students attending Dallas Elementary, this choice, given the numbers of students involved, will help reduce these pressures. 

 12. Were other areas considered for the catchment change, if so, why were they not chosen? 

There were other areas considered, but the students from Campbell Creek are already taking a school bus, and we knew this change would help ease enrolment in Dallas Elementary.

13. If I have a child in Dallas Elementary and my youngest is going to Kindergarten, will they need to be sent to separate schools?

 We will make every effort not to split siblings.
 14. Has the District taken into consideration the mental health implications of moving children from their school? If so, what supports might be put into place to address this concern? Will students with Individual Education Plans, IEPs, be expected to move from their community school?

 The mental wellness of our students is a top priority. As requested, counselling will be put in place for individuals if they require it.

In addition, schools will develop plans to ensure students connect as new friends and feel part of their new school. Everyone will be working to ensure all students feel a sense of belonging. 

 15. Will students with Inclusive Education Plans be moved to the new school? 
 Yes. If required, additional transitional support will be provided. 
16. Can anyone tell me why realtors still tell us the district is ‘in progress’ of building a new K-12 school at Orchard’s Walk? 
While we cannot speak for realtors, the district does own property just off Todd Road and there are plans many years down the road to replace Dallas Elementary school. The property is not at Orchard’s Walk, and there no plans in place to proceed with a new school in Dallas at this time. This is because there are many priorities regarding new schools in other parts of the district. 
17. If this change goes forward, do families in Campbell Creek have any other options?
Transfer is an option, depending on space. Students could apply for a transfer to Dallas Elementary. The numbers of students allowed in primary classrooms are smaller than in the older grades. There is likely to be little flexibility for extra spaces in the primary grades. 
 18. Has there been any consideration for a middle school opening at Ralph Bell to address the Dallas growth?
What we are looking at for Ralph Bell is in response to the enrolment pressures at Juniper Ridge Elementary school. We are not considering a middle school, because the pressure is currently with the primary grades.


When we look at middle school options we start looking at the requirements of middle schools regarding sports and junior shop classes. Ralph Bell has an elementary-sized gymnasium which would not be suitable for the lower secondary school grades, and there is no space for some of those other elective courses. 

19. Will it be a requirement of RL Clemitson to place the Campbell Creek students in their grade appropriate class together so they have a friendly face to help with the adjustment for the first year?

It is possible that could occur. We are obligated to follow the collective agreement which has some composition guidelines related to class sizes and numbers of students with special education designations that can go into each class. This creates some limitations, although we do prioritize the social and emotional growth of our students, in the case where we have students new to the school that would be a consideration for classroom placements. 

20. Has the board considered verifying the addresses vs. students’ actual catchment area they reside in? (multiple students that live in RLC that go to Dallas Elementary and vice versa) 

Any student that lives outside of the catchment area must apply for a transfer. We do not intend to overturn transfers that have been approved. In the case of Dallas and RL Clemitson schools, the number of students currently in this situation is minimal. 

21. What is your plan for providing safe drop-off and pick up for additional students when there are many people from the Campbell Creek area stating their kids do not take the bus?

The District has a good working relationship with the City of Kamloops. Traffic concerns will be monitored and managed. 

 22. Parents of students who will be shifted to RLClemitson will have to find another after school program or daycare. Has that been considered? 
 This issue has been considered, and part of the reason this change is being proposed for September 2022 instead of September 2021, is to allow parents time to make new arrangements. 

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