Owl Award

 Nathan Matthew receives owl award

Above: Nathan Matthew, the 2017-18 Owl Award recipient with Board Chair Meghan Wade

The owl has long been associated with wisdom and knowledge. With that in mind, the Board of Education of SD73 established the Owl Award for Excellence in Public Education in 2015 to recognize those in our community who have provided outstanding service to children through education.

The award recognizes that to provide quality education, we must celebrate and honour those that exemplify the ideals of education. SD73 is pleased to once again ask the community for nominees for this prestigious award, which will be conferred upon a deserving recipient by the Board at a public meeting.

The award will recognize outstanding, system-wide contributions to public education in our school district by an individual, group or organization in the following areas:

  • Student Learning/Teaching
  • Athletics
  • Fine Arts
  • Community Well-being/Partnerships
  • Extra or Co-Curricular Learning
  • Administration and Support
  • Governance

For an individual, group or organization to receive the award they will have made significant, system-wide and outstanding contributions to public education in SD73 over a period of time (five years or more), and have had a positive, significant impact on the development of students, parents, teachers, support staff and educational leaders.

“Recognizing community partners or educators who have made noticeable differences in the lives of children will always be a special honour for the Board of Education. It’s the work done by these special people — often selflessly and with no desire for recognition — that inspires us to truly believe in the power of education.” 

—  Meghan Wade, Board Chair

Nomination and Selection Process

Nominations for SD73’s Awards for Excellence in Public Education must include:

  • An award nomination form, (attached as Appendix 1),
  • Three letters of support, the curriculum vitae for the nominee(s)
  • A brief (maximum two pages) description of the nominee's contributions. 

The District’s award review team will comprise three community members, the Superintendent and a representative of the Board of Education.

The team will review nominations and recommend to the Board of Education the individual, group or organization most deserving of the award.

Nomination Forms

 Link to a PDF of the nomination form
  • 2017-18 — Nathan Matthew, for his work in developing and supporting Aboriginal Education in SD73 
  • 2016-15 — Chris Rose, whose long career in Special Education had tremendous impact on the lives and learning experiences of generations of children, particularly those with autism.
  • 2014-15 — North Rotary Club, for more than 40 years of support and hard work at the McQueen Lake Environmental Education Centre




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